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Slow news day huh?

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Hoping the rumor is wrong honestly. There are WAY better choices for crossovers lol.

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Am I the only one repulsed by the idea of a rabbids and mario crossover?

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Well if that mario game is releasing launch day we should be in good shape.

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Yeah but everyone hated call of duty for it last gen. They complained that the graphics weren't improving but it probably would have resulted in lower fps.

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Great game but also a little disapointing considering what we were hoping we were going to get.

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I haven't had any problems finding games on pc, it seems extremely populated.

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Morrowind wasn't as big but was definitely the best. It was so densley packed with things to discover, and all the locations felt varied, something I can't say about current open worlds. Anyone with a pc should give the morrowind graphics overhaul a go, it makes the game much easier to get into.

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Yeah I can understand that, my shelf space is pretty low lol.

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I had to look it up on the psn app on my phone. Couldnt find it on ps4.

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Please remember that those who game on pc aren't necessarily pc elitists. The vocal minority just happens to be the loudest. Some of those master race people act like they are in a cult.

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Nope physical. Why wouldn't you save 20 dollars by buying physical? Just wondering.

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You can get blops 3 for 20 dollars at gamestop right now.

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It seems like you are using this review to justify it not being a good game, but then you disregard reviews as untrustworthy when errorist points out that most reviews have been positive.

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Why do they always list full price 3ds games in the ad like they are on sale?

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Hating on people never actually causes them to change their views. But people would rather put others down than engage in actual discussion. Its unproductive, but people tend to feel self-righteous in their assholery so it feeds into their ego.

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It's more acceptable to hate Christians for some reason.

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The site says there is a xbox one bundle for 130 dollars... but its just a 360 bundle. I was getting really excited for a minute there.

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Got stuck in an infinite reloading animation one time. Then an enemy walked around the corner.

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Sure I can say it ran better, on pc it released locked at 720p and 30fps and even then a lot of people had technical issues with it, we needed mods to fix it. Xbox One came so far afterwards it really isn't relevant to how most people experienced the game. AND EVEN ON THE XBONE, IN BLIGHTOWN THE FPS STILL HITS 15. The dragon boss is dumb, I can admit that, but having a player able to invade your game and be the boss is actually a pretty cool idea.

For the pvp, maybe th...

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