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That's why I loved the hd collection. But I still play on the psp sometimes, I have a few friends who own Peace Walker and we play that game A LOT. Game was beast even without the other analog stick. It is like the skyrim or monster hunter of mgs, so huge, so much content.

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@Ultr I actually have 3 friends who I could play with, so I'm definitely going to get it. But I really want to get it on vita like you said, mostly because of the second analog stick.

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When he says mobile, he means gaming on phones, not dedicated handhelds. Touch games.

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Well Killzone 2 is my second favorite multiplayer shooter this gen, right next to bc2. I liked it more than halo actually, though halo was usually a better overall package because of split screen. Warhawk was awesome, you ever play that?

And if we aren't only talking about shooters, lbp 1 and 2 are awesome multiplayer games, so is modnation despite the horrible loading screens. Lbp karting should be even better. I played the crap out of demon's souls multiplayer, tho...

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Favorite snes game and favorite zelda game of all time for me.

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Well I think the motion controls did enhance the gameplay in TP, but SS seemed to sometimes be asking for more than the wiimote could give. I never had a problem with red steel 2 though but whatever. There were a few games that were better with motion controls, though not many, red steel 2 and TP like I mentioned, and also the metroid prime games. I agree with some of what you said, but I'm not sure I ever had to "pretend" that I enjoyed games on the wii.

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I just recently got silent hill origins, crisis core, dungeon siege, and I downloaded ffvii all on my psp. I won't need any other games for a while, origins is a lot better than I thought it would be, the game was criticized for not evolving the silent hill formula but the only other sh I have played was the first.

The only psp game I haven't played but I want is monster hunter freedom unite.

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If you never had a psp, you can download plenty of those with better controls. Peace walker, portable ops, and monster hunter are good examples of games that can really utilize the second analog stick. Escape plan should be even better now since its had patches and added free content.

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@fei-hung I don't have a vita yet, so no. But I've watched gameplay, and I am definitely certain I will get that game. It might have had points knocked down for lack of competitive mp and story, but it still looks pretty awesome for what it is. I just forgot about it for a while, but I still had it in the back of my head to get it once I get my vita.

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@push thats simply incorrect, items aren't services, they are physical objects which you own. You pay for that patent once, when you buy it. You're just plain wrong, and putting such restrictions on the used market hurts the free market as a whole.

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Yeah I think both of those games will help push sales. I really want to see ghost recon on the vita, or else some other tactical shooter. Something like fb2, with multiple objectives, big maps, and plenty of choice and strategy.

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Once you buy a product though, you own it, not the company or whoever that sold it to you. You have a right to sell the things that you own, and gamestop has a right to sell what has been bought off of you. Obviously copying what you buy and selling it is a different story.

If this passes, you might as well shut down every pawn shop in america since they would be commiting the same actions, just with different products.

Edit: well said jeeves, the ability to...

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I don't deny that this may be a great game, but I can't help but be a little sad that my favorite childhood games aren't getting a true sequel. Miss the old days of rare.

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Calm down mike, shouldn't make you that angry. To a certain extent, he has a point, other companies want a bite out of that dumbed down casual cake.

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...really? You really think that this is bs? You really think the ps4 will be weaker than the wii u?

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Eh, really? I don't think he's funny at all, one of the more annoying trolls I've seen on n4g.

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Well he did too, just said she was annoying at first. Which she was, in fairness, but they put a lot of growth in her character development in the course of the game. Definitely one of the best zelda characters imo. But yeah, I disagreed till I read the paragraph but he has a point.

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I think we all had the word "hack" in the back of our minds. Seems like it was just some error or something. Thank God.

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Ugh, all i did was infamous 2 and i finished that... Was getting on to download lbp 2 when it went down.

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Well there's also all stars coming out, the last of us, and counting this game that's 3 new ips compared to ms 1, that new gods game. They also just released starhawk, a new ip.

Admittedly, heavy rain seems to be more of an experience than a game, but that doesn't make it "rubbish".

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