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"If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket"


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Hope everyone enjoyed this 2-piece blog (if you bothered to read both). I hope I was able to explain my back-and-forth feelings on this topic clearly. Please feel free to leave any comment and/or questions below. Hopefully all of those get funneled into the Part 2 section just so they're all pooled in one place, but it's no big deal if that doesn't happen. It's str... #1
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"There is a very good reason why Destiny still has millions of people logging in every week, and why half of it's players have logged a thousand hours."

Not that there's anything wrong with that. #5.1.1
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Took care of it. :) #1.2.1
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There isn't any co-op for State of Decay (Xbox One). It has all DLC, base game, and some extra doodads. #2.3
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While it probably will come to 360 as well, there isn't anything in this specific news bulletin that mentions or suggests the Xbox 360 version. Just the revealed PS3 cover pic.

My guess is it's some kind of PR double-dipping: show reveal and then later give detailed announcement on it. #2.1
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Yeah, the trailer for the first game intrigued me. #3.1
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"...however, I never once mentioned my enthusiasm that Hatred made it back."

Fair enough. I guess the better way of explaining my frustration should've been less aimed towards you but rather what you stated was emblematic of other discussions I've seen made regarding Steam's Quality Control and the turn of events which happened last year. For example:

-People, even reviewers, complaining about steam's flood of games.
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Your question seems genuine but I will also have to mark this, since it's in no way related to the topic at hand. Please submit a ticket or send me a PM for any other general site questions. #14.1
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I think practically everyone on here can agree with the upper paragraphs and the ridiculous degrees to which developers have gone. What I take issue with is whole all of that coalesces into making a point but then the final paragraph brings up "Quality control is in desperate need on Steam" as if that's connected with dev power over there, which I simply can't agree with at all.

For bringing up steam's selective process in dropping/allowing stuff onto t... #4
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Appreciate the kind words.

"What I didn't like"

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on some aspects.

-I did like the map design (obviously!). And I can't really state how I felt about the amount of Halo 4's shipped maps since I got H4 GOTY and all the DLC + originals seemed to be tossed in a blender for the modes I typically played. For me, I'm more often going to side with how much I can appreciate a map i... #1.3.1
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I guess the first problem that jumps out to me would be HHG being the source you're bringing up, making me apprehensive to believe it. With that said, I honestly believe what that 343 dev's saying is just hype when strictly talking about technical aspects of graphics.

But as LightofDarkness said, this is running the risk of throwing the conversation off course. Nevertheless, I do appreciate you bringing up graphics as a means to add some more detail about the beta a... #1.2.2
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Before I answer those questions, let me remind anyone who may see this that I'm certainly not the best technical graphics expert. PC gaming has often been relegated to a laptop and mostly console gaming.

With that out of the way...

I was really, really impressed by it overall. It had some oddities and the overdone particle effects for grenades can get ridiculous but it had a lot of cool upgrades that made it the best-looking one to date imo. The extra... #1.1.1
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Hope everyone enjoyed the blog. For any of you with hands-on time: what did you think about the beta overall? Thought it was gold? Maybe thought the opposite of my enthusiastic impressions of it? Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. #1
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You have to understand what we're trying to get with Fail of the Year choice. In the nomination choices, you'll see the following description for FOTY:

"The worst game. So terrible. Horrifying really. We shouldn't even talk about it."

For me, this is why I nominated Ducky Dynasty and Escape Dead Island. They're simply games I had spent at least some time with that were so terrible/laughably terrible (depending on situation) that th... #7.1
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I'm very intrigued by this info and happy to see Compulsion Games is still around. Contrast had some big faults, but I still thought it was an underrated gem. #2
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-Currently on of the most popular game franchises around.

-Hype train with it being the first AC to focus on this-gen consoles only.

-Most popular Xbox One bundle consistently pushed during the holidays.

-Review embargo wasn't lifted until the day of its release

I'd say all of these factors played an equal part. But I will say it's actually impressive to see some of the sales for the likes of Watch Dogs, Destiny,... #8.2
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The one in the picture would be my choice. :)

In the mood to play some more KOTOR now. #23
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There's definitely issues I had with it in regards to polish and has several design flaws but I found myself really enjoying my time with it. Uses a concept that delivers a lot of different interpretations and has a great art style. You can check out user reviews on it on here by clicking the greyed-out 'Contrast' link found in the description too. ;) #1.1
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And I could've been partying with him had I just gotten one more kill on this one match. :(

Went 24-0 on Eden (I think that's the nigttime map).

Edit: Spoke too soon. I was talking about the Untouchable/Unfrigginbelievabl e medal. #6.1
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