Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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Yes, but that' doesn't mean he considered it a broken game. A 1/5 stars from him just translates to "I hated my time with Halo 4." And, truth be told, I can see where he was coming from. It was an inconsistent me-too effort that disregarded some of Bungie Halo's multiplayer traits that made it so great.

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I remember a recent Siege Blog laid out their plans for the next two sets of operators. The next set focuses on Japan and the one thereafter is Brazil.

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1.) Even for minor stuff, let's try to avoid name-calling

2.) "The truth is it confused everyone because the "review" didn't have a score, while the other WP reviee had a score of 4/4."

Then it's the confused party's fault for failing to read. In both the watermarked text below that BIG UC4 picture, it says "Associated Press" and a centimeter away from authors name (AP). These are the first things you'r...

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It wasn't the best bundle deal at that price, but how in the world is $400 pushing it? 1TB Harddrive, Custom doo-dads, the more pricey controller, and the Limited Edition of Halo 5. Pretty solid deal at that price.

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That's a pretty myopic outlook as to why those two titles may not have been as successful. D4 suffered from poor marketing and didn't have many reviews to get the word out back then. Sunset Overdrive is tracking at over 1 million and had to handle a competitive release schedule.

And if there is such a disinclination from so many of the xbox userbase for anything outside Halo/Gears/Forza, they certainly didn't seem to get the memo in cases such as Ori And T...

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Indeed. Some all around great changes that make the game even more enjoyable. Blackbeard's OP though.

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"People should start asking themselves why that is, if it's so great."

But people HAVE asked that...and this developer provides his perspective on why that's (currently) the this very article you're commenting on.

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Fair enough. I acknowledge there's some of that reactionary stuff going on as well. It's unfortunate that it oftentimes devolves to that versus a more profitable dialogue; however, I'd still cast more blame towards the unnecessary frustration that constantly makes us have these conversations.

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It's funny how you speak against another's exaggerating comment just above but then construct your own when trying to make a point.

-Hypocrisy in full force?
-Silencing other opinions in opposition?

I just skimmed through the entire comment section and none of them have yet to be marked down as Spam or Inappropriate. And if you're just talking about several people responding negatively to ThatGuy-310's original comment (or others...

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-"I vaguely recall one of the writers mentioning that the set-pieces had been designed first so the story had to be written around it, and imo it shows."

You are correct. That's actually my 2nd link in the blog too.

That's been the case for them since the first Uncharted, but it&#...

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"The review has to match the score and at times that isn't the case..."

According to whom though? There are dozens of different aspects to consider in regards to a game's design, story, etc. that may bother someone more than yourself or another reader. Or it could be vice versa, where some nuance you missed or disregarded could be appreciated by the reviewer more. Each reviewer has their own mindset of what they want to get out of X game that readers, w...

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I appreciate the kind words, Gol3m. You know it wasn't that long ago I was a big, big fan of UC3. Search through old UC3 user reviews (dated before mine) here on N4G you'll see much different responses from me on the subject back then.

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Haha. I remember trying to do that yesterday too.


What? Don't pretend you weren't thinking the same thing! :P

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I personally enjoyed the puzzle layout early on. There were more than you'd expect but they were also more challenging and well-integrated for the theme they were going for. Slows it down? I can see that, but the reward of actually having to think with the journal only providing half the answer felt like a good payoff.

It'll pick up soon for you, but that'll also be when it's at expense to the story.

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It's annoying to see someone directly quote my blog yet give off the impression that they haven't understood my point. Never do I suggest being upset about people praising and liking THE GAME itself. I literally brought up several compliments you just did as to what made it an enjoyable time for me back then and I've reviewed it in the past. My blog's trying to focus on the story.

While I wouldn't personify it as "upset," it is bothersome to...

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Go now and live by this wise man's advice. ;)

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Hope everyone enjoyed the blog! Please feel free to leave your questions, comments, criticisms, etc. down below. :D

Despite these issues gnawing at me for quite some time, I'm still incredibly excited for Uncharted 4 and can't wait to start playing it tomorrow. And I hope the single-player DLC is just as awesome as TLOU: Left Behind.

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The beginning and investigation parts were solid, but it became bogged down with its mediocre on-rails shooting parts.

A bit of a letdown from the promise of the first episode imo.

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Color me interested.

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Well I'm excited! I was a big fan of Episode 1 but was incredibly underwhelmed by Episode 2. Glad to see this is a return to form.

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