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Judging by what happened to the recent ghost recon, I expect the new rainbow six will follow a similar path. Less strategy, more run and gun. Game which had large learning curves are starting to get more and more uncommon.

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Usually it isn't. That's why this gen hasn't been as good as the past two imo.

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No man, amazon gift cards are baaaaaad lol.

Great blog by the way, I figured it would be a winner.

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@RustInPeace I've heard a little about that, not sure if its true or not, but either way I haven't seen any reason at all to like PETA. Like Hammad said, why the hell would you attack pokemon when its doing little to nothing to cause a problem? There are so many more deserving things to go after. Most of the things they do just seem insane.

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Congrats to the winners. Hopefully I'll get some of that free amazon money someday, preferably from this current month so I'll have some more dough for the Black Friday sales.

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One does not simply question the blogs of Sephris, one reads and enjoys them with much laughter. It isn't supposed to be serious, he's just talking about both games and which he might like better.

Note how its about which HE likes better. Not necessarily saying one is the superior game. I do hope you read past the title though.

Anyways, I think this was a great blog Sephris. Eagerly awaiting part two...

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The ones mentioned so far are good, and I would also recommend Infamous 1 and 2. Also warhawk, its only five bucks used at gamestop. Its a multiplayer only game, imagine halo but in third person and more cartoony and less futuristic. What's great about it is the four player splitscreen online, and its much more fun when you have people to play with. Me and my friends would actually get one of us to capture the flag, and then another would fly up in a jet, and whoever took the flag would j...

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Oh man, I have some great memories with halo 2. I never actually owned the game, but I had plenty of friends who did and the co op and versus on that game was incredibly fun, actually the best game in the series imo.

But yeah those awesome moments like getting a headshot in halo, or grabbing the hammer for smash bros, or crossing the finish line in a racing game right before your buddy, none of it is quite as fun when they aren't sitting next to you.

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Yeah but the creation of online gaming is what slowly lead to split screen being less relevant. It didn't have to be that way, but the focus for the multiplayer shifted that way. In other words, it seems that getting one good thing is making us lose another. Still happy online gaming came about of course, I do enjoy it.

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Online gaming replacing splitscreen isn't a plus imo, it's a minus. I'm at college and I still get people together for smash bros and mario kart. You just can't beat playing together in the same room, I feel disconnected from people when playing online. I think we should still have both.

Aside from that, gaming becoming more casual in general, and the fact that there are just too many shooters nowadays, makes me perfer gaming of old.

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I always wished the game had weapons, but it was still good without them. Had some awesome music, love mute city.

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Nah he'll be fine...

*starts passing out the flamethrowers.*

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"IGN approached Snake for comment but woke up drugged hours later on the lowest level of a naval frigate. At press time we were still unable to locate Snake, though several cardboard boxes were found at our planned meeting site."

Lol not bad.

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I'm pretty sure you can't review a beta dude.

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*hardcore for one of those casuals...

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They should just make that hostiles mode co op instead of sp, that shouldn't be too hard.

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^Not attacking smg, but imo it was very easy to beat. Doesn't make it good or bad but I thought it was really easy, easier than sunshine anyway.

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Really took me by surprise to be honest.

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Don't understand why both resistance and cod would be handed to nihilistic of all developers smh. Killzone will hopefully be the first good fps on the system.

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Some people don't even try to hide their dual accounts, there's someone on this site named killerhog who brings in his buddy killerhog2 when he runs out of bubbles.

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