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i love h8ters
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Jajaja again

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Yes they do that's why they're making another console because they know that the one is never catching up with the ps4!!

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Glorious was that time that I got a headshot to a helicopter pilot that I didn't even aimed.... this happens all the time on a game called black ops 3, every time i look at the kill cam it shows the shoots missing but i still die

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Still the same weak console

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The white guy from the last game was hated by everyone and now the get someone else and people are still not happy...

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Who cares if is legit or not the game is going to be ass just like crap ops 3! !! Battlefield 1 for me ti hrll with the boring futuristic war

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What a waste of money and time, my money is on battlefield uno because no matter how much I like mw I'm not paying $80+ dollars for a 9 year old game

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They don't have any new games coming out so they go back to the old crap... black ops 1 is the same as black ops 3 same gun sound same explosion sound and same hit sound

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They should be ban for life freaking hackers

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The games have great graphics, action packed campaign, and fun multiplayer. They found a winning formula... what game are you playing because black ops 3 is not fun,graphics don't look good bright colors doesn't equal good graphics and the campaign are the same on evey cod

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And how much gameplay was shown in call of duty?

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Is better to go back than to the future yet again

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Cod can sell 50 million copy but the game gets boring really quick...Bf 4 is way better than black ops 3 and i got bored of black ops 2 weeks after it came out didn't pass the first prestige now bf4 I'm still playing it after 2 about replay value

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Finally we can call it the WiiU Cast

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Can't wait

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Jajaja the king of all console yeah right

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We can't even get 60fps 1080p on every game i don't think we're going to have 4k games anytime soon

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# 1 Game Across All Platforms lmfao is only on two platform pc and the 1...change the title to Qb sells more than pc

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5 Reason not to play cod camp ops 3
1-head glitching
2-hit detection
4-unbalance team
5-dumb killstreak

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Horrible music i only watched the first 20 second

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