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The problem is that PSAS wasn't a fighter, it was a brawler. Very similar genre, but it's like comparing Gears of War to Halo. Yes, you shoot things in both of them, but they're still 2 different games that are actually a part of different sub-genres.

Was it the best brawler that came out last year? Yes. Was a game with the word Tekken in it the best fighter to come out last year? Regrettably, yes. #5
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Looks like I frustrated someone.

The controls are god awful, and the game looks bad. I like to look past bad visuals as I'm the kind of guy who enjoys Earth Defense Force 2017, but the visuals were literally bad on the Vita's tiny screen. The controls were also awful simply because they were trying too hard to make up for the Vita not having as many buttons as a PS3/Xbox 360 controller. I believe I was very clear when I said:
"As an Xbox 360, PS3, or PC g... #3.1
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I attempt to remain neutral on this point. Right now, all of it seems fishy, specifically the timing. #1.1
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I more or less decided to ignore the glitches as I knew they'd get fixed. I was intending to hit the review from a different angle is all. #2
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Personally, I get way too lazy with these games. I'm pretty sure I should have beaten it around 20 hours ago, but I was having too much fun trying to kill a giant rat at soul level 15 to care. Either way, I stand by this game and the score I gave it. I just wish the capra demon didn't have two freaking dogs backing him up, they are what made that fight difficult. #8
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