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Honestly I don't think that's an entirely accurate statement. The way the levels were nonlinear and could be completed in different orders were thrown away for the more linear form of galaxy, where the star was really just something that marked the end of a level, not something you had to really explore to discover. Idk, personally galaxy didn't do much for me like sunshine did, and I still prefer to go back to mario 64 over that.

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30 fps feels like crap on a mouse but honestly it isnt bad on console with a controller.

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N64 only had a couple of games worth getting on it? Gtfo

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Mario kart 8 deluxe
Splatoon 2
Breath of the Wild
Xenoblade chronicles 2
Mario Odyssey
Mario rabbids

All those exclusives in the first year plus others I missed, games like skyrim and doom, the eventual metroid and pokemon, there are tons of reasons to get a switch.

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Yeah you might be right but ill take what I can get.

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I still want to hear about smt 5 on switch

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Doom is coming out this year, not in 2018. Wolfenstein will come out next year.

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Looks pretty good and I am happy the switch is getting some current games. It might be fun to play mp with people on the go.

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Idk looking at 2 I think it will be a good game but not on the same level as the first. The character design doesn't have quite the same appeal.

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Mario rpg with the worlds and characters from that game? Like a legit sequel? That would be dope.

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Yeah I really didn't expect an upcoming game on that level to be announced, pretty dope.

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No need to be that pc about a video game lol

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Pretfy reasonable question, funny how everyone gets triggered by the word inferior. I'm wondering the same thing, but it will still probably look good enough to be worth owning.

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This is already coming out?

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It's still an enjoyable game to be sure. It has some ehh design decisions here and there, but you would have to be off your rocker to argue that it is a very bad game.

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"Mario's sole GameCube outing is, as much it pains me to say it, a very bad game."


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Where's my n64 mini

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Example pls

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Galaxy 1 and 2 were too linear imo I preferred sunshine and 64

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