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It was really difficult to get into it because it looks so dated. It took me like 4 tries, but after I put about 5 hours into it, I was hooked. It really is an amazing game, if you can get past the graphics. The backgrounds do get more visually appealing as time goes on though.

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Nintendo always has weak sales compared to other platforms.

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Nobody should be surprised, dumbed down rpg mechanics are the trend. Just compare Morrowind to skyrim.

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Gobble gobble

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Who asked for this

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That's like saying The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers is a bad story because you won't understand what's going on if you don't read the first book. Some stories are just that complex, or are to be considered continuations of the work that came out before them and not standalone pieces of fiction.

"This is basic, writing 101 stuff. If it can't stand by itself, it can't stand at all."

Not at all, it depends on what the write...

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Some works of fiction that are very story/character driven would leave the reader/player/viewer confused if they jumped in the middle of the plot. Sometimes you just need to start from the beginning.

Notice he used the word "understood" in his comment.

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@ThePope wth are you saying? Halo has almost always been at the forefront of good graphics on console. Especially halo 1 and 2. Halo 4 was also one of the best lookimg games last gen.

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I actually had to laugh a bit during this video. The lack of effort for last gen was pretty funny.

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Skyrim was pretty bland compared to Oblivion and Morrowind imo, boring side quests and characters. Still, it was a really fun game with mods.

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We have reached a point where the size of the world is more important than what's in it. What good is a massive world if it's empty and all the locations feel copied and pasted from each other?

I feel like Morrowind did it best. Smaller world but really dense. Then again, I'm using the graphics overhaul. That probably helps.

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We take the lowest quality articles possible on n4g.

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What's in the map is way more important than the size. What use is a giant map if its mostly empty space?

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Lol I don't think those two attributes are worth the 250. All I'm saying is that indies should have never been the focus, exclusive games should have been, like they were at launch.

I don't own a ps4 yet so that feature doesnt mean much to me. Seems like something most people would rarely use tbh.

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Yeah its nice to pay 250 dollars for a system that plays games my 10 year old pc can run.

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33. Big Boss.

I play mgs too much.

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Dam tho i got rekt. I guess i just read it wrong lol. Personally I still think ign is more trustworthy than gamespot, just because that one guy got fired for scoring a game too low. If sites are getting paid off to give better scores you wouldnt see much of a difference from multiplats from mega companies like ubisoft.

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Nah brah

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Pretty sure you edited that shiz.

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I'm disapointed that sony gave up on the vita.

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