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Late 90s were the golden age of games imo. So many genre defining classics. I will never forget first playing mario 64 as a kid. Was just an amazing experience. #9.1.1
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Yeah I still use an old tv as well. I disagree with smash bros though, though it does seem like a tech demo for melee, the gameplay is still fun. And while some aspects of goldeneye have aged poorly, I still find it more fun than most shooters today. The way enemies have a lot of different animations in reaction to getting shot as well as the sound effects that go with it give the gunplay a more satisfying feeling than most shooters today, in which enemies are usually like bullet sponges. I a... #3.1
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Seriously, I can't believe how many articles there are about this. I mean yeah 1080p at 60fps is nice, but it we don't need 100 articles singing its praises. #4.3
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The n64 was a far better console than saturn. So many classics. #1.1.3
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Its sort of a visual novel with puzzle elements, so yeah. But the story is the best part, so I'm glad it's dialogue heavy. #1.1.1
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Screen tearing on fc3 is awful. Had to trade it in, will get it on pc at some point. #2.1.3
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I played the first two for the first time last year. Two of the best games I have ever played. #3.4
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Bioshock is easily the best game. Absolute classic. #5.1.2
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But few that were as revolutionary. Oot isn't my favorite, I would put MM, lttp, TP, and maybe link between worlds in front of it, but its still an amazing game that gets points for being so revolutionary. #10.1
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While I don't mind 30 fps as long as it doesnt drop too much, if you can't see the difference you are blind. #7.3
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This is all my opinion, but:

P4 has better characters, much better music, and a better ending.

P3 has a better plot, a somewhat better rpg battle system (there are more options in terms of weapons and armor for the main character), and it also has some unique social links that need to be experienced.

Overall I prefer 4, but 3 is still an awesome game. Must have. #1.1.4
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Trust me when I say it was amazing to play. The best version of the game. But yeah 2nd generation pokemon had the most innovation and were the best imo. Not much innovation in the games after it. #1.2
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n64 is my favorite console of all time, but the design choices around the controller were pretty weird. #1.3
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I just want a game that is as competitive and skill based as melee. Melee was great for those who wanted to get really good at the game and play in tournaments, and it was easy to learn and one of the best party games ever. It had balance. Brawl was a great party game but didn't have that competitive aspect down like melee, and wasn't as skill based. I am at the point where I can dominate average players in melee, but I could never do that as well in Brawl because it you can only get... #1.5
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Zelda 2 was harder, never actually beat it. All the rest are fairly easy. #1.3.1
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The retardation is strong with this one. #2.3
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Two things.

1. Don't start the religion argument in comments sections.

2. If you have to make an argumentative comment try to make a comment that is at least somewhat intelligent and readable. #2.1
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What's up with some of these screen shots? The zelda one looks like tye 3ds version and the mario one looks like super mario star road the mario 64 hack. #7
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I think Paper Mario has aged the best graphically of just about any n64 game. That art style still looks good and the game never runs out of charm.

But imo what is really missing from that list is majoras mask. Absolutely brilliant game, once you understand it. Easily my favorite zelda game. #6.1
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Gameplay mechanics... that is all. Those first elements you mentioned don't effect how the controls feel. #1.1.9
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