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I think plenty of westerners can get into an anime style, but less so when the character models are so absurdly proportioned. The characters in 2 also have a much more generic look to them compared to the original, or something like persona 5.

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Its going to be 1080p docked. Hurr just play salt and sanctuary on vita, I have never seen this many retarded comments on one n4g thread.

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The recent ones on console were 30 fps, but once the switch version is announced to be 30 fps its considered unplayable. Completely retarded, I play on pc mostly but 30 fps for a 3rd person game is fine.

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Its 1080p docked tho. 30 fps is fine for a 3rd person action game, and you dont know how blighttown will run.

30 fps is the only way to play dark souls now? Since when? Since the switch version was announced to be 30 fps??


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@wearelegion I carry my switch in my pocket a lot. Wouldnt want it there all day, but it aint that bad.

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I agree that there will probably be more players on ps4 and xbox, but I still don't understand what you think the problem will be. Other online games on switch have worked fine, its the console's social features that is the problem, which dark souls mostly ignores anyway.

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The main part of dark souls online is anonymous with in game items working to invade or do coop with random people, how would it not work on switch? The others didn't have voice chat or use the consoles online features really.

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I think most people have enough self control not to rage like a lunatic in public, wtf

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The original dropped from 30 a lot, blighttown was damn near unplayable. As long as the switch is consistent 30 is aight.

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Naw this is one of the best games I have played in a long time.

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I'm expecting Skyrim to sell better than most of the other third party games, it was on the top of the top downloaded list on eshop for a while.

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For me older games are hard to get into but once you adjust to the clunky controls you can still have a lot of fun with them, and a lot of them provide experiences that don't really get made anymore.

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Yeah I noticed how much faster it fell off the eshop charts, im curious as to how well skyrim has sold.

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My only complaint about zelda was that the four champions didnt get enough development. The end boss was also just a tad underwhelming. Other than that it was near perfect imo, I actually like how the weapon breaking made you think about when you wanted to use each weapon.

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This thing is the biggest reason that the switch had such a strong start, it would be a terrible decision to go multiplatform on such a big game with a new platform coming out.

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Pretty sure this has been said for years now.

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200 games bought at once? Jesus, thats not healthy. It would take several years to get through that, unless you just devote your life to them.

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What are your specs? And how much did that all cost 5 years ago?

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I find it hard to take a character seriously when they have boobs bigger than their head. To have a character designed so ridiculously just hurts serious plot delivery. Idk, I would just rather not have the character models so overblown to the point of absurdity if you want to deliver a meaningful story. Xenoblade just takes it a bit too far.

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