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Melee has mechanics and movement that just aren't in any other game. I'm not saying it's a better game, but it has an appeal that no other smash game quite has, for all of its flaws. I enjoy the other smash games and will be buying ultimate, but for me smash 4 isn't as fun as melee because you can't pull off the sick combos and movement options you can in melee. In my experience with the scene the idea of the stereotypical melee elitist is way overblown, I haven't real...

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It was a fun game but the story was atrocious and felt soulless. Lots of missed opportunities, the setting could have made for some interesting characters and conflicts but it never panned out. It doesn't hold a candle to 3.

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Chrono trigger hasn't aged a day. Most n64/ps1 games haven't aged well but there are exceptions.

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The different smash games all control and feel fairly different, the concept is the same though and we definitely didn't need that much e3 time.

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It's playable and enjoyable. Not perfect but it's still a fun game. There was a patch a while back that improved the resolution and framerate a bit, which made the visuals a bit easier to adjust to.

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Your comment history is funny

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Yooka laylee did not live up to the hype, or the original games

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As much as I loved the n64, it had very little third party support. Not really due to the hardware, but the cartridge format.

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The beta was pretty fun and 79 on metacritic isn't a bad score. Seems like it's definitely worth getting to play with friends.

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I never heard anyone say that the switch couldn't run skyrim. It might've been a surprise that it was released on switch, but it obviouly wasn't a difficult port. Fallout 4 or 76 would be a hard game to port, not saying it's impossible but I doubt it will happen.

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Same and between work, relationships, and other hobbies it's hard to find time to put into games that are that long. But if the demo really hooks me I will get it.

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Yeah but more will be made that I will want to play too. I wasn't saying that long games are a bad thing, but I can't really keep up with all the games I want to play.

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Lmao everyone is here jumping on me, I didn't mean the length was a bad thing, but I don't have enough time in my life to play all the rpgs I want to. If it's good enough I will definitely play through it. I'll definitely try the demo.

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80-100 hours?? That's a time commitment, there's too many rpgs to play.

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I don't see why it wouldn't have new single player modes, every release has.

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The physics and mechanics have been redone

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On mobile they might be but these kinds of games get price increases when they came to vita from what I remember. I'd rather have pubg mobile come to switch than anything tho.

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Better have a low price tag

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The switch version looks and runs well from what I've played of it.

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^wrong on both accounts. I do wish that ultimate was more different than 4 but let's not get crazy.

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