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"Oh, what a month...what a lovely month!"


A little slow? I've sat through pretentious art films that could be considered that; THIS is slower than molasses even by the standards of a typical walking simulator.

I do agree that it has one of the best soundtracks of the year, but that's one of the few things it has going for it. #3.4
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I'd say absolutely IF you come in understanding what the gameplay's about. It's really just down to typing specific words into a search engine to find new videos that piece together this mystery. But I'm amazed at how glued I was to that simple concept. It's like the game equivalent of some cold-case detective rewatching old police videos. #1.1.2
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Click the DMC: Devil May Cry hyperlink. The most recent article with that DMC tag has WindWaker as its article picture. #1.2
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Yes. New stuff will be included. #3.2
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They previously mentioned more stuff will be included here. Stuff that was initially left on the cutting room floor to make its release. #12.1
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I honestly didn't dig Max all that much. Fine experience, but didn't leave the biggest impression on me.

Brothers on the other hand...well that's one of my favorites of 7th gen. #9.4
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Actually, Wii-U is the only 8th-gen console that initially sold at a loss. #1.1
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No, it's just "one of [the] many reasons [he] dumped [his] PS4." #2.1.1
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Indeed I do. I'm surprised to see the most charming speaker of last year's E3 was in EA's conference. #2.1
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Oh boy! This'll fit it perfectly with my Force Awakens 12-piece Action Figure Set, Kylo Ren Helmet and Lightsaber, smartphone-controlled BB-8 toy, LEGO Star Wars Rey Speeder, and LEGO Star Wars First Order TIE Fighter. #2
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"I can definitely look into running some similar contests every once in a while."

Ones where mods can be counted, I hope. ;)

Edit: And a big congrats to Drithe. Spend it wisely. :D #1.1.2
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My very point takes aim back at those kinds of generalities when a lot of people--on this very comment section above him--already display a completely different kind of attitude than what Larzen's describing. It's an intellectually lazy way of disregarding those who have a much harsher opinion on a thing than you do.

You may bring up past reactions about the 5 hr. playthrough or whatever else in the past, but let's not pretend that a whol... #28.1.4
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Except that's not at all what cherry-picking or moving goalposts means. The writer didn't change the argument half-way through, but stuck to a standard at the beginning. Since something can flop financially, critically, or both, it's best to be specific about what you mean at the beginning, which is what the author does.

"When a person hears flop they automatically think financial failure so him excluding TR is dumb as hell."

It can... #34.3
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From description: "2015 was a great year for games, but unfortunately some didn't quite live up to expectations."

Sales aside, the game did meet quality expectations by critics and most fans, which is the rationale the person gives in source. #34.2
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"The people that hate on it is probably the same people that hate Indie games and just play AAA games. And thinks games has to be X or it can't be called a game."

I actually get annoyed by those sorts of people in your 2nd sentence, love certain indie games (going to play through Everybody's Gone To The Rapture soon), and still find The Order to be one of the worst AAA titles to come out this year. Do you really have to paint anyone with a much different op... #28.1.2
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"4 Games That Flopped Super Hard in 2015"

Sunset Overdrive released in 2014. #34.1
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I actually think it's fundamentally broken and unengaging. My intention was adding on to sammarshall102's list of stuff necessary that would've made 1886 something great, as he put it.

"if they would have made the gameplay more diverse/interesting, gave the player more freedom and made it longer..." then insert my extra thoughts. #1.2.2
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A critical thing when making that comparison is to delineate what those two games within COMPLETELY different genres are trying to accomplish, or what's expected of them. Until Dawn is playing by the narrative-heavy adventure playbook of TellTale games but with a bigger budget. Don't like those types of games? Fine, UD isn't for you.

But The Order: 1886 is a third-person shooter with a focus on 'cinematic' gameplay and storytelling. That description ca... #24.1
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Why do so many think sales is the primary consideration behind this list? The description literally talks about games not living up to their expectations in regards to game quality. In the eyes of many who've played it, ROTTR at least met expectations.

Pretty simple. #12.2
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And actually made a decent story (at the least). #1.2
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