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The graphics look like ps1.

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Funny how 98 had the best agree/disagree ratio, I had second best, and hades had the worst.

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I thought since they were bothering to do a pc conference there was going to be something big. I was really hoping for half-life 3, but nope.

That would have made this e3 the best ever, considering it would be on top of shenmue, ff 7, Last Guardian, and everything else.

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If Uncharted and Zelda hadn't gotten delayed you would probably be right.

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My PC is ready.

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I admit I was really hoping for it at the pc games show.

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A few SMALL changes are fine, but they need to keep at least 80-90% of the story the same imo.

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Killzone 2 had critical acclaim.

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It's supposed to be on rails for certain parts. It's a star fox game.

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Only played it this last year for the first time, and I am insanely hyped, even without the nostalgia.

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I mean, Last Guardian, ff vii remake, and shenmue 3 in one conference? Holy crap.

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Good God, what an e3.

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And now Shenmue 3 got announced!!!

I'm foaming at the mouth right now!

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Looks interesting. Intriguing concept.

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Big rigs 2 confirmed.

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Not sold on it yet. Sure is gory.

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I would say it or morrowind or witcher 1 is the best wrpg I have played, but there are several jrpgs I would put over it, including Demon's Souls, which isn't a traditional jrpg. wrpgs and jrpgs are usually so different I don't like to compare them, though that may change with ff 15.

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Too much gaming news before e3, all the leaks and teasers means less suprises. I think I'll take a break from n4g until e3.

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The psp games actually had some great characterization to him imo.

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