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I need Persona 5. 3 and 4 are two of the best jrpgs ever.

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Ign has reviewed many ps exclusives higher than the meta average, the old finger pointing for ign bias towards MS is pretty dumb at this point.

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Yeah if you are complaining about a lack of aim assist... &$^%@ please.

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The first screenshot they used actually isn't from mario 64, its from star road, a fan made sequel to mario 64 (almost as good as the original, highly recommended).

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No need to stoop to insults my friend. The sales just aren't that special.

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Yeah the pricing for ds and wii games got pretty absurd at times.

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I only played mgs 1 a few years ago and it is in my top 5, and 2 and 3 have aged really well. RE has aged worse, but that old style can still work well, look at the REmake.

But if you are suggesting the old RE or mgs games would not even make top 1000 games of all time... you need to get your head checked.

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Even if you looked at it based on pure quality I think a top 10 should still have mostly old games. There are so many old classics that are timeless, and some have formulas that haven't even really been improved on, like conker's bad fur day.

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Flawless rebuttal.

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I don't actually understand how some people struggle with these games so much. They are challenging but not absurdly hard like everyone says.

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I doubt that and I really don't want to see you try.

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The Vita promised AAA portable games on the go. Most games don't push the hardware at all, and could run on a ds. Sony really abandoned the Vita, people can make excuses all they want, but very little money is going to the Vita these days. The psp had much better support.

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I guess its time to sell my Vita. Unless there's something big for it announced in the coming days. But yeah, still really happy to see GR2 finally announced.

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Let me rephrase that, I meant to say witcher 1. Level design in open world games gets so bland and repetitive.

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I love the phantom pain, but I'm not a fan of the open world direction games have been going. I would take the design of witcher 2 over 3 personally.

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lol if you're gonna state that you disagree you might as well name the game that you think looks better.

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There sure are a lot of basement dweller accusations on n4g.

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r9 270x right here with an fx 6300. Going max settings 50+ frames, this game is really well optimized.

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