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I don't understand where this guy gets his money from. He said he has spent over a million dollars on games, has owned every game that has ever been made (not to mention multiple copies on most) and he just said he spent thousands of dollars paying for other people's accounts. He has a crapload of other stuff to, was he just born rich or something?

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Capelli says he is going for a last ditch effort to "destroy the tower." Nobody should be offended though.

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They better finally release pikmin 3 on it. I've been wanting that game since the pikmin 2 came out. Also, I'm really wondering about the price.

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You should take off those ms goggles, there are other AAA games like Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 this year. And please do not list dance central.

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Yeah it's tough to troll about a critically acclaimed game isn't it? Fail.

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Another example of how it's usually the fanboys who call others fanboys.

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^ What he said.

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Also Legend of Zelda, Smash bros, metroid prime, infamous, resistance, and others.

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I don't know about september, but they should have released it at least when Ocarina of Time came out. But you can tell Sony were taking notes when the 3ds came out.

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Vita isn't out yet. And it has a very good list of games coming.

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The problem is about the particular genre, this just doesn't work for RE. Its supposed to be tense, serious, and believable. It doesn't need dumb fan service like this.

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Well for one thing, it isn't that unbelievable that the main character is ripped, he would need to be to survive. Having an obese dude doing some of the stuff you do in video games would be laughable and unrealistic. Besides, being muscular helps in those situations, having boobs larger than your head would slow you down. That's just rediculous.

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How can you judge him like that? Not all of us here are rabid fanboys.

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@Evetssteve you got owned sir. And anyway, everyone I know who knows a good bit about ps3 exclusives buys a lot of them. Its just that a lot of people who aren't big on gaming won't know about it and will buy a more well known multiplat, like cod or Assasins Creed. They are the people who are not buying the exclusives, but they are not the ones bragging about them.

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People sue for dumb reasons these days. They spill coffee on themselves and blame whoever they bought it from. I saw a to go box which said "do not eat the to go box" on it once. WHY WOULD SOMEONE NEED TO BE TOLD THAT???

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I agree with you, he pull some crazy % out of nowhere. I was just pointing out that you used a statistic which was used for measuring the power of PCs for gamers, and not every pc user. But nevermind, there was no point for me to say anything, I don't even know why I wasted a bubble for that...

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That's for gamers, he said pcs owned, that does not include only gamers. Not saying he's right, just pointing that out.

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I would say that since it is a puzzle game, it doesn't require the precision of a mouse, so the console version was not too different from pc. I got it on ps3 for the local co op though.

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@TyrionL yeah you're right. This article is flame bait though, I hope it isn't true. I may not have been fully behind the wii, but I still like Nintendo and I hope they make a comeback.

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@sidar he started talking about it because other people were already talking about it. He didn't bring up Sony first, other people did. And Achtung, all fanboys are insecure, no need to only pin sony fanboys down.

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