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Holy moly you have way too much free time.

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Pokemon go for best handheld game really? That game had no substance to it.

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I don't think this guy was making this comment out of hate, since he said he is glad it sold that much. Calm down fam.

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Also free on pc so yeah.

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Uhhhhh its already sold 5 million in one day...

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Performance was terrible on pc as well last time I played it, you needed a beast of a pc to run it with decent looking graphics, and the settings below high made it look like crap.

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Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy to me.

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Who the hell is asking for knack?

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I hope Ninty has some bombs to drop this January.

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Yeah they wouldn't delay just for japanese audio, since that could be patched in later anyways.

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Lmao how do you come to that conclusion after just one review

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Well Ni no kuni and Persona 4 Golden were released fairly recently and were extremely well recieved, just to name a couple of turn based jrpgs. I think the problem wasn't that they are outdated, in fact turn based jrpgs age better than most games, but that there were just so many of them on snes and ps1 that the market just got over saturated. They seem to be making a return now though, Im really looking forward to Persona 5.

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The Wii U had some great games but it was far from a fantastic console. I can't blame anyone for not buying one, and it doesn't make them sheep either.

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People buy this shiz in bulk so they can sell it off at a profit, really annoying.

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Slow news day huh?

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Hoping the rumor is wrong honestly. There are WAY better choices for crossovers lol.

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Am I the only one repulsed by the idea of a rabbids and mario crossover?

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Well if that mario game is releasing launch day we should be in good shape.

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Yeah but everyone hated call of duty for it last gen. They complained that the graphics weren't improving but it probably would have resulted in lower fps.

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