i love h8ters
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Can't wait for this

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Good freaking point bro

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I stop buying bluray long time ago and i don't care about 4k uhd because is the same as 3d bluray just here for a limited time then is dead and why would i buy a console that is weaker than the competition, plus i watch all the new and old movies online so no need to buy movies heck i don't even go to redbox anymore i got showbox cinemabox and a few others application for movies, ms should have fine prints on every comercial * Not as strong as the ps4 but we got 4k uhd player.....jaj...

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Because I'm not paying 45 for a 4k bluray movie when i can watch any movie new or old on the internet and because i know is not a powerful console

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So committed that they need it to make a whole new console to be able to compete with the ps4!!! Committed to screw the people that bought the first xbox1.. 4k uhd and all that blah blah blah and the s still weak compare to the ps4

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When they get outsold ms never gives out any info and the minute that they outsell the ps4 is all about numbers.jajajaja

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Call of duty need to learn from EA!!!!

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Fake scoping is back i know what game I'm going to be playing and is not this 1

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It has nothing to do with the trailer but the game it self we're tired of the generic jumping wall climing specialist game setting. The game looks like a bkack ops 3.5

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Why most i paid 80.00 for black ops warfare 4 when all i want to play is mw

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The next one is the same as this one nothing new nothing different

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Nice i can't wait

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Black ops 3.5 😅 😅😅😅 28517; nothing new from a 3 year cycle devs, lazy A$$ Activision

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This is black ops 3.5 with minor updates they still have the same kill streak they also have 6 specialist and is no different than black ops to tell you the truth everything looks the same

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This game is pure garbage that's why they're including cod mw the graphics are horrible and gor some reason it looks like black ops 3 with the same kill streaks and the 6 specialist,

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Sorry but you are way off battlefield 1 is way better than bf4 and hardline unlike this new call of duty. 6 specialist just like blck ops 3 same kill streaks with different names and the same breathing sound from 9 years ago, battlefield 1 is a breath of fresh air....too bad that I can't said the same about this game

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Same stuff different name....back to battlefield i go

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Agreed this is by far the best battlefield game,the graphics are nice the battles are really good

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this is the best one yet that's the same thing as last year review last madden i play was 2010

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I was able to play yesterday and now the servers are down.....never mind is working now

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