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I mean a game that stays true to the original design more, not the cod skin remake. Really just the same game with updated controls and graphics.

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Nah its clunky but there are several things it does that sets it apart from other shooters. I would love a remake.

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It made me sad how dark souls got so well known but demons souls before it was mostly ignored.

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You wouldn't expect this big of a difference from portable mode and docked.

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Naw taking skyrim everywhere is dope

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How are people disagreeing with you???

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Why are you getting mostly agrees wtf

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I haven't run into a problem with battery life yet

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Actually im not condemning at all. I just think its weird to praise them for no loot boxes when what they are doing is pretty questionable.

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No I'm condemning both. I'll be getting skyrim on switch when it drops in price, but both should release at lower than 60 dollars. Obviosly im not saying its ok to release it on switch at 60 but not psvr.

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60 dollars for a six year old game shouldn't really be praised honestly. Ill be getting the game on switch eventually, but releasing this at full price is just unreasonable.

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This is as good as it will get for switch deals

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My problem with nintendo is that their first party games take forever to drop in price, but that doesn't compare to EA's cancer.

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Breath of the wild's towers function more as viewpoints to see the surrounding area, and a way to fly to nearby locations by gliding, instead of just putting locations of stuff on your map. The towers in zelda just meshes with the world more than most other games, and visually they are pretty cool to see in the distance jutting into the sky.

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Any game that runs at 1080p 60fps on ps4 and xbone could probably run at 720p 30fps on switch, but i dont think there will be a whole lot of games like that. Most games wont be able to get ported.

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Killzone mercenary worked really well on a smaller screen and lower resolution than this.

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Ram isn't as important as cpu and gpu, the one is definitely a good bit stronger than the switch.

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It was a major tourney at the last one.

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He didn't want to sell his house, but absurdly low attendance when it was too late to back out forced him to.

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If he had even close to the attendees he had at the last one he would have been fine, but he didnt get half of what he got before. Like the article said, he made some bad decisions and once it became clear that things were going sour it was too late to back out. He could either cancel and lose 12000 or run it and lose 15000.

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