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I miss flash sales

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Glad I'm not on there, whew.

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You probably never had any desire to buy one in the first place lol

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Damn wish I lived near you

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Hopefully there will be more new content

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I love playstation but man the penis measuring contests you guys do is so cringe.

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Idk why this article is excluding xenoblade chronicles 2 and fire emblem warriors, but then scrapes the bottom of the barrel for as many games as possible for ps4.

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Ye I know how it works lol

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I think with the design pf the switch there is no option for audio in, so it can't do it. Only hope is a revision lol.

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So it looks creative and fun? Lol

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Even though I have been convinced that a switch is going to be worth a purchase soon, I still find the online to be the most baffling retarded thing about the whole system. It sounds awful.

It probably won't bother me to have a cord plugged from my headset into my phone in my pocket, but it still seems like an unnecessary design decision. Its like Nintendo just has to be different.

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Nothing is worse than bubsy 3d.

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"PS4, Xbox One, OR PC"

"second system"

How do you have those agrees?

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I had to google this, was really confused at first lmao

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You mean the priest? Judging from the rosary he was holding in the trailer I'm assuming he is Catholic, and the Catholic Church assigns its priests to different parishes as needed. Not sure if it would be weird anyways.

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He sold that to a different company that started to make a witcher game but never finished it. Doesn't say how much red bought it for.

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@naruga lmao what

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The last decade or so.

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Call of duty fits the switch better than most third party games. Zombies on the go? And you can easily take the console to somebody's house for local multiplayer? I would buy it. Wii U mostly got old games also, if I remember correctly.

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