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I can't help but think you two are the same account.

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Extremely intelligent A.I by the looks of things. This game is going to have a lot more variety than the uncharted games.

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Two trolls in this section, one for ms, the other for sony. Both have no life.

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Your kidding right? I'm pretty freakin sure that guy was just messing around. You just happened to take him seriously. Now THIS guy just made a dumb comment, plain and simple.

Edit: stupid phone I was replying to DK286K below. :/

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Beyond the fact that they are in the same genre, mario bros and lbp are pretty different.

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Anti ps3 articles get approved on this site all the time. Where have you been?

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Well a mouse is more accurate than a controller, so its more useful when sniping. Melee weapons wouldn't make much of a difference.

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It would take a lot to make alien 3 a good movie. So disapointing, especially after how great the first two were. I've never played a alien game, but I'm pretty interested in this.

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It doesn't REALLY matter, but in my opinion it really wasn't smart of Sony to not put bigger focus on the vita during the conference. A montage would have been easy to include and effective.

My only disapointment is the lack of kiilzone. We've known that's coming our for vita for a long time now, why no mention?

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Earlier I really wasn't hyped for this game. I like Uncharted, but I was never too big a fan because they are more like movies than games... But after seeing that demo? Man it just looks flat out amazing. The A.I looked incredible, the gameplay looks a lot more strategic than uncharted, but it still retains uncharted's presentation quality. I just can't wait for this game!

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Well said... graphics just never had mattered much to me, I'm kind of old school like that. Some of my favorite games I've played recently were within the last two gens.

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Yeah this site has a bias towards sony, but there are still plenty of people who are saying sony messed up, even more than the people who say Sony is God. Every site is going to have some kind of bias, just ignore those fantards like Akuma.

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Give criticism where criticism is due. It's only when people stray away from facts or become unreasonable when its a problem

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That was my favorite game of the whole conference. I've been waiting for that game to come out on the wii for years, I always adored the pikmin games one the cube.

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Dude I think most everyone on this site admitted sony didn't do too great in their conference. I haven't seen too many people who were saying they did good, so I'm not sure why you're saying Sony can't do wrong on n4g when pretty much everyone said they messed up in some ways. Especially too much wonderbook and not enough vita.

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I thought it would be too early for another zelda, but man was I hoping for a new metroid. Love the metroid prime games, want another. :(

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A black hole would crush you smaller than a grain of sand. Have fun with that. :)

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I'm installing infamous 2 as I type this comment. If I didn't have ps+ before, I would get it now. It pays for itself on this week alone.

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Well most of the credit should go to ubisoft since all nintendo really did was give them the tools.

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It started off well with pikmin 3 but it just went downhill from there. I am excited about Pikmin 3 and interested in that zombie game, but there isn't much else convincing me to get a wii u. Dancing, singing, and excercise games aren't going to make me want a wii u...

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