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Hell, I want my Dreamcast BC NOW! WTF, Sony? :)

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I think we'll see some BC added at some point. Add that to the price drop and it might be the last incentive needed for PS2 owners to finally upgrade.

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Taking ALLLLLLL bets!

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Probably to replace the current 160GB model. $399?

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*Grabs popcorn and a Mountain Dew*

Now the console war begins in earnest.

And the GAMERS win!

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Initially, most people were more interested in it because it was the first 360 to feature HDMI. The black color and large HD were also bonuses.

Those were the factors that drew me to it when I was looking to replace (another) defective Pro...those, and the fact that the Elites were supposed to be more reliable. (So far so good: Almost two years and going strong).

As for the HDMI cable...the one that comes with the Elite isn't bad, but it's nothing special. I replaced...

3140d ago 0 agree1 disagreeView comment just get them cheap online. Monoprice, Amazon, eBay, etc. $5-10 or less.

Just be careful...from personal experience, some of the ones that are dirt cheap online are cheap for a reason...they're crap. Look at user reviews and do a little research before buying.

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Briefly, in college. I got into a very exclusive school, and made sure to put my studies first.

During my senior year, someone sold me a Super NES and a PS1 plus about 40 games and extra controllers for $100...and I was back. And my GPA didn't drop one bit. (Why? I made sure my roommate kept them locked up until the weekend).

Shortly after college, I dove into PC games for a while, then bought my Xbox...and I've never looked back.

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I bought MS points just for this, in anticipation of what looked like greatness.

Looks like I made a good choice.

And I will get Serious Sam HD when it comes out...which will make the THIRD time I've bought the game (PC, Xbox, XBLA).

GREAT time for XBLA games. Money well spent.

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And Psychonauts! Well, that game didn't sell well, so obviously it sucked. Madworld, too. And Zack and Wiki, as well. Sales dictate quality, of course. :)

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Worldwide numbers for the PS2. If I remember correctly, 50 mil represents lifetime sales just in North America.

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Is this article an epic fail? I think so.

It's a major franchise with instant name will sell millions even with the PS3 having a smaller install base than the PS2.

Sorry, but he's wrong. Uncharted sold millions in spite of the then-lower PS3 install base. GoW will be no different.

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Earthworm Jim!

Toejam and Earl!


ALL OF THE ABOVE! *drools*

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You'll need to turn the doll over to see where GTA touched me... *sob*


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1. Wow Nintendo! Even with the drop in Wii sales, they still dominated software sales. Amazing numbers for Wii Sports Resort, considering it launched July 27th. VERY impressive for just a few days.

2. 360 only 50K behind the Wii? Really? That's both a sign of the 360's sales stability this year and the decline of the Wii from last year's numbers. 360 keeps it up, slow and steady.

3. NCAA Football did well, as always. I expect Madden to top the charts next month.

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Congrats to Bungie for all of their hard work and success. Ten million is a VERY impressive number.

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Promoting a game with a mass murderer?

I guess Charles Manson was busy.

Seriously bad taste.

And there are far superior quotes about revolution that came from more savory individuals than Che.

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The appeal of the Elite lies not in the cruddy HDMI cable (which I replaced with a far superior Rocketfish cable), but in the expanded HD (great for game installations)...

...and that oh-so-sexy matte black finish. Smoooooooth. :)

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HELL of a deal. Dead Rising alone is worth the cost.

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...Brutal Legend and Dragon Age: Origins...?

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