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Looks great for a psp game tho. Even comparable to vanilla oblivion.

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It would have been awesome if this had been picked up again and finished on vita. The vita had so much potential.

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To be fair, this game was being made in 2007, the sales in the u.s started picking up later if I remember correctly

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They increased the fps in other hd collections like metal gear solid. It isn't near as difficult to change as you are making it out to be. Modders will make this game 60 fps after it is released, just like they did with dark souls.

This is a game where the fps doesnt matter too much tho.

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TLOU > Uncharted imo.

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Use dirty magazines to distract the enemy and hide in cardboard boxes. Classic military tactics.

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Uhh, that shouldn't be happening.

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I honestly urge anyone who sees this to sign the petition. Leffen is an extremely important part of melee.

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You're both idiots

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Rom was legit kinda hard imo. So was the dragon god from demons souls, you had to do some trial and error to figure out where he was going to swing, you had to die at least a few times.

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No offense but that's pretty absurd.

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Some of the pre rendered backgrounds look good, but some look like an ugly blurry mess. There are parts of oot's art style still shines through, ganon's castle still looks epic for example. Both are a mixed bag to go back to. I feel like I can say this without bias or nostalgia tbh, I only played both a couple of years ago for the first time. Ff vii was harder for me to get used to at first, but oot needed a lot of eye adjustment too. Both were really worth going back to though.

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Final fantasy isn't even turn based anymore and is going open world. Most people's problem with the games these days is that they aren't like the old ones, and you're saying the new games are basically the same as the old?

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To be fair, I think ff vii is just as hard, if not harder to go back to graphics wise.

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It seems pretty obvious to me that there would have been a new VA for solid. He would not have the jap VA do both roles either.

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I'm not knocking kojima for switching voice actors, its well within his right to do that. But I think when you hold a role for two decades, you can expect some sort of notification that they won't need you for the role anymore, as a gesture of respect. At the very least, thats mostly what Hayter complained about when it happened. Admittedly I don't know much about the VA industry but that's just what I would have expected. I can accept I might be wrong though.


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There is no real proof that david was ever going to return as solid snake, and if he was david would probably have been informed of that, instead of being silently layed off from a role he held for almost 20 years.

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To be fair, if you worked with someone for nearly 20 years, doing some of the most highly praised voice work in your field, and then got layed off and replaced with someone else with no warning and no aknowledgement that you ever held that role, wouldn't you be butthurt too?

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