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It's also within others right to critique art and even condemn said art. You can even say that something like that shouldn't be made, but that isn't the same as attempting to infringe on another's right to creative freedom by trying to prevent them from making what they want.

Just as it would be within your right to make something distasteful, it is within other's right to condemn it and say it shouldn't be made (different than saying it shouldn'...

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I feel like it doesn't make sense to love RE4 and hate RE5 when they play so similarly. I see why 4 is better but still...

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A superiority complex AND arrogance lol what a combination

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Yeah if people don't enjoy the same game as you they are probably just mentally challenged, that's a good assumption to make.

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After getting past the clunky controls and blocky visuals I was able to really enjoy this game, but it really is rough around the edges these days.

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It hit that user score only a few hours after it was out, they are troll reviews.

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Liberals lol

Anyone know when we can expect reviews?

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Goldeneye has many good qualities thar are rare to see in modern shooters. They were gonna do to goldeneye what they did to perfect dark with the remaster but it didnt work out due to legal reasons.

I and many other people would have bought it, so it would not be pointless.

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Blasphemy, none of us mortals are on the level of Terry Crews.

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Skyrim pales in comparison to Morrowind as an rpg. Boring side quests and lore, dumbed down rpg mechanics, it was a good game but barely an rpg.

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Glorious comment.

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That shit goes both ways. There is a massive amount of verbal abuse that is directed towards christians and conservatives that cant be ignored.

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"Its barely comparable to ps1 in terms of power."

Right, I remember those days, when the ps1 had games that looked like this.

"As soon as i found out luigis mansion was 3ds exclusive i sold my 3ds and all my games."

So since the 3ds has its own exclusive games you can...

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Cuphead sounds like the name of a serial killer.

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Yeah I built mine for 650 dollars a year and a half ago and I still dont have any real need to upgrade. Witcher 3 runs at 40 fps on high.

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Vote for John Garyson

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Some games are timeless tho

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Lol cmon now I play plenty of japanese games but an idol death competition? I mean if you want to see cute girls get brutally killed I guess this is the game for you, but... i sort of question the psychological well being of someone who wants to see that lol

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Eh, lets not kid ourselves. Vita flopped hard. Sony supported it the first couple of years but kicked it to the curb since it sold poorly. The Vita gets very few notable games these days.

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