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They are too greedy to do that

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Awesome title cos they are dumb that's why

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The only games that are 1080p 60FPS are nes games from the virtual console

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LOL Wii U never gonna do 1440p that maybe will be somewhere 720p

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My Impressions PS1 game on HD

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LOL with this he saying we are the best what a SB

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are really big morons to write such article how Nintendo can win against Sony who gonna show PS4 plus ton of games and Microsoft who gonna show next X Box tell me

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Don't believe that games is not stupid Mario who sucking money oh sorry i mean Nintendo sucking money from Mario games

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i ma sure that their E3 will be like E3 2011 and 2012 with other words their E3 will be the same only talking nonsense and will show may be little from their trash Mario again and all Nintendo blind fools will be Nintendo are the best LOSERS

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I am sure that this game will sucks

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I am agreed with you especially for Mario but look if Mario die will die and stupid Nintendo cos their company live cos of Mario they are too stupid

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This is all fake BS

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Yes they care only for Mario and Zelda

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You think this is realistic you're really Blind fools then there is nothing realistic in that now i'll show you what means realistic

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On this site posts only bullshits

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I wonder way they wasting the power of next generation with games like Watch Dogs and AC4 if that game is current generation

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I don't know why i coming on this site here posting only trash and bullshits

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Nintendo making profits cos they washing brains with their Mario and after that their blind fans Nintendo had invent this Nintendo had invent that and that they are innovate they only copies but perhaps are too stupid cos when they copy never succeed again if is not their Mario who washing the brains of their Blind fanboys they are dead

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Actually only PC fanboys not believe that this running on PS4 i am 100% sure

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My fav comment the stupid Nintendo fanboys again Disagree cos can't accept the true

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