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@ED the original comment was "amount of detail and interactivity this game has through its physics system"

The original word "detail" was directed at the physics system, I don't know if you guys read the original comment. I doubt he meant it was the most graphically detailed.

Why is there such a horizon vs zelda fanwar going on here? What is wrong with you people?

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Ants on a tree and evaporating puddles are cool but they dont affect gameplay.

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They are very backwards and I hate most of their practices. I do love their games unfortunately.

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@Acadius thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it

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When people are on the internet they need to ask themselves if they would say their comment to the person's face. If the answer is no, then it probably shouldn't be posted.

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Yea I think I know too tbh

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Horizon looks like an amazing game, but I do think the users on this site started hating on zelda just because it took some attention away from horizon.

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Not gonna argue whether this was worth an article or not, but this comparison doesnt even make sense. Like are you so emotionally dead that losing a pet is no more bothersome than being hungry?

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Pretty strong on this site, idk why.

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My dog just died suddenly last wednesday and I couldn't just run out and get another dog to replace her, it just wouldn't feel right. You have to get over losing one before you get another, and I will eventually, but not now. Going to work everyday has been so hard lately.

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Haven't seen any articles pointing out how storage paths work until this one, that you have to take out the sd card to dl to internal storage.

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If he just wanted to throw money at it he could have gotten an expensive pre-built pc. He built it so it could be something he and his son could do together.

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You said "laugh post" whatever that means

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You invalidated your entire post once you used a juvenile middle school term like "gaystation"

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I think the way it works as a console/handheld hybrid is pretty neat. And there are so many ways to play with the joy cons, they have motion controls biult in and each joy con is like its own controller, so right out of the box you can do splitscreen multiplayer with 2 people anywhere. The system has plenty of flaws but it is unique and I think will be worth a purchase soon.

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I am aware of the difference, not sure what your point is? I think the switch's ability to run a game that looks as good as rmx as well as it does shows that it is more than a slightly upgraded wii u.

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Fast rmx also maintains 60 fps for 4 player splitscreen, which is pretty impressive. It also keeps a steady 60 fps better than the wii u at a higher resolution with better lighting and particle effects so its probably a decent bit more powerful. I think the switch is probably closer to an xbox one than the wii u, people forget how many 900p 30fps games the xbone has.

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Tru i forgot that came out launch day

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Only other good game atm is fast rmx, not really what many would buy a switch for ofc.

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Most shooters are the same one game to the next honestly.

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