i love h8ters
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Poor guy

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Xbox fan celebrating the same franchise from Microsoft E3 presentation like Check out @angel99pr’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/angel99...

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Sorry but Microsoft cannot win with the same games every year Halo Forza2k19 gears a $500 console and they don't have a game that can make me go crazy or say wow that's badass

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Shit look the same as black ops 3

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Cod needs to die already or take a break from yearly releases.... boring franchise

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I been a member since 2006 or 07 and I don't visit the page like I used to... Too many adds no new articles like before and I also don't like the way it looks after the big update

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I'm 44 years old and I have been playing games all my life and not once I though about killing someone...is all on the parents

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Cod is no beast is a boring feast

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And ww2 neither with stupid KS and perks and the worst animation in a war game where the soldiers look like they need to take a shit when running

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That's the same thing I said about crap of duty

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Boring game I stop playing 3 days after the it came out

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Mine is collecting dust got super boring quick

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All that talked about power to play original and 360 games GTFOH no real games no new games for $500 no thanks I'm happy with my pro
Suck a dick Aaron

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Amazing to play original Xbox games 😂😁

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All that power to play old ass games 😂😂😁 28513;

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Nope staying with the pro

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Graphics are ugly even with HDR and it gets boring quick as hell.. battlefield 1 has way better graphics and it doesn't matter if is different settings the graphics are ugly as hell on cod...#Nohypeforthisww2

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Pump about what is the same crap as the beta nothing new

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