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"I'm back and feeling fatter and sassier"


While the two 360 free ones are both Games on Demand, I'm not sure I'd be as excited as Halo: Reach and Monaco. I still need to play Monaco and Darksiders 2 to have my own opinion on that though. #1.3.2
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Careful: inflating my ego may eventually cause it to explode and return all of my victims' life-forces. :P

But really...I do appreciate the kind words. #3.1
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Thanks, Heavy. I can understand why would be so emphatic about it too. I guess as far as PS3 exclusive games (okay...not the case with Remastered) went, Killzone 2 and Warhawk felt as though they kept me glued more consistently.

But I do appreciate the focused team play of it all. Even without communicating via mic (don't have a bluetooth one currently), I actually felt Listen Mode and the always-on markers for teammates could actually work as a great supplement. I... #2.1
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Hope everyone enjoyed the blog. Please feel free to post any questions and/or comments below.

It settled in the creating bin for a bit but I'm too lazy to bother with that whole process again. Had that "late to the party" punch to the face when seeing the announcement of steam's new curator just recently.

:/ #1
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Ah...I see.

Was thinking about that random dude with the Bible/end of the world prediction for some reason and that obvious one flew over my head.

Good choice. MS basically gets that award and 'Biggest Relief' of 2013 after the about-face. #1.2
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The prediction of the world ending, right? #1.1
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But you don't really know which reviewer from their staff may have been involved in those games you mentioned.

"They gave Halo 3 and Mario Galaxy 1 a 10/10 lol, they were well above average of course but revolutionary?, No, just no."

I'd disagree with that. The way Nintendo implemented motion controls into that well-polished structure were mostly nifty ideas, though some were flops. Not to mention the expert planet design and how gravity p... #11.3
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Yeah, I got 3/5 of mine so far to get to Gen 6. Have you tried using the Arc Cannon? It's a lot more forgiving than the other titan weapons in taking out ejecting Pilots. #1.1.2
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inb4 too many words :P

I hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel free to leave your comments/questions below.

As for the strange subtitle: I had already name-dropped The Road on my I Am Alive review years back and figured this one definitely captured a lot of its spirit too. So I figured why not go the Sharknado sequel route. It's dumb, I know. #1
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Indeed. I'm surprised just how many extra pieces like the Black Market or Marked for Death kept even more engaged with it. #1.1
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"That price though - $600 not including Kinect - is just shameful."

Is anyone aware of how taxes on consoles/imports works over there? I'm wondering if this could be another case to the PS4 costing $1800 in Brazil last year (don't know if that's unchanged). #1.1.3
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Nice. This one definitely caught my interest during Indie Month (despite having to wait b/c I really don't like Early Access). #1
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The idea of great graphics =/= must be a great game has been understood for several console generations by now. #48
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Will do. #4.2
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"We all know if this released last gen it would have received disingenuous 9/10s across the board. It is a good thing the gaming press is being more critical NOT a bad thing."

That's the thing that bothers me the most when I touched on critic reviews a while ago. The "glorified hype validaters" sensation many commenters here stated about AAA game reviews last generation now seems to be scaled down to a greater degree. We can actually have a great por... #7
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"or was it IGN gave it a 3 & GS gave it an 8?"

This one. #8.1
66d ago by coolbeans | View comment, I certainly didn't see anything about you hoping Nick *something* will lose his job like knifefight mentioned above; however, considering some of the language and your reference to #Gamergate makes it feel like you're acting drastic too.

"As mentioned in the article, he scores it a '3' because it doesn't fit his socio-political bias. The problem is that he's docked off '7' points out of '10' based on that bias."
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Your initial period-question can be essentially flipped back against you. What's so catastrophic if less-limited or unlimited options by The Big 3 resulted in more dog crap in their online stores? It makes more sense in them opening up said stores and allowing a more democratized system in which gamers, writers, etc. inform others about this or that clone. When considering those online stores don't have physical shelf space to contend with, it seems a bit strange for a dev's wo... #3.2
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Since cgood hasn't been on since you responded with this, I'd like to correct something in your comment. It wasn't mod influence that gave Death the down-voted comments. That was from a certain portion of the community. You can typically--but certainly not always--tell that's the case when an initial response may have been downvoted but then replies airing a different opinion get Well Saids.

Keep in mind: just because you see a watermark of 'Trolling... #1.2.1
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MS has a really strange position when it comes to handling its exclusives/console exclusives/whatever you want to consider it. It seems pretty easygoing with "exclusive fluidity," like those One/PC titles (or Fable Anniversary) because they have their hands in that market too in the form of their operating systems. #1.1
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