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this may help explain what's going on: Look at the date... it says 2010 and there is a comment above that says "...17 years after release" #14
It was the video MGS fans deserve but no one needs right now. So we'll watch it. Because the video can take it. Because Hayter's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. The right Snake. #8.1.1
Randy says a lot of things... #13
It was an impressive display compared to other Sony events. #8
Agreed. I don't know why this is being circulated again... #23.1
Zombies are the new WWII #4
WOO! Look at all those great ps2 classics! I want "Go Diego Go! Safari Rescue"

lol. #8
I wish he would have written an actual article. This whole conversation made me feel more stupid after reading it. #23
Del Toro's really starting to reach isn't he? #6
I don't want any more Modern Warfare. lol. #15
This article is kind of ridiculous, I'm sure that some of these are destined to release this year. I think they are just trying to generate hits here... #7
This is a great read, reminds me of a book I recently read called "The Lock Artist" which was about a mute... I had my doubts about it but the character turned out to be simply fantastic! He wasn't bland he moved with purpose. #7
Skyrim is the only game I've clocked 400 hours between all my characters, I have never played a game like I did that one. #6
These are absolutely beautiful #42
Some of these aren't new.. But, damn does this game look great! #11
I really hope this is fake, I mean 20 children died in the incident... No child should ever have to die #4
XCOM, I'm fairly certain they changed the enemies but the first footage they showed all you fought were black gooey blobs, reaaaal creative. Any news on what they did with the enemies? #15
Lol what? I said MAYBE I should look into it. How does that reflect that I depend on a review score? Plus, PSLS has only given a perfect score to like a total of 3 titles, why wouldn't that catch someone's attention? All I did was see the review and it provoked me to possibly look into it a little more... I will ultimately make the decision. But thanks for the heads up, maybe I will check out some of their films now. #29.1.1
BLAH BLAH, I'm tired of these stupid articles about this patent. It's just a freaking patent right now... Plus, the gaming industry has been very open about their distaste in the sales of secondhand games. A corporation being greedy? NO WAY!! #4
PSLS gave it a perfect score? Maybe I should look into this game... #29
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