Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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That was quickly clarified as 10 mil "unique players/player accounts" (at the time it was reported).

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Then why bother commenting if you know you're not even going to consider the writer's opinion?

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That's not really the case. He often gives low scores to good games (by metacritic's standards) b/c he evaluates them differently than most other reviewers. In fact, this score essentially translates to "I liked my experience with Inside" like with Netflix's star rating.

He's just critical of some parts more than others which hampered his enjoyment of the product. If one reads the review they'll get a great sense of that.

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I gotcha. But the crux of my argument (in the paragraph) still stands.

(Marked my other comment as Spam b/c it's more appropriate to have reply here)

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Technically, it's Journey's art director at the helm with a different team. This isn't made by thatgamecompany.

I can't say I follow your argument either. Okay, so part of the creative team is here that was behind it follows there's no validity in calling it a rip-off? By that same logic, Vince Gilligan can make a new series replicating all critical plot and character points from Breaking Bad, bring it to a new setting, and no one can poi...

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Time isn't on their side, apparently.

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There's 3 prominent ones that come to my mind: N64, Gamecube, and Xbox 360. Everyone's going to naturally compare and contrast the games between them (which all had awesome ones); but what drives deeper for me is the influence they had on me during those parts of my life.

N64 - First gaming console I got which lead me to scouring through Nintendo Power magazines in school. Getting some of my first tastes of the 3D platformer and FPS genres.


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Oh yeah?!?! Well, I wish your N4G forum avatar didn't always come to mind whenever you respond to me in a stern manner...but I guess we can't have everything we want out of life, can we?


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"I think N4G should allow submissions about all forms of GamerGate, both pro and anti, and similar Social Issues"

I wish GG + Social Issues were split up or more nuance than this presented question. By an easygoing standard like this, simple twitter tantrums or unnecessary BS like tying GG to Trump (b/c clicks) could pass. Just something to consider.

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Technically we already do allow cursing, just at the PG-13 FCC level. It's implied that he's talking about the former example. Name-calling is clearly a no-no, evidenced by less-harsh words getting others punished before, so of course nastier words wouldn't be allowed either.

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But it's not really Comcept's decision to make, in the end.

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Was it ilomilo?

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"... regardless of what the xbox fanboy "journalists" tried to tell you."

Clearly just a bunch of xbox fanboy jurnalists rigging the time, right? Get real.

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Indeed, it was the previous two years. Due to so much effort being dedicated towards site updates + fixes, it's been postponed.

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Oh I see. I'll take the blame then! :P

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Ok, you have my curiosity. Did some blogs get through approval that shouldn't have or something? In any case, appreciate the nod and congrats to all other winners.

EDIT: I haven't received a notification atm.

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*Continuously looks over at clock, tapping foot incessantly*


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" tries to be artistic with variety of meanings but it ends to be just an atmospheric mix of environments with riddles without any connection or cohesiveness..."

I must--respectfully--disagree with that assessment. I'd dare to go so far as to question if we'd actually played the same game here. Thematic ideas of slavery + conformity take up roughly half the game, all of which is incorporated through visual storytelling in the backdrop or in the puzz...

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I knew I missed something at the end. I know I got to go back and clean up all missing collectibles.

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