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He didn't want to sell his house, but absurdly low attendance when it was too late to back out forced him to.

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If he had even close to the attendees he had at the last one he would have been fine, but he didnt get half of what he got before. Like the article said, he made some bad decisions and once it became clear that things were going sour it was too late to back out. He could either cancel and lose 12000 or run it and lose 15000.

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There should not be a standard like that, you're saying that a different reviewer should give a game a lower score just to be consistent with an earlier reviewer? That's dumb af, he wouldn't even really be reviewing the game at that point.

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Only thing i have seen is the rabbids game for 30

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Yeah remember last gen when we had constant migraines from playing games in 720p? Hoo were those the days.

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None of em

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One of the highest rated rpgs ever now portable, it is p cool.

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Idk I've had a bunch of cats and they have all been real friendly. Never had a bad cat actually. Or dog either.

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I feel like the same person made two accounts and replied to himself. Both are sort of incomprehensible.

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I haven't played odyssey yet but botw lives up to the hype. One of the best games I have played.

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I enjoyed these comments

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I think pokemon and metroid will keep them well covered next year.

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No the question is whether they will buy them even with all the exclusive offerings.

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I think most games that run at 1080p 60 fps on ps4 and xbox could be expected to be scaled down for switch at 720p and 30 fps, but you aren't going to see the witcher 3 on this thing anytime soon.

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Since pokemon and metroid prime 4 are on the horizon for year 2 I think it will continue to sell quite well.

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Dam want some fries with that salt?

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MVGeneral have to admit I actually laughed out loud after reading your comment

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I play on a high end gaming rig and I still think what you just said was retarded. How you could possibly think the game looks bad at 900p is beyond me lol.

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That would be the deciding factor for you??? Lol

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It honestly is

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