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Nobody ever said that graphics make sales. Not sure who you're talking about. Are you such a fanboy that you enjoy watching a good system fare poorly?

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Ya I only got mine last night, bout to redeem it in a minute.

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It isn't worth it even if you somehow don't have access to it. The price tag is a rip off, someone's scenario can't justify it. This should cost way less. Also, its hard to imagine many people who can afford a console but not a pc. Isn't that a little more necessary for daily life? But anyway, this is just way overpriced, plain and simple. They should have released them on psn, xbl, and the eshop.

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That's pretty disrespectful man. This guy's death was his own fault, but it's pretty sad someone would do this to himself. Can't imagine how his family feels.

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Honestly anyone who does should be ashamed of themselves. Its just plain retarded.

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Yeah I've played splitscreen games on n64 emulators with friends, why can't they put splitscreen in more pc games? Of course, it seems like less games are getting local mp nowadays, but I hope the releases of all stars and lbp karting show that its still kickin, and its also nice to see killzone and uncharted add splitscreen after first not having it. I really want splitscreen online for the next killzone and battlefield tho...

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For every great game, there will still be plenty of critics. Games are gonna appeal more to some than others, but I'm not sure if overrated is the right term to use. I thought bf3 wasn't any fun at all, yet I thought bc2 was the greatest mp game I've ever layed eyes on. AC2 is a good game, but I get tired of all the climbing sections. And I've adored just about every other zelda, but just can't understand what people think is so great about Skyward Sword.

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You should try Perfect Dark, improved on just about everything from goldeneye. It was easier to get lost tho. These older games are going to have clunky controls, but if you get used to them you might love goldeneye and perfect dark.

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Not only graphics, but think of the improvements they could make with stronger hardware. There's a reason why there were alot more players in a match on pc then console. Course, I would have liked them to downgrade the graphics if they could of included splitscreen and more players in a game.

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Dear God I can't wait for this game.

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Cool hot shots will be free, was considering buying that.

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One problem I had with mgs 4 was the way they presented those beauty things. You would kill the mindless things, and then you would have to listen to some sob story about their past from that guy that sold you guns. It was kind of hard to care for those women considering their behavoir and the fact that they're dead by the time you hear the story. The other ones did it better, where you heard about the past from the characters themselves, sniper wolf's dying monologue really stuck wit...

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That sort of goes without saying.

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Can't wait for this game, screw the haters. Playstation has ammassed a wealth of awesome characters over the years, they can't throw them all in one game just because Nintendo does?

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Seriously, makes me wonder how hard it is to just put the freakin things on the store. Hopefully we'll see more and more psp games become vita compatible.

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Nah you and I both know we've heard dumber things on this site alone, not to mention the rest of the internet. :P but yeah, none of those points are valid. I've only seen a few tracks for this game so far, but they all look pretty awesome.

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The late 90s was just the golden era for gaming for me, most of my favorite games ever are on the n64 and psx. I only played mgs a year or two ago but I enjoyed it more than any game I've played this gen, maybe more than any game I've ever played period.

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I definitely agree. Killzone 3 may have had better enviroments than Killzone 2, but 2 had much better story, presentation, and gameplay imo. R1 and 3 are among my favorite campaigns ever.

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Nah I find it hard to believe they would use raiden instead of snake. He may be more popular since mgs 4, but he is NOT as popular as Snake, and not near as big of an icon. I think a lot of fans would be upset if raiden was in there and not snake.

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