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"i love h8ters"


And every single game is only good for one year unlike battlefield two years later and dice is still taking care of the game, only Aw is still adding new guns,all other cod are hack, #10
If infinity ward is making ghost 2 they are in for a big let down because ghost was horrible and black ops 3 is not the best,imo black ops 2,cod 4 and mw2 are the best, stop making grass hopper games and make a game like the modern warfare series not including mw3 #10
Zune #9
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Glad dice is still supporting the game after 2 years unlike another company that only care to sell you a season pass and a year later they abandoned the game and won't even update or add anything to keep you playing....thanks EA/Dice #1
Why because i don't like Bc? Don't get mad cause ps4 is whopping that ms a $$ #14.8.1
Jajajaja lmao u r funny bro #26.6
Boy are y mad or what? Jajaaj ms give me what i need jajaja and about games that came out 10 years ago i don't care not even for Bc when i had it in the ps3 #14.7
Congrafelicitation sony #ps4 #1 #8
I remember playing this game and ,finishing the game with one life just like i did with shinobi at the arcade #6
Need for speed is a good game and the new update that came out today makes the game better, please stop complaining about the city being a ghost town because people don't do ilegal drag racing in the middle of the day #21
Uncharted 4 #259
The score is right the game is a** lag,campers,over powered guns,spawn system generic sound and the same killstreaks as black ops 2 with just a few that are different and also the single story is bad #1.2
He forgot to mention the lag,campers and spawn system #1
Op is on the name of the game black overpowered sh**...everyone hated the exo on Aw but on black ops the specialist are worst, well everything is worst in this game...lag,one shot kills,perks,spawn system,campers,maps,guns,no dedicated servers #4
The respawn is so bad in this game that if you have c,b on nuketown and try to take a the enemy would spawn next to you and I'm sorry but this game is worst than Aw, from lag to camp fest to easy one shot kills and worst killstreaks ever,spawn system and just because they have the useless camo doesn't make it better because is not #1
No just strong sales jajaja #4.3
This game is a camp fest and lag 6/10 is about right #4
This is by far the best headset,the sound is amazin in any game from 2k,bf4,until dawn,cod and even movies... #5
Black ops 3 multiplayer is nothing but a camp fest with overpower lmg and hand guns and not to forget the bow and the head glitching when it comes to camping black ops 3 and ghost are number 1 #7
Same here bro the thing i like the most was crashing on a curved and watch your car blow up #2.1
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