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I think cod looked even worse because we just saw the Killzone trailer. It looked almost as good as Killzone 3. Anyone notice you got money for kills? I'm guessing that means you can use the money you get from missions on weapons and things to use in the game, and hopefully it should mean more variety in the way we can complete missions. More replay value. Also, I'm glad they didn't just throw us in with some soldiers, this could be more interesting with Mercenaries.

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Hopefully I'm not sounding too harsh by the way... ;)

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If you bought a Vita for just cod then you should definitely have your ass kicked. Luckily I'm getting one for Killzone, Tearaway, LBP, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, Assasin's Creed, and Unit 13

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Killzone and Tearaway looked awesome, but blops... I dunno. Looked pretty bad graphics wise, but gameplay who knows.

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I would see cod as a very important factor in getting a lot of sales for the Vita this fall. It seems insane that Sony would let Nihilistic handle it, and the fact that we haven't seen anything until now and that they have been hiding the developers up till now are not good signs.

Still though, it doesn't matter too much to me. I want more Vitas in more people's hands so it can get more support, but I was pretty sure I wasn't getting this anyway. There's o...

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It looks awesome if you ask me.

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Looked really bad, and it's being handled by Nihilistic, not a good sign. Killzone Mercenaries looks 1000x better.

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Yeah what's up with this and Resistance only having 8? Socom did 16 online I think.

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Man Sony is coming out with some really innovative and unique games.

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First I thought it might look a little too kiddy, but I changed my mind after seeing gameplay. Looks brilliant.

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Dunno how I feel about the touch screen thing but the game looks freakin awesome.

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I dunno if it's trolling, it looked pretty bad in that video. Very glitchy.

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Or Fall of Man.

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You mean Crysis 2? Because Crysis 1 was a VERY open shooter.

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Yeah... If there is one game I'm good at, it's Demon's Souls. I just made a new profile recently and beat three bosses without even coming close to dying. The game is so skill based that you can get so good at the game the difficulty level becomes non-existant. I was once bad at Demon's Souls, like everyone else is when they first start it, but no longer. And I really disagree with him about Dark Souls, I thought it was harder, I'm only 30 hours in though. The last several...

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Man I would get pretty worried about my kid if he stayed in his room and only came out to go to the bathroom over the course of FOUR days...smh. I also don't even understand how its possible to play mw3 for that long, or any game for that matter. How do you even have that kind of stamina? Some people just get really addicted I guess...

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The only deaths I felt were unfair in the game were the capra demon, where you just have to luck out in running behind him before he and those dogs kill you, and that damn chest that eats you. There isn't any way to see that coming first time around.

I liked Demon's Souls better, but Dark Souls is still one of the best games this generation. It's just that Demon's Souls IS the best game this generation imo.

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Yeah but I just don't think young kids should be playing those kinds of games anyways, younger minds are more easily influenced, and they can have fun playing games that don't have extreme violence or sexual content. I did, the most violent game I played as a kid was Goldeneye, other than that I just had all the usual Nintendo exclusives. Least my childhood games were more creative than what most kids play nowadays, cod... But whatever. Thats just what my choice will be when I'm a...

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You would think so but it doesn't seem to be the case. Some people act like video games are the root of all evil, when the parents are causing the problem.

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They're talking the talk pretty well, lets see how they walk the walk. I have a feeling this is a bunch of crap, but I hope not.

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