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There is no real proof that david was ever going to return as solid snake, and if he was david would probably have been informed of that, instead of being silently layed off from a role he held for almost 20 years.

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To be fair, if you worked with someone for nearly 20 years, doing some of the most highly praised voice work in your field, and then got layed off and replaced with someone else with no warning and no aknowledgement that you ever held that role, wouldn't you be butthurt too?

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The World is not enough on the n64? It was a really good game, basically a goldeneye sequel.

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I'm a competitive melee player myself but dude... lighten up.

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These games are still good, nostalgia or no nostalgia. They might not have aged as well as gen 2 but they have still aged pretty well.

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He said "story driven" so I'm pretty sure he just wants the industry to put a bit more focus on making shooters like metro or bioshock rather than all the multiplayer focus. The single player in shooters is often an after thought these days.

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It seems to me that the bending of the trees is a little too extreme to be realistic. Full grown trees wouldn't even be that flexible. But it isn't a big deal.

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Witcher 3 was great but the combat was meh, and the plot and moral choices really didn't compare to past witcher games.

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Look up amnesia. Best horror game ever made imo. These are the same devs.

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Still worth it. So worth it.

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Which ones were free exactly? I didn't see any for free.

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Not defending him.

Don't be a retard. Politics has nothing to do with this.

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Don't be a retard.

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It was a hell of a lot better than 2014. Mgs v, fallout 4, witcher 3, bloodborne, mario maker, halo 5, xenoblade chronicles x, arkham knight (minus pc version), and tomb raider to name a few off the top of my head. I think it was a great year, there were some disapointments, but only because there was so much hype. There was a lot of quality games released this year.

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Skyrim's quests were pretty boring compared to oblivion and morrowind.

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If there was voice chat in smash bros? Dang would we hear some salt.

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If you get angry from getting tbagged... well, sounds like a personal problem.

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Don't forget about platformers, Mario 64, Glover, Banjo, Conker, Crash, and Spyro to name some of the best.

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Plus was incredible when it first started. Especially on Vita actually, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and zero escape to name a few.

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