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Even if you know the name you might not know the face.

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Yeah they don't look different enough, like different colored ganondorfs from smash bros. That won't happen as much when we get every character I guess, though I expect Kratos will still be really popular.

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PETA is one of the most worthless organizations there is. They need to go.

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Yeah I got Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and Battlefield 3 all for 30 each last year. Definitely waiting for BF.

I'm not sure if the political analogy really applies here though...

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If you got the most expensive free, you could get like two 5 dollar games then a 60 dollar game free, wouldn't make much sense.

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Chronicles of Narnia? Really?

Seriously, why do they put stuff like this a spongebob up there? There are so many better ps2 games to choose from.

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Yeah I just finished playing melee with a few friends actually, one of the best party games ever imo. Plus one of my friends was drunk so that made it even better!

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But to me those ring outs are why I love smash bros. Nothing is quite as satisfying as sending someone flying, and you can't send them the same distance in All stars. If you get frustrated when playing smash bros, I would say you're playing it the wrong way. It's not about being competitive, though it can be, its about laughing and having fun. All the suicide kills, blasting people off the screen, along with the random moments of hilarity is what make Smash Bros what it is, and th...

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Shooters need to become tactical again. Give us the level of freedom seen in Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, along with the level of strategy seen in the older Rainbow Six Vegas and Ghost Recon games. I've had enough of the linear gameplay and scripted events in most shooters today.

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Well the ps1/saturn/N64 era was mainly rpgs just for the ps1, but there were also another rise in platformers, like Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Crash, and Spyro. A lot of 3d platformers came from that time, as well as some new and innovative shooters like Goldeneye. Local MP became bigger, with karting, shooting, and fighting games. I would say that that era was pretty diverse.

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If the psp could handle 32 players on MoH, then the Vita can easily handle 12 on cod. Look at the specs, cod doesn't even have that intensive of graphics, this guy might have been a jerk, but what YOU are saying doesn't make sense.

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It's Medal of Honor Heroes 1 and 2. Not bad games, and yeah you can get them on the Vita, but it might not be on the Vita's psn yet, just the ps3's. And yeah online still works for 2 at least, last I checked. Servers won't be up forever of course. I think it had a lot of hackers tho.

Edit: Even if you don't have a ps3, I think you can still get it by downloading it from your computer using media go.

Edit2: And in case you're in the mar...

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Just break that wall of text into paragraphs. Twas giving me a migraine.

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What if they made an updated port of morrowind for Vita? One with better graphics and more quests, that would be awesome.

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I know right. Reading a book is better than sitting still, some books raise your heart rate. This is common sense, it doesnt need a study.

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Still think the top player count should be twelve. MoH on the psp could do 32. Why can't this do 12?

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The CD-I games don't seem to exist in Nintendo's mind, they weren't on the timeline. They did give us things like this though.

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Shooters should look at Perfect Dark and Goldeneye to know how to make different difficulties. New objectives were added to higher difficulties, but most shooters are too linear to do that nowadays I suppose.

I think Killzone upped the AI in higher difficulties. Least it seemed like they would throw grenades faster if you waited behind cover.

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Link to the Past was my favorite by far. Big fan of no. 1 also, they're all great tho.

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Well no Zelda game had the freedom of choice the first one had. You could actually beat dungeons in different orders. SS has been the most linear 3d one so far tho. Also, the sky you flew around in felt pretty empty to me.

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