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Each “step” in a jaggy alias line equals one vertical pixel at the images native resolution. Depending on the amount of steps in the jagged line, (16 for example), that would mean in the native rendering there is a 16 pixel height difference between step 1 and 16. In this example there are 16 steps in the jagged line. This means in the native rendering, there is a 16 pixel height difference between step 1, and step 16. But upscaled images will have more (18 for example) pixels than steps.

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They're called 'From Software'

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I'm fully aware Square are now publishers. Tri-Ace and Microsoft teamed up to create an original IP. Microsoft was publishing the game but allowed Square to take over the duties.

Edit: Since Microsoft was the original publisher, they still hold the intellectual property rights for Infinite Undiscovery.

'Ctrl + F = Infinite Undisc...

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Microsoft owns the Infinite Undiscovery IP since they funded the games development.

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I recall Shane saying it will tilt the pendulum to the PS3 "not for good or ill".

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"I saw a bit of this game as the room opened for the set up crew. It’s a man in a black suit…Crysis like…flying?"

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2k games has confirmed to videogaming247 that Bioshock PS3 is still on for an October release, despite rumours suggesting a November 4 date.

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Everywhere else it is download only.

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People can't steal other users' trophies.

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I think you mean publisher, since you know, developers actually create the game.

"I do believe this wii game will give something you cant get on 360 or ps3......motion"
PS3 has motion controls, just in a different way.

Something the Wii does have that PS3/360 doesn't have though is Dogz

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"We are certianly working on it, and we are almost done actually and the game looks great. We are just waiting for the marketing campaign to get started now."

Doesn't sound canceled to me.

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"3D Realms has informed Shacknews that a release date and platforms for Duke Nukem Forever were not confirmed in its interview with the Dallas Business Journal."

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The rest is just telling you about the game play and story. They didn't actually get to play the PS3 build.

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"Developed by David Jones, creator on the Grand Theft Auto series, this APB is a massively multiplayer online game based in living, breathing cities replicated from famous locales all over the world. APB is a turf war involving two main factions -- the Squads, whose goal is to uphold the law, and the Gangs, who seek to break the law at all costs."

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"You guys sure do complain a lot. I always see you guys getting demos first, which is why I have a European account, and you guys seem to get all the other stuff, bundles included that the majority of regions would love to get."

Lol, what? So, us getting demos a bit earlier cancels out us getting games later? Awesome. Have you seen the content of the EU store compared to the US one? The margin is quite big. We have a few things the US don't have, but yous have a hell of...

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They have now passed on the torch to you. Now run along and continue talking 'shat'.

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Where's Echochrome for us European PSN people.

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"these screens look decent... not as detailed as the Xbox 360 version. But than again I don't think anybody is expecting a major overhaul!

Uh, what? You're not seriously comparing scans of screen shots from a magazine to HD equivalents are you? Hilarious. This is almost as bad as comparing youtube quality videos to HD ones.

From what EGM says, they look the same. And I'll take their word over yours.

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Wow, yeah. Look at the fanboys eating crow, especially Jason 360:

"I hope in the next (360 exclusive) Bioshock they give a coop because my brothers and I would love to play this together.

I'm not even going to say anything to the Droids, Xbox fans knew this was staying Xbox"

Thanks for the link Crims0n :)

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