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Well banjo would have more "variety" in most all ways so i dunno what you mean there.

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Jumping mechanics?

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Your garbled grammar makes it sort of difficult to understand what you're saying, but I'll assume you aren't a native English speaker.

I've played all three crash games and the mario and banjo games all within the last couple of years. Mario and banjo destroy crash. The games have way more moves, better platforming controls (especially mario 64, there's so many ways to jump and move around levels), big levels you can explore, better music, and more diverse...

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They were geniuses at n64 hardware back in the day.

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I agree but banjo does have some things over mario 64. Graphics, bigger worlds, characters and story, more moves, humor etc.

Mario 64 wins for me because the jumping mechanics are more fun. And that's what makes a platformer a platformer.

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Crash games on ps1 are fun, but they have nothing on banjo kazooie and mario 64. People don't like these two games because they were released by nintendo, they love them because they are amazing platformers. Almost perfect games honestly.

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Some people ignore the idea that some games are timeless.

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I recommend the whole series honestly. They are well worth revisiting.

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Definitely this.

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You can't not buy this game, even if you hate konami.

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@Blastoise I can't see any of those three games you mentioned beginning to touch Fire Emblem. Persona 4 does, but its still a hd port. Nothing wrong with having that on there, but it isn't bringing much new stuff to the table either.

Although it has horrid graphics, I would say MH4 destroys SS Delta, to make a comparison of two more similar games. Oreshika is meh imo, but Ys is pretty good. Not better than half the jrpgs on 3ds, but it is pretty good. Neither of those...

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I like japanese games. Jrpgs? Great stuff. Hack and slash games? Japanese horror? Gravity rush? Love it.

But this? Visual novels for ladies, visual novels about forbidden sibling love???

Yeah. Those are great titles there, definitely worth the 250 dollars for powerful handheld hardware.

If you want japanese games, the 3ds is a better option. The jrpg options on vita are basically persona 4 the golden (awesome game even if it is just an hd re...

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PW was the best mgs in terms of gameplay imo. Incredibly fun to play, building mother base was engrossing, and the co op was some of the best I have experienced.

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If anyone wants to see a sequel to mario 64, look up mario 64 star road. Basically a sequel, and one of the most fun games I have played in recent years.

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Lol n4g. You always find national enquirer level headlines.

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I hate the party system. Just invokes a bunch of mud slinging assholes who won't shut up about how dumb the other side is and how great their party is.

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Nothing beats the late 90s in gaming imo. Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Goldeneye, half-life, the list goes on and on.

New experiences and genres were being created or recreated. And the jump from 2d to 3d was insane. Still the most exciting time in games imo.

But the commodore 64 was a pain in the butt. Never owned one though.

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Nintendo needs a Mario's Ultimate N64 Collection.

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That was the best part of 4, the rest was sort of disappointing.

Best mgs games imo are mgs 1 in first, Peace Walker in second, and mgs 3 in third.

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