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The only reason I come to these articles is because everyone else is.

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Will this game have vehicles like the first one?

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I'm not sure how I would feel if whether some crazy dictator was going to take over my Country would be decided by a video game...

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Nevermind you're right.

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I thought Japan did get peacewalker but we got metal gear 1 and 2.

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This is not really that big of a deal, these fanboy wars shouldn't be going on because of this. Fanboys just want to find any excuse to attack other gamers. And this is coming from someone who loves his ps3 more than his xbox.

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I was bored with the beta at first but I staryed to get more interested while I played.

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Do you have to troll everywhere you go? This is a beloved franchise, and why don't you look up the review scores for the syphon filter games on psp. And honestly? You consider resistance and uncharted to be bad shooters? And Killzone 3 may have been less than spectacular, but it was still good. And killzone 2 was a great shooter. Yeah the last shooters sony have done have been "god awful" give me a break.

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That cliffhanger ending to logan's shadow drove me crazy.

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@best I hope you are joking. Especially considering that the online in bf has more variety and depth than cod. All you do in cod is run and gun.

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Where did that come from?

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Resistance should be on this list instead of killzone.

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Hopefully they could include some kind of extra mode in the game instead, perhaps some local co op missions?

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No need to troll. Seems like you were pretty offended. And you were saying the dualshock is the lesser contoller? Please.

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It may be worth it some years from now when it has better games and many of them at a cheaper price. But right now, no way.

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4 years. MW1 came out 4 years ago, 2007. MW3 will be the fifth cod in 4 years. Something seems wrong with that.

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The last time I turned on my Wii was to play a virtual console game, and that was a long time ago.

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How would it hurt Nintendo to make the european version available in the u.s? Can't cost them to much to just send some copies over here.

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This is a reason to blow the dust off my wii. This game looks phenomenal. Why won't they release it here? I wouldn't mind them just letting us have the British version, no changes needed.

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You have a point that cod would be a big seller on vita. It would appeal to plenty of people to have a console quality cod on the go. But by the way, I would expect a business student would have some better grammar. "I want be suprise" "has becoming". You wouldn't want to seem like a fool with no sense of grammar would you?

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