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"i love h8ters"


Got my gold at Walmart for $69.99 with a best buy ad and I must said they are good #6
Those numbers are really bad.... #6
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Because is the only games that are not multiplatform #3
Harden travel @ 1:05 animation looks bad and they still have the same dunks style from 2005,also the referee's have the same movement #8
Call of duty has done it before and this guy never complain and the cod videos you can't do everything they show so people need to stop bit***n #13
Look at the avatar that should tell you something #4
Blake griffin looks weird in the video from the other day #8
Blake griffin looks weird and the dunk animation they all look alike #10
Cerna titanfall sucks is just a cod game #5.3.1
Same here bro and what a boring game watch dog is #1.1.1
NFL 2k 👐 down the best halftime show #8
✌ platinum one game nice #17
Playstation start the last of us....see just like kinect #13
Wow talk about a frustrating article about a guy beaing 😡 because the ps4 is selling better than his console (xbone) is not 💤 to me I play at least 8 hrs a day #6
Rygar was the game back in the days at the arcade...i know a few glitches #5
Like i said before 30+60=90 that's how much u guys are paying and if is the full game how come is only two teams #22
The footsteps sound are horrible it sounds like a 🐴 is walking by..also the 🔫 sounds is bad ✌ #3
No thanks ⚁k for me #2
Thanks to gamefly I play the remaster and the mp was wack everyone using bow and arrow ➡....on topic I don't really care about this one #3
Do your math right is 30+60=90 plus tax for ea and live so I think is bad #1.1.2
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