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Amazing game. #2.3.1
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"Playing a FPS or sports game is a nightmare on DS3...Take your thumb off sticks for one second and your player/character/aim is floating off in some other direction = terrible design."

Wat. Never experienced anything like that. #1.6.1
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Not saying much though. #1.2.1
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No idea how some people can say oot was awesome and then say tp was crap. Tp took the oot formula and improved on it, it has its flaws, but it stands to reason that if you loved oot you would love tp. #4.1
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Zelda 2 was a great game that was hated because it strayed away from the formula put in place by the original. It may rank low on the list of zelda games, but its still a great game. #3.4.2
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I would argue that Zelda is the best video game series ever made. Never played a series where two games in it could feel so similar but so entirely different at the same time. #3.3
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"Case closed. End of discussion. And before trolls start giving me disagrees, please back up your attacks with facts, not opinions."

Uh, are you retarded? Your whole comment is an opinion. And if someone disagrees with your opinion, that doesn't make them a troll.

Personally, though I can see halo 1 or 2 being argued, I can't even fathom how someone could view halo 4 and forza as being among the best games of all time. But whatever. #1.3.2
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@Neonridr judging from your comment, i dont think you really understand what a "flop" is. #1.1.5
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Yes. 78 is "pretty good". Not critical acclaim. Don't understand why people are disagreeing with me. #8.2.1
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I never said monster hunter was critically acclaimed. Soul Sacrifice was met with positive reception, but it was not critically acclaimed. Critical acclaim implies that the critics, on average, gave the game very high reviews. Critically acclaimed is just an incorrect term to use here. #8.1.1
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Critically acclaimed? Soul Sacrifice is a good game and I'm looking forward to it but it isn't critically acclaimed. It just has a 78 on metacritic. #8
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Some games age better than others in terms of graphics. Banjo kazooie and mario 64 don't look that bad, but ocarina of time does. Still, I played it for the first time last summer, and absolutely adored it. Once you get past the graphics, the game is timeless, just like most zelda games. #2.1
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...Are you being sarcastic? The problem isn't that a woman was naked. It's that her husband stripped her down for the world to see without her consent. Heck he almost definitely got her drunk for that purpose. It has nothing to do with the female body being beautiful, he was exploiting his wife while she was unconscious. With your logic, it's acceptable to walk up to any woman you don't know and lift her shirt up, cause, you know, boobs are beautiful. It's an invasion of... #27.3
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To be fair, if there are any games that deserve remakes, its oot and majora's mask. Absolutely brilliant games, but don't forget, we also have a new zelda that just came out for 3ds. #4.1
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Yeah... there's absolutely no point to show this on youtube. Can't even tell a difference. #3.1
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P3 and P4 are the ones you really want to play. The story in 4 has some references to 3, but nothing major so you can play that one first, it was my first Persona. Oh, and 4 is the best imo, 4th favorite game of all time, but 3 is awesome too. #1.1.3
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This really wouldn't work on a regular controller... #7.1
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It says you will be eligible to get a free code...does that mean there's only a chance you will get it? #6
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Worst part about Persona 4 was that one character imo. Couldn't stand him. Everything else was almost perfect. #5.2
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Might get Kingdom Hearts 3. I've never played a kingdom hearts game, so I'm considering buying the 1.5 hd remix this black friday to see if I can get into it, if so I'll grab that 2.5 remix when it comes out.

I'm sort of apprehensive on it though, I'm not sure if I can get past the disney characters. Hercules, Mulan, Alladin, and a few others are alright, but Winnie the pooh and the little mermaid? Ugh. #2.5
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