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Didn't we already see what a lot of the models look like? not bad, but certainly not at that level.

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"talks possibilities" -> "anything is possible"

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I guessed what the sixth moment was just by looking at the title, predictable.

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These are, in fact, available on disc.

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Never a dull moment with an RE article on N4G.

I really like how on around the fifth positive review of the game people are still jumping on the "everyone is paid off" theory, I mean I'll be the first to question Famitsu's judgement on a lot of scores, and I never let someone elses opinion effect my own, but besides the outcry of "fans" everyone seems pretty happy/ready with/for RE6.

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I was actually going to mention that bit about Sherry too, and I also agree with everything he said, some people are actually really excited for this game.

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Let's be fair here, people were demanding HD collections for Kingdom Hearts, and they're delivering... kinda.

My only gripe is instead of doing 1, CoM, 2, BBS, they're seemingly splitting it, I'll be surprised if we don't see 2.5 with 2 and BBS.

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Can't. Wait.

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Could've sworn this trailer was already released before.

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I don't know, I think the hype has calmed down quite a bit after getting nothing for so long.

I'm not saying people wont go nuts when something DOES get shown though.

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Wouldn't an in-game preorder bonus need to be completed before the game releases?

What I'm saying is that any in-game character, map, mission, mode, or bonus that you get from preordering that is available day one was completed before the game itself was released, regardless of whether it is on disc or not.

The only one I can think of that would match this is the upcoming Borderlands 2 Mechromancer class.

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I'm glad we have five articles for this...

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I am not even going to touch this... there's too much wrong in the title.

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Interesting to see everyone jumping at the chance to discredit this review, if it had been negative we'd be hearing everyone talking about how they "saw it coming" and how RE6 was "doomed to fail".

It's also nice to see some pro-RE6 for a change, so much negativity surrounding this game.

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" is this not a Resident Evil game? Does it not take the fiction and universe and push it further."

I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought about it this way.

Very solid Crimson, very solid.

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Because it's RE6, and people need a reason to go nuts.

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Wasn't this announced awhile ago? or is this new for Europe?

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in before

"This just proves how crap the game is"
"This isn't what fans want"
"Not buying"

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I think the main point is that Spyro is involved, I'm pretty sure Spyro isn't the reason Skylanders is popular and most likely could've been made without him, and if it was it probably wouldn't receive as much hate, if any at all.
Completely agree about it's stance market-wise though.

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Skylanders... excuse me?

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