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Most people found Killzone, Knack, and Driveclub to be pretty disappointing though. Not that great of a year for ps exclusives tbh, hoping bloodborne and Uncharted will change that next year. #7.4
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"They only give good reviews to the highest bidder and Sony don't play that game."

Most ps exclusives get great reviews from ign, look at tlou, nice try master trollzoner. #42.1
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Anyone else not feeling these ps4 bundles? I mean, GTA V and tlou are great games, but I already played them on ps3. I would like actual next gen games bundled with the system, was hoping for a bundle with Infamous SS or Mordor. #6
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I guess you meant mario rpg and not all stars, so I have to agree with those two choices. Persona 4 and smrpg were awesome, only other rpgs I might put in there is chrono trigger and ff7. #11.1
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Perfect Dark was good, I always felt like Goldeneye was more fun to play overall though.

Favorite shooters of all time: Goldeneye, Halo 2, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Bioshock. #10.1
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@Mayberry Dude... Killzone 2 had a pretty good story, and the original was ok, but 3 was awful, and none of them were amazing. I mean, in 2, Rico got a buddy killed, his best friend died, and he killed the enemy leader because he was an emotional child, screwing them all over. And then in Killzone 3, he acts like a carefree spirit while killing the helghast, showing no guilt or pain from the previous actions he committed and events he witnessed. Makes no damn sense, he acted like such a @#$%u... #1.2.5
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Dude... you are crazy if you think those were the only games worth playing on n64.

Basically it comes down to this: What sort of games did you prefer? The n64 and ps1 did different things better, not like the xbox and ps comparisons that are made today.

N64 had better local multiplayer games, First Person Shooters, action adventure games, and platformers (in my opinion, Crash and Spyro don't come close to Mario and Banjo).
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Uh, the only game you mentioned that was any good was infamous... Ps4s exclusives are pretty lacking right now tbh. Bloodborne and Uncharted should change that though.

I would say that the wii u definitely has the best exclusives at the moment. #1.3
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...You're going to buy and play a game that you know you don't like...

What??? #6.2.1
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Yeah except its just opinion. It's my favorite, from both a gameplay standpoint and world standpoint.

It had the most varied gameplay with the masks, and the depressing themes are some of the most memorable in the series.

And the side quests were so much better than other zelda games. The stories were interesting (and often depressing) but they also had great rewards at the end, usually a mask or at least a heart piece.

Personally, I love... #6.1
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What are your specs? #5.2
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I disagree, you gotta play the first. The gameplay was very different and somewhat flawed, but it was still deep and satisfying imo and the story and choices are excellent. A unique original game that everyone should try. #4.2.1
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isn't mediocre and average basically the same? In no way would I consider a 3 to be only "mediocre" a 3 is awful. #1.4.2
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Its not so much about settling, a lot of people say that there is no real difference between the two, and now we got devs saying 30 fps is better.

I mean, a consistent 30 fps is playable but cmon people, how can anyone say its the same or better than 60? #1.1.3
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Eh, Skyrim looked sort of dated the moment in came out. It looks great with mods, but even maxed on pc it doesn't look that great. #7.1
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Naughty Dog. #127
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A man shouldn't forget about bloodborne. #1.1
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"Well that's true, but if you were to single out the 2 genres that absolutely need 60fps, it would be racing games and fighting games."

Eh, dunno about racing. fps games have the most noticeable difference in framerate imo. #3.1.2
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To represent the n64 side, what about mario 64, banjo games, zelda games, goldeneye, perfect dark, mario kart, dk 64, smash bros, and conker?

Seems a shame to make a list of 90s games we grew up with without talking about local multiplayer, some of my fondest memories personally. #4.1.3
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Bunch of disagrees but nobody is actually making a counter argument. -_- #1.6.1
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