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Awesome. You guys think it'll come with Killzone bundle?

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On Netflix now!

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Only thing that bothers me with this game is that EVERYONE can lose control of a pass. I know it's to make it more realistic but these are professionals being paid millions, their job is to be able to control passes without having to chase after them. Fix it EA. I love the concept but just iron it out. Also the chip ball over defenders makes it too easy. Love the game but those are just my two gripes.

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Screw you! This game is fun! lol I play it with my 3 and 5 year old. They love it and it's actually quite fun.

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I don't really play any sports game lately other than FIFA but I think having an 'Ultimate Team' like mode on Madden and pretty much all sports game would be fantastic!!

For those unfamiliar with FIFA Ultimate Team; you pretty much either buy packs and build a team with the random players you get in those packs. Some are good, some great, some rare, some shitty! OR you go to the auction and bid on players to your specific liking (nationality, formation, league, et...

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Build him up?? What the...!?! It's Superman, he has God mode on automatically. I know what you're saying but no, that's lame.

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Never understood the hate people have towards this store. They should already know NOT to buy used or trade/sell games there, it's just common knowledge now. I buy games from there because they usually give out some kick ass items if you preorder there (24 packs on FIFA 13 ultimate team!). I sell my games through craigslist and buy used on craigslist. Done.

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That's quite an idiotic way to think. Although the "fights" might not be real, do you think the kids know that? Hell, do you even think some crazy adults know that? I've seen some people get into huge arguments over whether or not it's real or not.

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I will never have as much fun with another game on ps3 as I had with Resistance: Fall of Man. Say what you want but I LOVED that game! COD my ass! RFOM was in my ps3 almost 95% of the time!

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I love mvc2 so when i saw it on my iphone i got it right away. kinda sucks but you can do the basics. still better than that abomination umvc3 though.

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And me! Can't wait for the next Fifa, as long as there are improvements. cough servers!!! cough. and more customization to one's virtual pro player and maybe even more depth to the way you level him up.

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maybe YOU'RE just a dumbass. lmao

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Can't be addicted to weed, i don't know if that's what you're saying though. But if you are you have to be the weakest individual on the planet or have other problems that are in no way the drugs fault.

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I don't care what anyone says about anything in this article. I WANT that controller! Maybe a bit more blood but that's awesome. PS3 version too, please!

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I've been playing FIFA 12 since it came out and I jumped on this thinking I would like it but I was wrong. I just didn't like the juke and style point crap and all that. I'll stick with simple FIFA.

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That was awesome... especially for casuals who don't really know about the game but saw this for the first time. WTF SF and TEKKEN? lol

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Anybody that thinks FIFA should die/take a break is an idiot. FIFA is fantastic. If FIFA is on there so should MADDEN, NBA, Tiger Woods, etc.

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So what is this? Like an expansion like RDR's zombie mode? Looks pretty neat.

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You know what I thought that too! lol But I still thought it was awesome enough to share with all of you.

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He said a stylus! lmao. So just because it's not new it shouldn't be included???

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