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Origin is fine these days.

If anyone hasn't played bf3, its practically free right now. #1.2
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The specs won't mean much, as you can just grab anything off the internet. If you have eyes that work, you can tell the difference between 60 and 30 fps. Period. No if, ands, or buts. This idea that most people can't see the difference is false. Some people don't notice frame drops as well as others who are used to it, but if you put a 30 fps video and a 60 fps video side by side, you are lying if you say you can't tell a difference.

So let me ask you this. C... #12.2
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There is no way you can be a pc gamer and not be able to tell the difference between 30 fps and 60. Some of the comments here are retarded. #12.1
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I did that pokemon thing so much as a kid. Up on the dpad right as the pokeball comes out, then the A button right as the pokemon went in the ball. Hold both until its caught.

All my friends and I were convinced it worked when we were kids. Good times. #4
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Nothing on ps4 is a must play for me right now, but next year will change that with uncharted, bloodborne, witcher, and batman. Those are the main games that will make me buy a ps4 next year. #9
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Peace walker was my favorite gameplaywise, the co op, base biulding, and researchable gear was awesome. Mgs4 had the worst gameplay imo, too many turret and action sequences. #2.1.1
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Add xenoblade chronicles x and star fox, then its perfect imo.

2015 is looking good. #2.1
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Persona 5 is coming. #1.1.1
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It was a good game in its own right... but not really a star fox game. So it has mixed opinions. #2.1
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Yeah but they were quiet on it for quite a while, regarding the gamecube adapter. Why did it take so long to get a response? In fact, NOA still hasn't made any official comment on it. #1.2.3
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...What? #1.2.1
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All the game needs is crash bandicoot for a sequel... wat? That would be dlc, not a whole other 60 dollar game.

And while the gameplay was fun, it was far from perfect. Kill confirms ruined the balance of all stars. The balance seemed good at first, until people realized just how easy it was to exploit certain characters. #11.1
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It was already out of stock nationwide before black friday, which is when most people probably waited to buy a wii u. Also, since there still massive demand everywhere, there is still a reason to make more and sell more. ALSO, you honestly think nobody will buy a wii u for smash after the new year? You think smash won't still be selling in the next six months? You think everyone is a day one buyer? A good bit of people probably still plan to buy a wii u later down the line, and smash is o... #5.3.1
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@Metallox I just can't get used to the new controller for smash, I have been using a gamecube controller since melee, it's too hard to switch. And even then, the cube controller is just perfect for smash imo. I plan on entering tournaments for smash 4 and I really want to play in those using a gamecube controller. #5.1.2
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Thats what we all want it for. I need it for 8 player smash bros, and i cant play smash competitively without a gamecube controller. #5.1
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I've always hated how some people play smash by just shielding, then grabbing out of shield. Or in the new one, by rolling from one end to the other and spamming projectiles. Rolling needs to be slower I think... Or more punishable somehow. #1.1.1
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Hope Paper Mario can be restored to it's former glory. The first two games were awesome. #4.3
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@Total and Neckbear

I can't really make any definitive comments on smash 4 yet, it's too early. It could be that some exploits will be discovered later on that make some characters way more powerful than others, so nobody can really say how balanced it is in these early stages. But melee, compared to Brawl at least, is pretty balanced.

@TotalSynthesis What about Peach, Dr. Mario, Captain Falcon, and Samus? Those are also considered fairly high tiere... #1.3.3
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The South? I'm from Georgia, but I'm not really sure where these guys are from. There accents are sort of annoying... But I don't really hear any southern draw. #2.2.1
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Melee is the best smash game to play competitively hands down. Way more skill based than the others. Its also the most balanced, no idea how you can think its broken. #1.3
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