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I think the key word here is "looks".

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I really want change in cod, and this sounds pretty cool. Please don't tell cod to do the same thing over and over. I hope blops 2 really does change up the formula. But still, they will probably have older team based kind of modes mixed in with the newer kinds, so don't fret just yet.

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Naw man super mario rpg beats the crap out of paper mario. Still a good game tho, I thought Paper Mario 2 was the best out of the 3, but I have some great childhood memories from the first one.

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Phenomenal game, Yoshi's Island. So much better than Yoshi's Story.

My favorite would be between that, 64, and smb 3.

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The only time I would platinum a game is if I just absolutely loved it. So far, my only platinum I have is Demon's Souls, and I would have gotten one on mgs 4 if it had trophies. But I think I might platinum this game on accident when I play it, looks so easy.

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@kinect well I originally meant to make it a lot shorter but I guess I ended up retyping most of what I originally typed lol.

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Gravity Rush is underwhelming you say? I hope Colin realizes that ign was one of the few sites which gave it below an 8 in their review.

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Stealth games tend to have much more varied combat than just plain action games. Action games tend to be the same run and shoot action over and over again, there's just a special kind of enjoyment I get from messing with the minds of ai opponents. I was actually a little upset with mgs 4 because it was too action based, still an awesome game, but I would have liked way more stealth than what we got.

I enjoyed the socom games, the mgs games, and the syphon filter games on ...

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I just typed out four big ass paragraphs right here, then my stupid computer restarted itself for some reason. Piece of crap, well, now I'm pretty pissed. So I'm just going to leave out most of what I typed and just say a few things.

One is that anyone who insults another person based on religious or political belief is an idiot and a bigot. It's obvious as to why they are a bigot, but they are also an idiot because they are using a horrible method to convince som...

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Ha ha just two more years and I turn 21 and become abnormal! :P

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The learning curve is just too small, that's what it is. Not like battlefield where you have to get used to the vehicles and destruction, or killzone with its realistic weapon recoil and high emphasis on classes, or halo where you have to remember where weapons are on maps, and get used to the vehicles. Its mostly just run and gun in cod.

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Not only that, they also need some good local multiplayer, I didn't like the co op campaign anyway, but why couldn't it be split screen? And I would LOVE splitscreen online.

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That's why I loved the hd collection. But I still play on the psp sometimes, I have a few friends who own Peace Walker and we play that game A LOT. Game was beast even without the other analog stick. It is like the skyrim or monster hunter of mgs, so huge, so much content.

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@Ultr I actually have 3 friends who I could play with, so I'm definitely going to get it. But I really want to get it on vita like you said, mostly because of the second analog stick.

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When he says mobile, he means gaming on phones, not dedicated handhelds. Touch games.

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Well Killzone 2 is my second favorite multiplayer shooter this gen, right next to bc2. I liked it more than halo actually, though halo was usually a better overall package because of split screen. Warhawk was awesome, you ever play that?

And if we aren't only talking about shooters, lbp 1 and 2 are awesome multiplayer games, so is modnation despite the horrible loading screens. Lbp karting should be even better. I played the crap out of demon's souls multiplayer, tho...

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Favorite snes game and favorite zelda game of all time for me.

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Well I think the motion controls did enhance the gameplay in TP, but SS seemed to sometimes be asking for more than the wiimote could give. I never had a problem with red steel 2 though but whatever. There were a few games that were better with motion controls, though not many, red steel 2 and TP like I mentioned, and also the metroid prime games. I agree with some of what you said, but I'm not sure I ever had to "pretend" that I enjoyed games on the wii.

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I just recently got silent hill origins, crisis core, dungeon siege, and I downloaded ffvii all on my psp. I won't need any other games for a while, origins is a lot better than I thought it would be, the game was criticized for not evolving the silent hill formula but the only other sh I have played was the first.

The only psp game I haven't played but I want is monster hunter freedom unite.

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If you never had a psp, you can download plenty of those with better controls. Peace walker, portable ops, and monster hunter are good examples of games that can really utilize the second analog stick. Escape plan should be even better now since its had patches and added free content.

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