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...How is this news? Wtf. And you didn't even bother to check if it was in game time or not? It isn't by the way, it dies in a week. And other games get the same treatment, so why not mention them while you're at it?

Again, seems absurd that this warranted an article. You act like this is a new discovery or something.

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Turning down the graphical fidelity for splitscreen is not hard. Similar to how devs create a bunch of different levels of graphics to choose from in pc games. It isn't hard to develop at all.

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Haha what a jackass. For a grown man with all those responsibilities you are pretty immature lol.

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You can have splitscreen at 30 fps and sp at 60. I dont know why people ignore this, mario kart 8 did it.

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Love mercenary but I have to admit that metroid ds destroys it. Completely different games though.

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Honestly I think its easier to get scared in a video game. You feel more involved, its just that most games make you too powerful instead of helpless. Amnesia blows any movie out of the water fear wise.

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All that matters is that honest game trailers resides there.

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Slay his firstborn.

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It's true that he isn't "politically correct" and while that is admittedly refreshing, if you look past that, you would see that half of what comes out of his mouth is nonsense. He gives less specifics than most politicians, he gives no clear answers on what most of his plans really are, he just says I'm rich, I'm a business man, I get things done. He is complete rhetoric, just different rhetoric than what we are used to.

But to be honest, do we real...

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Definitely get the collection, even though uncharted isn't really my type of game, I still love them because they are just so incredibly well made with such endearing characters. They really have this naughty dog magic that you don't find in other games.

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Black Friday lookin like a good time to get a ps4. That's when I'll get one.

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You can reduce the fps just for multiplayer...

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Syphon Filter on psp was also awesome.

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Yep, indie games you can run on your 15 year laptop. Games that have been around for years. Yep! The Vita is kicking all right!


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Even going back to something like paper mario on n64 is easy on the eyes compared to realistic games like goldeneye. Gameplaywise too actually.

(Still love goldeneye tho)

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Brawl was still a great game but its true they purposely made it to not be competitive in a response to the melee scene.

Seriously though, why would you put tripping in there?

Still an incredibly fun party game tho.

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Pretty sure most brawl purists moved to smash 4, brawl tournaments are rare these days. I still believe melee and pm are the only games that really work well for the tournament scene, but there's no reason for people to hate on the game.

All the smash games are fun though, definitely worth buying a nintendo console for. How many games are there where 8 people can all play at the same time? Had a lot of games like that at college and it was awesome.


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Well in a war you have to deal with possible death, the pain of losing fellow soldiers, long term trauma coping, and the guilt of taking the lives of other human beings.

The consequences of a real relationship... possible rejection?

So... yeah. But for real, people let this eroge stuff satisfy sexual needs. Get in a real relationship. It's socially more healthy.

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I need Persona 5. 3 and 4 are two of the best jrpgs ever.

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Ign has reviewed many ps exclusives higher than the meta average, the old finger pointing for ign bias towards MS is pretty dumb at this point.

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