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"i love h8ters"


Conquest 64 players does it for me and no killstreaks...bf4 ftw #18
Is not sony fault that the economy in Puerto Rico is really bad and I know because I'm from Dorado Puerto Rico now living in Orlando Florida...the economy is so bad that police officers only make 25,000 per yr and unemployment is as high as 22% and for the record dunking donuts close all the stores back in September #7
Just got the email....I can't wait to get out of work #28
Dumb and stupid game mode #1
Ghost is and was the worst cod game ever iw used the name ghost to get players to think that it was ghost from mw2 #7
Bab boys the game ps2 #8
I hate this game...i was playing with the bucks and they couldn't score hit three's free throw or grab rebounds so I asked for a trade to the Clippers and they are just as bad as the bucks. When I play against the bucks they play like the Warriors yet when I was with them they play like the Knicks #1
I would like to see the numbers from Japan 🗾 jajajaja 😂 maybe they reach 1000 last week #25
Dumb vídeo #2
People are dumb is a video game so is not real just because I can do crazy stuff in gta doesn't mean I'm going to do it in real life #18
I play the beta for about five minutes and it was boring and the driving was horrible #9
Survey said number one answer Ps4.. I can screenshots voice commands no waiting for installation unless is gta v and i can switch from game to 📺 with the press of a button and i don't care about apps that's why I have two smart phone like the note 3 and sony Xperia #23
They think they got it for that price but the morons pay with a debit card and credit card 💳 . Lol at the address on the second picture .. 85 crooked hill rd #9
Keep dreaming ea #8
$30.00 trade for a ps3 or 360 copy of gta v #2
Is a name for n4g not my psn name so I can spell it anyway I want and you figure it out so is ok..i have my psn name since 11/18/2006 and i won't change it for anything #16.1.1
Use a good name and not a lame or stupid one then you don't need to change your I'd name #16
I have 131 kills with the semtex on 16hrs of playing time #15
Loot system is like the battlepack from bf4 #3
The power of the ☁ and xbox live...but butthis never happens on Xbox...ps..Go ahead and mark me down for trolling #17
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