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Why did you get disagrees? It's true, they go by .5s now.

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The video was made by the son of that women there, a guy who also created the hack. You honestly think he is doing this to advertise kinect?

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The late 90s were the golden era for gaming in general.

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Yeah this makes no sense they would be for those who have yet to play them.

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How about how to make the game feel like a living breathing world? Skyward sword was very dry in this aspect, moreso than the last few games really. I wouldnt mind loz to have more towns with more people going about their daily lives.

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We need more games like Demon's Souls, where the single player and multiplayer kind of merge together, might be hard to pull of tho.

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"This is why you don't see News headlines like, 'OMG Obama is dead!!!!' over stories that begin, 'That is what we'd be saying if we thought Obama had died."

HAHAHA That is golden right there. Good point tho.

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That's like blaming someone's suicide on the fact that they play golf in their spare time. Insane.

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Gotta disagree, thought dark souls was a lot harder than Demon's Souls, or at least cheaper and less skill based.

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I'm sick of all the guns in games nowadays, what happened to the creativity in video games? We still have a few bright spots but we've had too many shooters this gen.

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Lol I'll never forget all those cheesy phone conversations.

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Angry Birds trilogy?

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Always have to bring ND in this don't you?

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The first demo was shown running on a pc.

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Wut? Its just a graphics comparison, besides, Reach was boring as hell in my opinion...

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Its 9 bucks at gamestop dude.

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It would probably be drop in drop out co op like Peace Walker, which would be awesome.

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Dude, splinter cell has only gotten worse over the years. Blacklist looks way too action based.

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Calm down man. No need to get so worked up.

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