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I definitely recommend going back to 3 and 4 though, probably two of the most well-aged games ever made. They still feel brand new.

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I wouldn't say not knowing that means you have been living under a rock, that news hasn't exactly been any top headlines lol

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N64 games have generally aged better imo. Both consoles did different things better honestly, even in terms of graphics.

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What a year for games

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Third party support only matters that much if you only own that one console.

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If sony said something like this everybody on this site would be praising them tbh.

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Jet force gemini was the worst rare game on the n64 imo, still pretty good though. The games that jave aged the best are banjo and conker.

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I've often wondered about the effectiveness of these spambots. I guess there is always somebody out there who would fall for something like this.

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Twilight princess definitely deserved a 9 tho

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BRAKING NEWS who knows it might be ok. Have hope.

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4 actually felt pretty fresh and new, was the last really good one imo.

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He has really trashed the games and gaming in general in the past.

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If you dl the game off the internet its piracy tho.

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Framerate problems have been overblown from what I can tell.

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Thats true, nothing beats driving right up the side of a mountain at 100 mph.

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Big rigs tho?

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@ED the original comment was "amount of detail and interactivity this game has through its physics system"

The original word "detail" was directed at the physics system, I don't know if you guys read the original comment. I doubt he meant it was the most graphically detailed.

Why is there such a horizon vs zelda fanwar going on here? What is wrong with you people?

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Ants on a tree and evaporating puddles are cool but they dont affect gameplay.

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They are very backwards and I hate most of their practices. I do love their games unfortunately.

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@Acadius thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it

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