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Sweet! Definitely be getting that once I get my Vita. + bubs for helpful. #12.1.1
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No kidding, especially since they ended up not releasing killzone. We need more ps2 classics, I never had a ps2. :( #2.1
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I hope they add dual analog support to Monster Hunter because I will definitely get it if they do. #12
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I think so too, but I already have R3, so I would probably just go for the regular move bundle. Unfortunately, I won't be going for any of them because I only just now noticed it says Canada. XP Oh well lol I live in the U.S. Hopefully they'll have a deal over here at some point. #2.1.1
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I gotta say, this is tempting. Not only do I want some move games, but I already have some move compatible games I wouldn't mind trying with the move. #2
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I'm pretty sure the main problem was technical glitches and bugs, thats the main reason some people say it needs an hd version and not just a ps2 classic release. If they made an hd version it could clean the game up. I've never played it either, but I've seen some of it and I can tell it has a good story. Also, I love Killzone 2 and 3 so I would like to play the original, even if it isn't that great. #9.1
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Pretty sure it was announced a day after mw3 was released. #6.1
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Why won't they offer the umd transfer thing worldwide? If they offer it in Japan, why not the rest of us? #5
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@Hisiru That depends on what games you played on console I guess, but it seems all the games on 3ds so far have been sequels to console games, or ports. SSF4, Zelda, Star Fox, Mario, Resident Evil, mario kart, etc. what "different" experiences do the 3ds give you that you can't find on consoles? At least the Vita has games like Gravity Rush and Escape Plan. #1.3.2
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I thought they said they nailed it. #3
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Dude, I like lbp, but sackboy is nowhere near the character mario is. #6.2
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Your own name is smash bro. #2.2
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Yeah, he gives an explanation about some of those at the bottom, but he still should have included at least Peace Walker and the two gows. This list just isn't very balanced, you're right, too many jrpgs. I would definitely put Daxter on that list, and also both the syphon filter games. They both had an amazing story, and they will probably get dual analog support. #4.1
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The story following Stahl and Orlock was decent, but the story following the ISA was basically just "F*** YEAH, let's kill everybody!" In Kz2 I felt like the ISA scenes and voice acting was done better. And I felt like Killzone 2 did a better job at showing how chaotic war is, while Killzone 3 tried to make the ISA the A Team.

Honestly though, I think they should just ditch Rico and Sev all together, nobody really cares about them. They should come in with diffe... #19.2.3
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Sweet,I'm really looking forward to this game. My most anticipated Vita title by far. #4
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I actually played Portal 2 first, so it seemed freaking amazing when I played it. #1.3
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Farcry 2 seems like a really good game for free, not to mention Final Fantasy, and I also just got the 3 spyro and the 3 syphon filter psone games. After Farcry ps+ will have already payed for itself for me, and I only got it this month. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, but I'm sure glad I got it. #15.2
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Yeah, I mean Nintendo is basically selling remade n64 games for 40. Not sure what he's talking about, "mostly ports." 'm interested in several games for Vita, and none of them are ports, they're either new ips or spin offs.

Edit: Why the disagrees? I don't think Star Fox or Ocarina of Time should have been full priced. #5.1
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It isn't really a rumor that a Killzone is in development for Vita, wasn't it already announced? And didn't they have some gameplay in a trailer for Vita?

Edit: Yep here it is, short though. #3
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"its critical acclaim is irrelevant"

That makes no damn sense in reference to what you're saying, you're telling us that all the critics don't decide if a game was good, but you alone do? Killzone, Resistance, and lbp2 were all had good ratings, but because you don't like them they automatically suck? Are you God or something? Only you decide whether a game is good or not?

Seriously though... I thought R3 was awesome. Didn't like... #9.5
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