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Excellent rebuttal.

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Morrowind was dense. Skyrim was pretty empty by comparison.

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I mean Doom didn't even send out review copies until the day it was released, and it turned out great. Can't say anything for sure yet.

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"That's great. I was just saying that for me personally, I don't want quantity if I have to sacrifice quality. More games are good. Until that starts happening."

How are you having to sacrifice quality? You ignore this game and buy the ones that are good. Am I missing something?

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This comment is so dumb it actually made me cringe.

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And thats still on wii u.

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People wanted 1080p for when its on the tv, not when its being used as a portable.

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Knack definitely does not have better gameplay than mario.

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If you want melee hd with online there is always netplay at anthers ladder. Surprisingly easy to set up, as long as your pc is gud enough.

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Not really

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If you're not willing to spend 60 bones on an rpg, you probably aint willing to spend 60 on any game.

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Mario Maker is sick but it takes a long ass time to get all the creation tools.

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Plus 82 is not a "bad score" . And its wierd how the title calls it a bad score but the opening paragraph calls it an excellent game as shown by its 82. Wat.

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I can agree if someone clicks a link with an inflammatory title, but this is basically a lie. It isn't someone's fault if they click on a purposely misleading article.

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Nawaz10 thanks for sharing this garbage with us

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Nintendo switch is just an ipad confirmed

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It would be pathetic if the wii u doesn't get a single original zelda game. People have been waiting for this one game for years.

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Mario Kart is the main one i'm holding off on. Also waiting to see if xenoblade chronicles x and splatoon get announced for switch.

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Why would you beat the game in japanese if you can't understand what is going on. I feel like it would damage your experience once you play the english version.

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