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Based upon presenting some underhanded methods incorporated within their recent games' MP modes? If that's considered totes entitled then fine.

Sure, I guess.

Well...Uncharted 3 is that outlier in the group of ND games w/ MP I find a bit lacking the more I look back in hindsight. I'm 50/50 on whether or not strictly the campaign can carry it for full price.

That's a vague question in today'...

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-"ok....don't buy any of it."

This strikes me as confusing considering the full context of the blog here. This is generally aimed at "developer fanboying" and disregard--sometimes even defense--of certain practices by fans. I'm not sure how the "don't like it don't buy it" argument really advances the discussion forward.

-"And why is your blog post promoted like this?"


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"I agree about getting the pass for micro-transactions as do others."

That's good. But my experiences with others isn't exactly what I'd call consistent, as brought up in the blog.

Follow this comment section down to where I begin making replies and you'll see a part of what ins...

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Let me be the first to say it: Bethesda, Blizzard, and perhaps a few others that escape me right now. I’m fully aware that the notion of “developer fanboying” isn’t some phenomenon exclusive to Naughty Dog; however, due to some of my previous discussions regarding their games on this site over the years—with just a sliver of them shown in my links above—I don’t think it should be a surprise to anyone as to WHY I’ve been compelled to discuss this more in detail on th...

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Except he never backed down on his stance regarding the PS4 Pro, just apologized for triggering some diehard fanboys.

*stares intently at final three words*

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"He choose the apparent half a**'ed console for making his game this gen, so what does power mean to him anyways?"

Are you even familiar with Ori's development cycle? You're talking about a deal that was probably signed around the turn of this decade to make that "Nextbox/PC exclusive" where final specs weren't even known, nor probably cared about considering they were likely eager to simply get their foot...

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No, Rimeskeem placed it under "Fail of the Year," not "Gaming News Story." Fail of the Year is focused on '16 games that were disappointing, broken, or flat-out bad.

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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
Good or bad, what story was one that we couldn't stop talking about and/or had the greatest impact in the industry.

-Mid-gen console upgrades of PS4 Pro and XJuan Scorpio
-Nintendo going mobile
-Bethesda's new anti-consumer review copy policy

2. Most Anticipated Game of 2017

-Outlast II
-Horizon: Zero Dawn

3. Fail of th...

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"3. Scalebound cancellation"

What are you talking about? That category's focused on games, not announcements. And that was announced in 2017.

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Firewatch is another one of those games competing for Best Story with me too. A lot of heavy thematic content I'd like to write about.

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Oddly enough, Nate's brother was a non-issue for me until other people brought up some of the oddities w/ his inclusion. My bigger aims are more focused at pacing, where antagonists ultimately go, etc.

I was a bit iffy on including DZ initially, since that free-for-all of early Runescape operates similarly, but I think Massive built upon it in regards to structure and context. My first few extractions were like nothing I've ever experienced before. I don't pl...

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1. Best Voice Acting (Character and Voice Actor)

-Delilah (voiced by Cissy Jones)
-Henry (voiced by Rich Somner)
-Catwoman (voiced by Laura Bailey)

2. Best Art Direction

-The Little Acre

3. Best Story

Probably the best dialogue writing of any 2016 game.
-Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
Issues aside, it'...

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I'm ignoring the whole context of the story despite bringing up specifically the complexity of it in my first comment? I've played the game. I know the plot. It's pretty easy to spot the similarities of saving what could be considered a kidnapping victim/female--one of game's most typical tropes--but subverting it to mean something altogether different. Joel's actions are put in a light that isn't noble and pure with trumpets in the background, but of something els...

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1. Best New Video Game Character

-Delilah (Firewatch)
Fantastically written character.
-Father James (Mafia 3)
Had this one line of dialogue that was absolutely perfect. Other great stuff too.
-Liam Burke (Quantum Break)
Not exactly a sterling compliment of a game when your best character's relegated to your game's offshoot TV show.

2. Best Single Player Experience


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This fan's plea strikes me as having the maturity of a pre-teen. Wishing to alter the way Druckmann handles his stories--whether you agree with them or not--despite that being a part of what drove him to write your (this fan's) favorite game of all time? This 'anti-SJW' craze is hitting insane levels of inconsistency.

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-"A game should never involve personal views as it always comes off as a bias political message."

1.) You a bit late in speaking out against that, as political messages have been--subtly or otherwise--been incorporated into a plethora of video games. Heck, one of gaming's most iconic series, Grand Theft Auto, use of satire is constantly being thrown at the player.

2.) This almost seems nigh impossible when considering stories. Storytelle...

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I'd say he's already done in every game he's been the lead writer/creative director of, to varying degrees of success.

*SPOILER for The Last of Us*

I mean the final level of TLOU is about Joel saving Ellie, like a damsal in distress trope. But rather than playing it straight, it subverts that trope by the grey context presented. Instead of looking heroic, it makes him come off as selfish.

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Indeed. Almost every level felt like it brought its own unique idea to the table.

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I hope everyone enjoyed this 2-part blog. Feel free to leave any comments and/or questions down below. I would've loved to released this sooner but work and catching the flu bug put this a couple weeks behind.

How did you feel about 2016 in regards to games? Is there any nifty design in this release window you believe I missed? Let me know. :D

EDIT: I'd also like to give a shout-out to the person who inspired me to make this list. Mark Brown...

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The last Metroid game's already got you covered there x 4.

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