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Well, the way you personify it as "just gave the IP back" throws me off there. But I'm glad that's clarified. Even still, I'm not really following this notion of Sony's supposed 'good guy' appearance just by letting an indie developer reacquire IP rights. Standard business, really.

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Correction: "...but there's NO evidence to suggest that's what occurred."

Sorry about that. Should've double-checked the comment after posting.

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"True, good thing they didn't play hard ball and just gave the IP back. They could have easily kept the IP and we wouldn't even have the game."

I don't know if you're getting that from ProGenji, but there's evidence to suggest that's what occurred; in fact, news on this told the story of Teq. Works reacquiring the rights. That's not some free exchange but a buyback of the intellectual property. Ha...

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Can't wait! Bring on this and BF1's Russian expansion.

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Not all of them do it. Take Far Cry Primal for example. But since 3, all the numbered Far Cry games do utilize the villain to set the tone of what the protag is up against. I think it's quite effective.

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"...that succeeded at what it wanted to do."

I guess a central conflict with this notion would be what if what it wanted to do wasn't actually beneficial to the player experience. Pouring a bunch of resources into a game so hard-pressed on being 'filmic' to the point of actively trying to remove any sense of player agency. There are dozens of ways to craft a linear walk-a-thon, but when the artifice is readily obvious I can't help but disagree w/...

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1.) Using a vague term like "around the same length" doesn't help in this discussion b/c by that rubric pretty much every shooter today is around that average length too. When looking at hard numbers however, there's a different story.

The Order:

All main Halo entries:

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You can still compare two similar 3D platformers whilst keeping those facts in mind. The developer was pretty clear of what one of their key inspirations was for making the game, which is why I brought it up.

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While just one review isn't much to go on, it'll be a shame if it doesn't live up to the Jak + Daxter potential it had. Still picked up yesterday b/c there's a 33% discount on it right now on Xbox Store (and I'm willing to bet on PS Store, Steam, etc.)

It'll be interesting to consider its design alongside Yooka-Laylee, Snake Pass, and others to come.

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No. It's forever. Sorry I initially gave false information in that update, as I got conflicting info. :(

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"I am glad we're getting fully remaked crash game from Sony and Acti."

*which will be coming to other platforms eventually.

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Can't seem to find it either. :/

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It's free-to-play b/c it's free (up-front cost) yet has microtransactions to be funded. I know I sarcastically rebuked what Digital said above, but we still have to call a spade a spade here. It is F2P, but that doesn't mean it has an insidious F2P structure that mobile FF game. It depends on how it's utilized.

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You mean to tell me they didn't spend resources on simply making a free game, but rather a free game...with micro-transactions included?

The lengths some businesses go knows no bounds, I tell ya!

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For a game that's done pretty well--financially--you seem to highlight how badly "the haters" tarnished the game's reputation. Haters aren't what stops a sequel from getting funded; money is the determining factor. Since they've done pretty well on that front with a fresh IP, Sony's really the only one to blame.

"I truly believe it suffered from the so called console war."

That's the nature of anything getting...

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You leave Until Dawn out of this!

Other than that, not a bad collection name. :P

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Much appreciated. As you can clearly tell, I took the red pill. ;)

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Although a part of me would like to exclusively focus on that--and pat myself on the back in a self-aggrandizing manner for discussing this previously, I don't think that's a monumental reason. A strong ancillary one? I'm willing to believe so. But there's a lot of factors to consider:

-The totally different direction they went from Human Head's Prey 2 (plus Bethesda's crappy treatment according to HH devs)
-Pretty insubstantial marketing...

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Incorrect. The time for WHEN they're sent may differ, and which sites may get the copies, but early review copies is the norm.

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-"Their motive might be for profit but not in the way you think. No early reviews means no leaks, no chance of code being pirated in advance."

No, there's still an easy chance for code to be pirated in advance still. Broken street dates are also still a thing. You state my arguments are compelling, admit the part of my argument in this move being 'for profit'...then add two other dynamics into this discussion that:

a.) Aren't r...

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