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So it looks creative and fun? Lol

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Even though I have been convinced that a switch is going to be worth a purchase soon, I still find the online to be the most baffling retarded thing about the whole system. It sounds awful.

It probably won't bother me to have a cord plugged from my headset into my phone in my pocket, but it still seems like an unnecessary design decision. Its like Nintendo just has to be different.

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Nothing is worse than bubsy 3d.

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"PS4, Xbox One, OR PC"

"second system"

How do you have those agrees?

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I had to google this, was really confused at first lmao

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You mean the priest? Judging from the rosary he was holding in the trailer I'm assuming he is Catholic, and the Catholic Church assigns its priests to different parishes as needed. Not sure if it would be weird anyways.

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He sold that to a different company that started to make a witcher game but never finished it. Doesn't say how much red bought it for.

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@naruga lmao what

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The last decade or so.

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Call of duty fits the switch better than most third party games. Zombies on the go? And you can easily take the console to somebody's house for local multiplayer? I would buy it. Wii U mostly got old games also, if I remember correctly.

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People have been asking for the series to return to ww2 for a long time now, and we rarely get ww2 games these days so I actually might pick this one up.

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Don't cut yourself with that edge

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Voice chat is only for children? So adults dont have friends to play with online? WHAT???

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You owe it to yourself to play 3 and 4 tho, great games to go back to.

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It was a decent ad despite the cheesiness imo. Playing skyrim on a plane was the best part.

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Way to be an asshole about your opinion tho.

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I definitely recommend going back to 3 and 4 though, probably two of the most well-aged games ever made. They still feel brand new.

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I wouldn't say not knowing that means you have been living under a rock, that news hasn't exactly been any top headlines lol

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N64 games have generally aged better imo. Both consoles did different things better honestly, even in terms of graphics.

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