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"i love h8ters"


This game and the arcade had a point glitch on the first level where you can get 99999999 points #12
Ea needs to stop #3
People are dumb because 2k15 is always online for my career and nobody is complaining. quit the crying 😢 #18
DriveClub is a boring game that gives you penalty for everything that you do wrong in a race....project cars is way better #7
I tried playing without exo and is not the same #7.1
Aw is better than ghost and i do like the exo suits but i don't like the new gun ohm hybrid is too overpower and all the dlc are bad imo #9
@whyhate i remote play to my Xperia Z3 not the vita and by the way you can use ps tv for remote play get it right before you start trolling #12
Is not about paying attention to the background is about making you feel like you're performing in a real concert and i think is cool and refreshing #1
I got the code last week but every time I try to login it tells me server are not available #9
About freaking time #2
That said, I really like the direction of Cod:Advanced Warfare....really with the Goliath glitch that everyone is doing and sledgehammer not doing anything to fix the problem,that's what you called good direction #1.2.1
I'm back on battlefield 4 because advanced warfare has a Goliath glitch that is bs...the article is kinda good but I got better at battlefield playing the sniper class and I have over 6k sniper kills 3k plus headshot and rank is 101 #2
Where are the nba I didn't see it on the video 📹 #6
Sega was crazy back in the days and creepy too #2
My ps one first games was destruction derby #16
I always skip a year on Mlb,nba and call of duty..last madden game i bought was in 2004 #5
Down for me I'm in Orlando Florida #18
People always find something to complaint about,it doesn't bother me too see it all the time #2
Same way 2k did it with 2k14 and 2k11.... I think that's kinda cool #2
2k do the same thing every year with 2k and nobody complaints about it but when Sony does it every ms fan be talking sh1t..try playing 2k15 after dec #19
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