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Da fuck is that post??
There´s tons of better looking games coming out and already out... better than Uc2 or Kz3.

Uncharted 3 for example , Gears of War 3 , Forza MotorSport 4 or RaGe. I think God of War 3 looks better than Uc2 and Kz3 too.

But lets be honest if you played Crysis 1 on Pc with Mods you know where the gem is, Battelfield 3 , Crysis 1 , Witcher 2 , Crysis 2 , RaGe and some other Pc tittles when played on Extreme setting put Consoles to shame.

But... #10
The kid will be rich by 18
Damn, most people by then are finishing high school...

:o #6
Gears 3 , Uncharted 3 , Kingdoms
Those 3 will win the best graphics unless Wii 2 is Next Gen ofc.

Edit : i forgot Forza 4 and new God of War. Maybe Crysis 3 ? #6
NGP This year.
Wii 2 Next and Xbox 3 in 2013... Followed by Ps4 in 2014.

Seems about right. #3
This and GTA Vice City and San Andreas would make me happiest man in the world.

And if they can put them also on Xbox 360. #19
Best looking game of the year
Maybe this gen. i dont believe Uncharted 3 will be much different from 2... 2 years development is too short, Gears 3 has been made for 3 years... no Way ND is gonna catch Epic on this one.

If this is not the best looking game of the year than it will be another Xbox exclusive... im taking Kingdoms or Forza 4. #54
100% sure! #6
Xbox 360 is too strong in the last 3 months of the year
it will once again destroy Ps3 in October , November and December because of the American Market and ofc Halo , Cod and Gears.

So i expect the gap to decrease till september and then going back to 4.5-5M again. #3
Its not Kinect only!
its hybrid game! Cant wait those guys are pretty damn good team, they are working with Microsoft, not sure if are inside MGS family. #17
lol , Microsoft is now making bilions with Xbox
Sony is losing Bilions with PlayStation.

How thigs have changed... i predict that Xbox 3 will be the only future proof console in the market and Sony will be after Wii audience, will have great graphics but wont match Xbox 3. #7
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Xbox 360 SW numbers in US are massive
According to NPD MS sold over 300M already Games over the U.S since 2005 when Xbox launched.

So they must be well over 550M WW.

Anyway, GREAT numbers for Ps3 can only be good. to bad sony is bleeding money and need to do something fast. 3.2B loss is way too much and now the PSN fiasco aint help. #9
Microsoft said that
but probably sell in ? #2
You cant beat them
Buy them.

Microsoft slogan. #1
Discs are not problem to mostly gamers
110 milions peoples bought Ps1 and tons of games were multi discs... people kept buying ps1 back in 90s even thought then knew many games were multi disc like the classics as FF or MGS.

Peace and buy this game its awesome. #6
i hate the console wars but
this gen will be known as the greatest of all time because of the fanboys fights... it has never been like this before. Playstation and Xbox have defined games and gamers. #50
isnt a gaming studio?
didnt know those guys #2
God damn
Milions of people will see this! But what about the American Blow out ? i mean this is for EU. #8
360 gamers on America
Buy alot of things... i remember being at NY and seeing kids buying Master Chief figures... #3
Mp 4/10?? Damn u are too generous
Mp : 1/10 #6
Hope for 800 points
and not 1600. #7
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