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"i love h8ters"


Black ops 3 multiplayer is nothing but a camp fest with overpower lmg and hand guns and not to forget the bow and the head glitching when it comes to camping black ops 3 and ghost are number 1 #7
Same here bro the thing i like the most was crashing on a curved and watch your car blow up #2.1
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Sony knows that most of the 360 fan base switch to the ps4 and this game is aim at players who never had a ps3 or never even play the game #1.1
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The option let's you turn the music off, stop complaining #2.1.1
I like the game but not having drag racing is a let down,to does who complain about the city feeling empty,people do races here in orlando fl at 2:30am some time even later because they don't want to deal with traffic so the developer makes it realistic and every one complaints if they do it with traffic they would complaint about that too...the game is going on sale for $28.98 at walmart this weekend #5
Yes he like the game #5.2.2
Close the application and start again #6.2
3-drop shot
Best tip for camp of duty lag ops 3 #3
I just gave my copy to my stepson because this game is pure garbage nothing but campers and lots of hit markers but no kill yet u die by getting hit once or twice #5
camp of duty lag ops 3..this game is trash the single story is bad you get lost half way and is just bad all around,now the multiplayer the game is a camp fest every single map is nothing but campers,the spawn system is a××,the guns way over power,the i shot first = death is bs and when you hit the enemy 10 times and you get kill with a 3 burst gun,kill cam showing how u only get hit once or twice and yet you are hitting the enemy more but you end up dying and let's not forget t... #1.1
Black ops 3 also has a ton of freaking campers and i think is the worst call of duty or should I call it camp of duty lag ops 3 #1.1.3
I feel you i have 85mbps and my games are always lagging,even when i bring my gun up first i still die by getting hit once or twice #1.1
The last line,yes i can find something better than this year camp of duty lag ops 3 with no dedicated server like always..battlefront and battlefield 4 are better than this garbage and now i see why nobody liked Aw because it was hard to camp #1
I don't like the sound when you hit the enemy while playing online,to me it sounds really generic #3
Yea right is good but not the best #1
Multiplayer is broken with lag bad spawn system and can't forget about the campers #2.1
Price is first thing i wanna talk about #2
Like every year fix the lag issue and the respawn #1
Funny when ms gets outsold no numbers are release but the minute they do win a month numbers are allover the Internet #13
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I am worried because i paid $60.00 for a game that i can't even enjoy because of the lag even though I have 85mbps,campers all over like in ghost,shooting first equal death and not a kill,hit markers are way off, it take for me to killed a player half of a magazine and for them to kill me is one or two hits.. my review score multiplayer 3-10 and single player 4-10 because the story doesn't make sense #1
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