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That shit goes both ways. There is a massive amount of verbal abuse that is directed towards christians and conservatives that cant be ignored.

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"Its barely comparable to ps1 in terms of power."

Right, I remember those days, when the ps1 had games that looked like this.

"As soon as i found out luigis mansion was 3ds exclusive i sold my 3ds and all my games."

So since the 3ds has its own exclusive games you can...

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Cuphead sounds like the name of a serial killer.

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Yeah I built mine for 650 dollars a year and a half ago and I still dont have any real need to upgrade. Witcher 3 runs at 40 fps on high.

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Vote for John Garyson

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Some games are timeless tho

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Lol cmon now I play plenty of japanese games but an idol death competition? I mean if you want to see cute girls get brutally killed I guess this is the game for you, but... i sort of question the psychological well being of someone who wants to see that lol

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Eh, lets not kid ourselves. Vita flopped hard. Sony supported it the first couple of years but kicked it to the curb since it sold poorly. The Vita gets very few notable games these days.

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"Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 is more my kind of game."

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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The huge difference in fps from such a small effect makes it unoptimized. Doesn't matter if a beastly card can run it.

"Face it: the RX 480 simply can't hack it when it comes to AAA games."


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Remember how last gen an hd collection would be released with three games for a price under 60 dollars? Good times. Now we pay full price for one old game.

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Vanilla Skyrim looked dated on release tbh, other than the scale and size of the world, it never looked that good unmodded.

Morrowing with the sound and graphics overhaul is the best TES experience.

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Dear God no.

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I don't know lol. I honestly really like the Vita, but its the truth at this point. I would have loved a TES on Vita, or if the canceled oblivion game got picked up for it.

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...How in the hell do you get "feminized" from that trailer lol

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It would pretty much have to be remade from the ground up. Might as well make a new tes at that point.

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Morrowind overhaul is awesome

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If Sony had started the Vita with Monster Hunter and call of duty it could have been much different. Cod declassified was a cash in, a 5 month dev cycle to make a terrible game. That one game helped kill the vita.

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