i love h8ters
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Amazing to play original Xbox games 😂😁

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All that power to play old ass games 😂😂😁 28513;

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Nope staying with the pro

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Graphics are ugly even with HDR and it gets boring quick as hell.. battlefield 1 has way better graphics and it doesn't matter if is different settings the graphics are ugly as hell on cod...#Nohypeforthisww2

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Pump about what is the same crap as the beta nothing new

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Wow no need to carry the title of most powerful console with graphics this good!!! #Ps4Pro

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This game is super boring I'm saving my HDD for need for speed and yes I try the beta and it was super boring with horrible game play and movements, same crap every year same kill streaks different name... Make a game with boring ass kill streaks and why in the world I still can't climb a freaking wall..war mode is dumb Battlefield 1 operation is way better

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Game mode is boring as hell... Wait the whole game is boring

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When the box sells over 60 millions I'll care until then I'm going to continue enjoying my PS4 pro

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I have the pro with a 4k hdr and the graphics are ugly as hell,the game looks like a x360 or ps3 era

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It gets boring really quick,it feels like world at war, the sound is horrible,the guns have bad recoil and still the environment is not destructible

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Oh yeah and those are Bc

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Did anyone play the snail game... The game was integrated in the console if you power up the console without a game the game would pop up

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Wonderboy was one of my favorite and I spend a lot of time playing Rocky

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Bro I think you're smoking the same crap LeBron is smoking in NbA live

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Gt sport for me,I bought the first project card and I didn't like it the control was horrible and played the game for two hours total time

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Blah blah blah all they do is talk shit about 4k can they please show new IP or anything else besides the same crap of Forza gear halo

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But Phil said every game would run better with true 4k on the x1😂😂😂

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Is a beta what do you want a full game

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