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I think most games that run at 1080p 60 fps on ps4 and xbox could be expected to be scaled down for switch at 720p and 30 fps, but you aren't going to see the witcher 3 on this thing anytime soon.

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Since pokemon and metroid prime 4 are on the horizon for year 2 I think it will continue to sell quite well.

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Dam want some fries with that salt?

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MVGeneral have to admit I actually laughed out loud after reading your comment

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I play on a high end gaming rig and I still think what you just said was retarded. How you could possibly think the game looks bad at 900p is beyond me lol.

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That would be the deciding factor for you??? Lol

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It honestly is

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Earlier than Skyrim, hope it isnt rushed.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the Dark Souls of the NES

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Was it the same reviewer tho?

Edit: ye it is

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Llama master race

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Money match me scrub

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I would agree that morrowind and oblivion are better at least, but skyrim is the most popular and highest rated.

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I mean once you have seen AC unity's faces, is anything really terrifying anymore?

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At first its funny how ludicrously imprecise the flight controls are, but the game starts to feel nauseating real fast. I'm ashamed to say I beat the game with a room mate in college. We did it for no other reason than to say we did, terrible decision, I still shudder when I looked at rings.

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It was fine after a few patches.

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That pun...

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Honestly I don't think that's an entirely accurate statement. The way the levels were nonlinear and could be completed in different orders were thrown away for the more linear form of galaxy, where the star was really just something that marked the end of a level, not something you had to really explore to discover. Idk, personally galaxy didn't do much for me like sunshine did, and I still prefer to go back to mario 64 over that.

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30 fps feels like crap on a mouse but honestly it isnt bad on console with a controller.

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N64 only had a couple of games worth getting on it? Gtfo

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