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Off topic but I love that shot of Drake and Sam on the motorcycle. I actually captured it in the in game photo mode. Best part is you can remove the NPC so no pesky worker ruining the brotherly shot.

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It was pretty much a steal for those who waited. Got my copy for $26 the other day.

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This game has captured my attention. It was my favorite from Sony's conference. Not only was it beautiful, it left me wanting to know more about this world the main character is living in. The game play was also amazing. When can I pre-order?

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Little to no background? Have you played Mortal Kombat? Most of Mortal Kombats characters have more background than most other fighters. A Prime example: Kitana, who kingdom was conquered by one of the games villains.

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Lol an article about the top hairstyles. But personally the number 5 pick is the only one I really like and what wrong with the author, dissing the beard.

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As big of Resident Evil i am, I'm not very excited for this remaster. I'm seeing a lot of positive responses and people saying it's a step in the right direction, but is it really. To me it's a stand still, the newer Resident evil suck, so let go throw a new coat of paint on an older one.

Don't get me wrong, I love the classics, but for me Capcom would be going in the right direction if it was a remake or a reboot. I've been waiting forever for them to...

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I think it's only third person when you playing as the monster.

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1)Steal a car
2)Run down everybody on the sidewalk

yeah, we're evil.

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Your whole statement is hilarious. First you talk about how the check in don't effect you because you're always online so Who cares? Well Basically everyone without a connection to the internet should care or people who want to still be able to play their games if or when they won't have a internet connection. Just because you have the privilege of being always online don't mean the rest of the world has it as well.

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The Division and Watch Dogs looks awesome. Not a huge racing fan, but of all the other new racing game shown at e3 The Crew's Trailer was most interesting to watch.

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Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing. I predict hundreds if not thousands are going to bring it home not knowing about the requirement.

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I'm also getting excited. Most people been excited for months, but I'm not that much into FPS so gameplay was what I was waiting for. So far impressive.

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The game is pretty average, you can see the twists a mile away, and I didn't like how it ended. Only two of the four characters are integrated into the story, the other two is black comic relief and the smart girl who hacks stuff during cut scenes (During game play everyone can hack anything.) The game will only leave you wanting more, but not in the good way.

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Personally I was disappointed with the reveal. Too much entertainment. They basically showed everything I could do on my laptop already. Not a fan of sports games, not a fan of Forza. Quantum Break was interesting, but just a trailer. And as the reveal was coming to an end I said Call of Duty Ghost better not be the last thing they show. Then he announced it and I stop streaming right then.

Overall disappointing, however it interesting to see people that think the x-box one ...

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I have to say X, I loved all of the characters and the story.

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Why the author choose Dino crisis 3 over 1 and 2 is beyond me. The list is called top 10 Best Dinosaur games. so why chose the worst in the series. And James Cameron's Avatar the game? Really!?

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If the next Mass Effect is a prequel I'll pass.

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I still think some people didn't get that the whole island was basically a tomb.

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I can't wait. Since Delsin can absorb other conduits powers I'm hoping that mean we get some interesting secondary characters like Nix and Quo and it not just "help this conduit out, get his/her power and never see him/her again."

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I'm still playing Sims 2.

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