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At least the 'head start' starts soon (<6 hours from now).

The Open Beta was quite fun but lacking a few things. Already got plans for my first character there ;)

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So... this is cheaper than a top end iPad?

An Alienware gaming machine... cheaper than an over sized iPod.

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If it's for school, then you may want to stick with a laptop with an actual keyboard?

Typing x thousand word essays with a touch screen isn't easy ;)

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I'm more worried about when a Pokemon MMO hits Asia ;)

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Yeah, only problem is that it's been tried before. There was a Star Wars MMO (that wasn't that great and had one of the worst updates in history). That said, the new game is looking good, made by a good developer but I don't think it's going to beat WoW.

A PC only MMO is going to have problems attracting an audience that WoW hasn't already.

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But I don't think it will be beaten by those that seek to copy it.

Only way I think it will be beaten is by a next gen (PS4/Xbox720 + PC) based MMO. Possibly based on the GTA universe or other popular franchise. IF the next gen of consoles can run a subscription based MMO sucessfully, one that's designed to work within the confines of a controller, then I think there's a chance.

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Over $100m per month...

...and pc gaming is dying apparently ;)

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Yeah, the game is lacking a lot in content right now and I think it shows.

The Klingons more than anyone but the game could do with another 6 months development time honestly.

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Maybe missing Counter Strike, Crysis, BF2 or TF2. Depends on what style of FPS games you like.

But adding one of them would mean taking away another and I like all those top 10 ;)

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Irrelevant for this generation since there's not much MS can do about it now for the 360. It has it. PS3 has Blu-Ray.

Next generation... MS has 2 options. Follow Sony and go Blu-Ray or follow PC and have large hard drives and installation of games. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Can market it as a HD media center if it has blu-ray -or- can make lots of money selling large (Terrabyte) hard drives. If MS make more money on games comming with 2 or 3 DVDs then don't be...

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Nice spec but hugely overpriced for what they are. The $5k model especially.

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PC/console review scores aren't really comparable.

PC looks better (potentially) in all multi-plat games but often gets the same scores.

MW2 for the PC looked better than the consoles but got a lower score because of the same multiplayer ;)

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@1080p with an i7 920 and 2x 4890's, you can run every single PC game flat out with 4xAA ;)

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Yeah. If the Xbox runs it at 720p, who on the PC plays at 720p? Since there's thousands of variations of PC settings for this game, why not show a few screens from min to max? Low res all the way up to 2500x1600?

This does look like an Xbox first, PC second game design but I think that's understandable since Bioware's DA:O was a PC first, Xbox/PS3 second design.

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Newegg is always touted as the best (or one of the best) places to get components for Americans.

Anyone suggest the best UK based shop/website for components? Amazon? Maplins? Etc?

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Why does your comment sound like the start of 'Trainspotting'? ;)


I'm going to say... you're welcome.

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Over 20m this gen?

Maxis - Sims series.
Blizzard you've already mentioned.
Not sure about other console sales since I'm mostly a PC gamer...

Though if you're including games as part of hardware sales, Solitaire, Minesweeper and Hearts probably have sales in the billions by now? ;)

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They're excluding PC games from that list (says in the article).

Kind of limits the need for acceptance ;)

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Now may be the time to tell you that you're adopted, son... ;)

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This... next few months.

Diablo III... when it's ready.

The other parts of this game... not anytime soon I imagine.

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