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I hope everyone enjoyed the blog. Please feel free to leave any comments and/or questions below. :) big annoyance I'll admit some may have is in how self-referential this blog is. But considering the context of how much I enjoyed the year, it seems reasonable enough to provide to what previous opinions I was referencing in specific sentences.

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Exactly. But the thing is I, and perhaps others, anticipated this to still be some big result of that tossed-out idea. Like a remnant of the possible positives to come from this TV-Game mesh. Now it's like a final death-nail in that old mentality they had back in May '13.

That's why this XOne/PC Announcement is more affecting to the console's 'exclusive viability' than others like ReCore.

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"That to me is the actual interesting discussion, not because I want the hardware to fail, or gloat in fan boy revalry, but because it's a scenario that we've never seen in gaming before."

That's what's been more fascinating to consider about this case. While I don't care for the rhetoric, the fanboy posturing regarding this particular case does have a lot more weight to it regarding XJuan and "exclusivity."

We have to...

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The added "u" is just a spelling difference between American and British English.

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"The story is fantastic if you actually pay attention and can understand third grade English."

What's funny is the more I paid attention the more gaping holes I spotted every which way. One of the most inconsistent stories in a cinematic game I've played since 4PM (or Beyond: Two Souls for a AAA example). Not to mention the "finale" screams sequel bait.

(Yes, I understand 3rd grade English too)

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Other writers/devs I'd like to see: Davey Wreden, Sam Barlow, and one of the narrative designers/writers from DONTNOD.

I'm really interested to dive into this one though! :D
SOMA's one of my favorite game narratives of 2015.

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You're wrong. The article also brings up tweaks to starfighters, A-Wing in particular.

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Where does he say they're the same thing to begin with?

He's talking about "chasing the success" of that franchise. That can come in many different ways.

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"I loved Soma am Outlast. Would this be comparable?"

Oddly enough, it wouldn't be considered comparable to this reviewer:

I did play it during its Game Preview stage on XJuan and it was...a bit bothersome. It looked detailed and the incorporation of art was nice, but I got a headache from all the screen tearing a...

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Finished it recently too. I'd have to put it somewhere in the low 9's. Gameplay flaws are certainly there but its high points were just so amazing for me.

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Where are you getting the idea that actual user reviews and general thoughts are a lot lower than the AVERAGE critic?


Whether using a more reliable source (first) or less reliable, there's not some huge disparity between them....

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Predictions are open until the closing time of GOTY voting poll, which will have its own blog on here.

So, you have a lot of time. :)

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Ouch...a shame they're running up so closely against their biggest competition of this year. But due to Hitman's episodic structure, I'm a bit more interested in something complete like Alekhine's Gun tbh.

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Before I get into challenging what you've brought up, I think it's fair of me to give credit where it's due. THIS kind of response actually has meat to its bones so as to not come off as reactionary. You're bringing up a stance here and building upon it.


"Honestly guys, check out Tom Chick's selection of game reviews."

You're talking to the guy who puts QuarterToThree's reviews on here thou...

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But I like the option that bothers you more. ;P

*Sigh* Fine.

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Stuff like that plays a part too. I do like my Elite Controller MUCH MORE and most of my RL friends have XONE. What I was aiming for was it being one of those popular '15 games that just fell through the cracks for me as far as getting to try it out.

Figured it'd be coming to XJuan soon anyways so figured I'd wait.

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More by circumstance than anything else.

-Became a co-owner of a Star Wars PS4 months after it became free.

-Got preoccupied with other games across all 3 consoles + PC during summer and fall of 2015 then saw announcement at Game Awards.

@akurtz I recently signed up to N4G Community on PS4 and I've had one since late last year.

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Nothing personal but this kind of kneejerk reaction just comes off as laughable schoolyard argumentation. Starting with a non-argument and ending with what could essentially be interpreted as "well other people like it so take that!"

He didn't like a game you might like and explained why on the internet. Big deal. Typically when there's such a score disparity between reviewers there's a greater chance of having some interesting conversations.

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Awesome! Can't wait to play with any of the other (4) hold-outs on here. :P

Send me a message/friend request if interested in playing together.

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"If there was a black actor playing a white role...nobody would bat an eye lid."

I guess people already forget the controversy pushed by the Council of Conservative Citizens regarding Idris Elba playing Heimdall back during the first Thor movie.

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