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The distant landscapes were nice but skyrim was kinda ugly even when it was released in some ways. All the elder scrolls games have been like that tho. I enjoyed Skyrim but its hard not to feel at least a little gipped when you compare it to the depth of the last two games.

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Yeah I wasn't being serious lol

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Shameless Super Mario Odyssey rip off smh

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Just cause something can be made doesn't mean it should, and steam doesn't have to allow it on their platform.

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Idk how the devs could think this is a good idea. Like, this is your game idea? Anybody should be able to see the backlash coming.

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64 still has a bunch of classics that hold up, many belong to rare though unfortunately

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I mostly play on pc and the switch offers more to me than the other consoles. Well theres several exclusives I like on ps4, xbox one doesn't have much for me.

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@showtimefolks to have a more powerful switch would be nice but then the console would cost more money. It would be boring if they just released another console like the ps4/xbone, the switch is a cool and convenient device to have. I had a problem with the specs of the wii u but with the switch it makes sense.

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Your comment history shows that you have an odd obsession with the switch. There are more productive things you could focus your passions on in life lol

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The witcher 3 lost a lot of what made the first two so great. It was a good game but the world felt repetitive, the art style felt like a step back from witcher 2, movement was kinda wonky, potion crafting was cumbersome, and choices weren't as important as the other games. And I didn't like how the ending could be changed from good and bad by seemingly trivial interactions with ciri. It had better sidequests than most open world games though, and the story was really good when the p...

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This was fun but broken and unbalanced as all hell

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I mean its nice that its coming, but a port of a 3ds game isnt huge news.

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The way the art style contrasted with the insanity that unfolded was better on the n64. The colors were just better. Reloaded was still good tho.

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Well its basically the same game at a higher res and one more character.

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Yeah I would consider a buy at 40 dollars.

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Labo is basically a kids thing and there's nothing wrong with that, idk how its gotten so much attention.

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Lmao I wish I had seen this before, just beautiful

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I remember chains of olympus blew me away when I first saw it, couldn't believe a handheld game could be that epic. Ghost of sparta was great too.

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This game did not look terrible by any stretch of the imagination, and it still looks fine now, what are you smoking?

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