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You just earned a bubble, detective #6.1.1
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Organizers and marketers try to make it as if VGA is "the ultimate show by gamers for gamers". Which is completely false. We, the hardcore gamer, do not give a rat's ass about the black eyed peas or mister muscle or whoever those so called superstars are. We, the gamers, ask to see gaming icons. Give us Kevin Butler, game actors, game musicians. If you want to perfom music on stage, bring some game artists such as Final Fantasy orchestra for example, and not some shitty rap. But... #5
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If Sony gave us virtual money (even a few cents) for each earned trophy, this dude would be a billionaire #2
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Quantic Dream horror game. #15
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Sigh..another shooter..more zombies :/ #4
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Guess that's what happens when a firm sets revenue-making/money-saving with a FREE network service above security. #6
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Microsoft is behind it
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Kratos: "The monster you created has returned... to kill you! "

-From God of War I to Ares #2
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This is funny..
Seems like these hackers did not quite understand the principle of 'Achievements' . It truly isn't complicated to understand: simply look that term up in a dictionary. Who are they trying to impress with this hack? #9
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Some moar
The new Dante is..

Or is the new Dante..

'Son, i am disappoint'
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Images submitted by ppl after reactions to Dante's new look

Twilight May Cry

Tameem Antionades, Creative director of Ninja Theory on the right
http://lh6.... #8
Was expecting a real HD port. #2.1.1
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Am i only one finding the graphics...
...Ugly ? Low quality HD ? Certainly doesn't look as beautiful as i would have imagined #2
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It is only a matter of time before...
'Watch a PSP jailbreak the PS3' story erupts.

This is absolutely pathetic..wonder how sony will respond. #5
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Bubbles #5.2
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That was um...fast
lolwut already o_O? Have yet to complete the first one.. #1
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@ DJ
Cheating? First and foremost, Sony should severely punish all those malicious gamers abusing the system such as those who have ridiculously hacked MW2 on multiple occasions. Second, Saves are generally linked to your PSN ID; therefore -for the vast majority of games- swapping saves disable the ability to earn trophies.

Cloud saving would be a solution, but until its introduction, we'll keep on losing our progress. #6.1.2
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Trophies have mostly ruined game Saves with..
With the introduction of annoying copy protected saves. Trophies are now disabling the player to back up his very own save files..What happens if my PS3 system fails tonight? I'll have to restart the game from scratch.

Few examples of save-locked games:

Bomberman Ultra
Dante's Inferno
Demon's Souls
Heavy Rain
Killzone 2
Namco Museum Essentials
Street Fighter IV #6
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