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My God. I admit I feel that a small part of my soul was damaged by the joining of two things that should never be brought together. #6
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Batman>>>>>> >Superman

But we do need a good Superman game. The man of steel has never had a good showing in the video game world. #2.3
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Nobody tries to speedrun on their first go. #1.2
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Really good ones aren't. #5.2.1
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Games like the elder scrolls are a lot better on pc. I'm playing through morrowind with the sound and graphics overhaul, great way to make an already amazing game hide it's age. There are some rts games on pc I really like as well. Never cared for mmos. I also like how you can choose what you want in terms of graphics and performence on pc.

But consoles get exclusives you just can't miss out on. In fact, most of my favorite games ever were console exclusives. I h... #1.2
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Demon's Souls, metal gear solid, mario 64, and persona 4. #9
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I'm not Christian, but most of Christianity is taught to show love and compassion to all others, even if they act in a way that is morally incorrect. Catholicism forbids the mistreatment of homesexuals for example, but you will have crazy extremists in any group.

If someone wants to follow a religion, let them. There is no need to refer to god as an imaginary being with superpowers. That's just condescending, unproductive, and it isn't really an argument. #8.2
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In America, if you're half white and half black, you're still considered black. Heck even if you're 25% black and 75% white you are still considered black.

So no... not like Obama. He is also only really Christian in name only, goes to church on christmas once a year as tradition, not that I would have a problem with that or anything.

Just don't know why you mention Obama. You just trying to say both sides of politics is intolerant? #2.1.2
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I have to admit, as offensive as it is I started laughing the second I saw the title. The existance of a game called "Kill the Faggot" was so retarded it was beyond my comprehension.

And LOL at the devs. It's like they're saying they made a game where you kill gay people to fight bigotry against gays or something lol. #4.1
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People can shout about anti-censorship all they want, but when it gets too offensive they will backtrack. Honestly, I don't think there is anything wrong with Valve pulling Hatred from steam. It is their choice to allow which games on their platform, it's perfectly within their rights, and they are exercising their rights here. They just didn't do it before because there was backlash.

The question is, at what point is there a line that is crossed where a game ceas... #1.1.1
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Peace Walker is my second favorite, but I like the story and characters better in the first one. Peace Walker is really underrated tho. #1.1.2
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LOL #9.2
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For real, how did that game end with him getting shot and that chick doing cpr on him screaming for help? Like, wtf? And it's been like 8 years since then. I want a freaking sequel where he wakes up in a hospital or something. Reminds me of half life 2 episode 2's ending. #5.1.1
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Still my second favorite game of all time, and my first time playing it was only a few years ago. #1.1
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Yeah a game like this would suck without a controller. #2.2
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Banjo Kazooie is the second best platformer ever made imo, right behind mario 64. #6.3
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I can see it now...

A zelda title set in the fallout universe with a return from all the characters and voice actors in the cdi games. Except link is now a girl... but with the same voice actor.

I would play it. #5.1.4
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That isn't what he meant... #2.2.1
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With any luck it will be skyrim but with better combat, story, characters, and side quests. #3.1
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I hate to admit it but I'm still mildly butthurt about the whole hayter ordeal. Still, i'll be getting the game day 1. I also played the crap out of peace walker, my second favorite mgs actually. #1.4
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