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We take the lowest quality articles possible on n4g.

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What's in the map is way more important than the size. What use is a giant map if its mostly empty space?

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Lol I don't think those two attributes are worth the 250. All I'm saying is that indies should have never been the focus, exclusive games should have been, like they were at launch.

I don't own a ps4 yet so that feature doesnt mean much to me. Seems like something most people would rarely use tbh.

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Yeah its nice to pay 250 dollars for a system that plays games my 10 year old pc can run.

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33. Big Boss.

I play mgs too much.

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Dam tho i got rekt. I guess i just read it wrong lol. Personally I still think ign is more trustworthy than gamespot, just because that one guy got fired for scoring a game too low. If sites are getting paid off to give better scores you wouldnt see much of a difference from multiplats from mega companies like ubisoft.

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Nah brah

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Pretty sure you edited that shiz.

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I'm disapointed that sony gave up on the vita.

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Ign can't be trusted on multiplats? How did you come to that conclusion?

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This trial has been there since the game's release btw, and isn't going away anytime soon.

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My main problem is the way this article is made rather than what it was about. He doesn't even bother to research about it, he just notices it on origin and makes an article about it like its a new discovery. The article had no effort in it at all. If he wanted to make an article about origin free game time and what it offers, that would be better than this. But I do agree with you that it is better than most garbage on here, not that that is saying much.

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...How is this news? Wtf. And you didn't even bother to check if it was in game time or not? It isn't by the way, it dies in a week. And other games get the same treatment, so why not mention them while you're at it?

Again, seems absurd that this warranted an article. You act like this is a new discovery or something.

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Turning down the graphical fidelity for splitscreen is not hard. Similar to how devs create a bunch of different levels of graphics to choose from in pc games. It isn't hard to develop at all.

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Haha what a jackass. For a grown man with all those responsibilities you are pretty immature lol.

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You can have splitscreen at 30 fps and sp at 60. I dont know why people ignore this, mario kart 8 did it.

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Love mercenary but I have to admit that metroid ds destroys it. Completely different games though.

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Honestly I think its easier to get scared in a video game. You feel more involved, its just that most games make you too powerful instead of helpless. Amnesia blows any movie out of the water fear wise.

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All that matters is that honest game trailers resides there.

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Slay his firstborn.

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