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Yeah have you seen his house in the games? It's a total dump. The hero of the mushroom kingdom lives in a two room house with his brother. It was a little bigger in mario and luigi superstar saga but still. What happened to that mansion luigi got?

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Nobody wants Call of Duty to change genres though, and that's practically what RE did. They went from survival horror to action. Action is just whats popular nowadays I guess, Splinter Cell has also abandoned its roots and turned into an action game.

Stealth and horror are almost dead. I want a revival of those two.

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RE4 was still survival horror, RE5 was just an action game.

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Didn't you used to have an account called Cowlyn or something? The way you write reminds me of that user.

And btw

"It's generic on consoles but a vert welcomed edition in the vita"

Are you insane? Looks like its going to be much worse than cod on console.

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Thats a really bold claim.

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^Dude did you read his second comment?

"Who said i loved or cared about them?"

Implies he doesn't love or care about the women he gets. He's acting like women are material possessions. Not that it matters. No need to get too upset about some random guy on the internet.

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That's what I'm wondering. Any woman that got "wifed" by him would be pushing for a divorce within a year. Video games more important than the love of your life? This guy has to be trolling. Then again, there are people like that I suppose...

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Dude, you're on your way to one bubble yourself if you keep being a jackass.

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Yeah but the way the article reads sony invented them. They say analog sticks, not dual analog sticks. It doesn't make any sense that Nintendo isn't even mentioned.

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You can get syphon filter other places, two were made on the psp, excellent games I might add. It's the fourth lbp btw, and it sounds like the best one yet.

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@taquito I feel sorry for people like you. What you say is almost certainly true, but if it bothers you if a game doesn't have good enough graphics, then pc ruined gaming for you. Graphics have next to nothing to do with what I think of games, I still play more ps1 and n64 games then I do games from this gen. Would it bother you to look at old graphics? Would it take the fun away?

See, I don't think of games in terms of graphics and specs. I just think of them in term...

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Haha that made me bust out laughing. Still reported you tho.

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Yeah, a game needs those incredible moments that just make you shout out, cod doesn't have many of those. Nothing can beat parachuting on top of someone and knifing them, or dropping c4 on a tank while falling over them, or single handedly taking down two tanks and a banshee in halo.

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He's actually very intelligent. But he is also crazy. It isn't a good combination, I think I read somewhere that he himself thinks he has schizophrenia.

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lbp 2 and Infamous 2 have been the best games imo, was a given that they would be up there.

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What does the time setting have to do with it being good or bad? Besides, it isn't exactly a historical game, its fantasy so it really isn't set at any time. Besides, if you were to compare the settings, would realistic really be better than fantasy? Realistic settings in games are starting to really get boring.

And how is it a Sims type game? The slogan is live another life in another world, but it still feels nothing like the sims at all, its not even comparable. Ev...

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Do you or anyone else feel that kratos is over powered? He has that move where he latches onto someone then pulls himself in and sends them flying, it seems really hard to dodge and that it does a good bit of damage. Just what I noticed from a demo at walmart, seems like it would be a really easy move to spam.

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You know what happened to me? I got all the way to the end of BK, just about to beat the boss, and some friends came over and beat the game while I was gone. -_-

I had to start the whole damn thing over. One of my favorite games tho.

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First time I used a mic on blops I got called a faggot by some kid. -_-

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