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Mgs 2 was definitely the worst story wise, but mgs 4 wasn't the best story either and was boringly presented compared to the other games. There was also less of a focus on stealth.

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Ooh. I see your point.

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Mgs 4 is the worst mgs game imo (still a great game tho).

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Are you serious? Trans woman is not an offensive term, in fact it's something that is often used in psychological articles regarding transgender topics.

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That woman is really grasping straws.

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Uh, thats sarcasm right? Right witwolfy?

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It was worth it. God, it was worth it. 6 hours in.

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I've put six hours into it today, and that's rare for me. I usually never game more than two hours a day unless it's something like smash bros with some buddies.

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I thought mine was dead when I did that mega punch thing on it lol.

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Do a running punch on one and see what happens lol.

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Yeah, these "reasons" kind of suck. There is only one new 3ds game. If you don't have a 3ds, this is the one to buy, but if you have one, there is not much reason to spend the money to switch.

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The resolution on a screen of that size isn't all that bad. Resident Evil Revelations looks great on it, as does many of the other games. I have a gaming pc but I'm not put off by the low res. I regret buying a Vita though. It had amazing potential that was all wasted. Only reason I keep it around is because I know I will replay Persona 4 eventually.

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Yeah I thought it might actually be dark or meaningful.

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Don't hold your breath, it isn't much to spoil.

Pun intended

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I can't not buy this game. In fact, I already bought it. I don't like micro transactions but that won't stop me from enjoying a masterpiece.

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There have been multiple good movies made into good games, but not the other way around.

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Knowing the japanese work ethic, it's entirely possible that it was their decision. Most of the japanese put huge importance on their jobs. Over here in the U.S, we are way too lazy, but over there they actually have a tendency to be too focused on work, which has lead to its own problems.

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Half-life 2 is amazing. Played it on pc a couple of years ago and was blown away.

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I love Uncharted, but let's be honest, in the single player the only thing that has changed are the set pieces.

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It was held back by trash programming and design lol. Just look at it, you can still make games with ps2 graphics that are fun. This isn't fun.

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