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I think both the Xbox and the Ps4 should be backwards compatible

Its a nice way for these companies to show their support for people who have bought their games for a long time

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Why would a lack of backwards compatibility equal more exclusives?

That doesn't have anything to do with exclusives!

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Why is this article littered with criticism?

Why can we not simply appreciate the positives that this console brought to gaming?

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Yes my comment is a response to him remarking that the Xbox 360 charged 40 dollars a year for online.

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Why was Pumpers comment flagged for spam but not Finns?


Regardless I expect to continue to see both consoles for a long while yet.

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The funny thing is that Sony is charging for online now and no one seems to give a damn.

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It translates to Xbox killed RPGs because they hate the Xbox and when you hate the Xbox then Xbox killed everything.

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I think Anita Sarkeesian deserves props for being able to harvest so much salty tears from gamers like you.

Speaking of bias. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

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It's Dynasty Warriors with the Zelda IP. Surely, no one expected a legitimate Zelda experience?

The moment I heard Nintendo wasn't making it is the moment I completely lost interest.

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I think you people are just nitpicking. Even if they were all core gamers you'd still find another excuse to invalidate the female gamer.

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This is nothing new. The information that 50% of gamers are girls has been around for a while if anyone actually bothered to acknowledge it.

It'd be nice if women got more respect in video games. Surely I'm not the only guy that is tired of all these female characters that completely lack personality and are only really there as male eye-candy.

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Of course they MUST be casual! They couldn't possibly be core gamers like us! It takes testosterone to be a core gamer..

Stay classy N4G

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Gee. It's like regular football then?

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That's because you only watch the men play. There are plenty of female football players.

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No, YOU don't care! Maybe the women care. Women make up about 50% of the gaming user base.

They're entitled to make demands regardless of what selfish people like you think.

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Nah they brought the GTA IV back.

The ''fun'' switched franchise. It's called Saints Row now.

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Who said it was bad? ?

Someone's projecting!

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I'd say you're better off. You won't be left disappointed when you realize it's not all its cracked up to be.

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Respect to this reviewer. I hope he counts for Metacritic.

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And then people ask why I am not some anti-pirate crusader.

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