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Flawless rebuttal.

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I don't actually understand how some people struggle with these games so much. They are challenging but not absurdly hard like everyone says.

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I doubt that and I really don't want to see you try.

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The Vita promised AAA portable games on the go. Most games don't push the hardware at all, and could run on a ds. Sony really abandoned the Vita, people can make excuses all they want, but very little money is going to the Vita these days. The psp had much better support.

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I guess its time to sell my Vita. Unless there's something big for it announced in the coming days. But yeah, still really happy to see GR2 finally announced.

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Let me rephrase that, I meant to say witcher 1. Level design in open world games gets so bland and repetitive.

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I love the phantom pain, but I'm not a fan of the open world direction games have been going. I would take the design of witcher 2 over 3 personally.

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lol if you're gonna state that you disagree you might as well name the game that you think looks better.

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There sure are a lot of basement dweller accusations on n4g.

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r9 270x right here with an fx 6300. Going max settings 50+ frames, this game is really well optimized.

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More varied gameplay than any other game I've played in years. So many options to do so many things. It's amazing.

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Get a life.

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These best players can win in 1 vs 3 against most players. Is that impressive enough lol? Go watch the smash bros documentary. There are a bunch of people in here who understand nothing about competitive smash.

I doubt your buddy counts as one of those "so called best players in the world" btw haha.

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You have no idea the level of skill the top players have. You can't even be as good as them unless you play with them, your buddy would be completely inexperienced with the metagame at top level.

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Basically undefeated. EVO was the largest tournament to date, with 2000 participants, and not only did he not drop a single set, he did not drop a single game the entire tournament. It isn't debatable, he is the best in the world at smash 4 right now.

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Everyone thinks they are good until they go to a tournament. With melee especially, but with smash 4 as well.

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Hoping for a good deal on black friday, that will be my day to buy.

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Yeah wish Vinnie had beaten him. Amazing set, and I don't even really care for smash 4 much.

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