Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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Been meaning to try this.

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People can moan all they want about one of their favorite games getting an unfavorable score, but at least this low review score feels earned (by his standards). He's pretty up-front about specific issues he didn't enjoy, although I think he disregards really big positives of UC4's storytelling too easily, and he pulls no punches while doing so. I still really, really disagree with the score and I'll go my way understanding most of his criticisms. (See how easy that was?)

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"As a black character in a leading role I think this gives him not only more gameplay features (bigger risks and more of a challenge) but also character development."

You mean to tell me there are tangible gameplay/story benefits in not having a generic white guy protagonist in certain situations? I for one am shocked.

(EDIT: None of that was meant to be directed AT you, Fox. Just using what you stated as a springboard.)

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That's such an odd, specific facet of the review to judge. Since when does the presentation of a rhetorical question, something so commonly used, help in determining whether or not x/y review should be considered "professional?"

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Awesome. I like this idea not only for being able to carry more at a time but how it enhances the risk/reward system that the Dark Zone's all about.

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Thank you, Defender. :)

From what I've heard, I'd say the new DOOM could be considered another nifty example. Just like how some of the examples I've listed aren't exactly revolutionary, the callback to its original level design just feels right for that sort of series. I'm not sure if you keep up with Jim Sterling but I found his piece on the effective storytelling use of DOOM guy to be quite interesting as well.

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As others have said: hats off in being one of those few who'll admit it.

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This. Everything about this is something I've wanted to see for a long time. Incorporating Splinter Cell Chaos Theory's stealth mechanics in a PD game would be grand.

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I have played a bit of DS1 and Bloodborne and really liked what I saw. I would like to go through them the whole Souls/BB series at some point.

I would've listed BB's time window for regaining a bit of your health after getting hit but I wanted to focus on how 2016's shaped up so far.. The verticality of that first open area in BB was great too.

EDIT: Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to trying out Dark Souls 3 yet but have heard s...

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"high brow"

I'll take "words that should never be used to describe The Order: 1886" for $400.

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"Atheist or religious we are all united here on N4g."

But on MUCH BIGGER issues like PlayStation and Xbox? Not so much. :P

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As others have mentioned here, you'd be surprised at the sheer size of that 'small minority.' It'd be interesting to see some expansive survey's results of just how many people want to skip any story bits to get right into the gameplay. While this is just anecdotal evidence, I believe more of my close gaming friends don't want to invest much into any game's story like this writer details here.

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The June contest here will be what we're used to seeing. You can see it listed under the blogs section.

EDIT: Or I could just link it -->

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I hope everyone enjoyed the 2-part blog. Sorry about that btw. I saw no feasible way of trimming it down to the 15k character limit that'd make the blog as detailed as I would've have liked. In the past, I liked when comments were funneled to the Part 2 section but I have no problem if you'd want to comment on the games listed in Part 1 in the Part 1 comments section. It's no bother either way since I'll keep an eye on both.

Now what do you think? A...

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Congrats to all winners. Remember to spend it wisely!

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I still believe there's hope for The Order, but that doesn't necessarily mean RAD has to be the ones developing it. Considering how egregious their cinematic affections were with the first, a new dev may not be such a bad thing. And I'm surprised at the amount of disappointment over RAD's newly announced game; then again, I thought TO: 1886 was crap. I personally like seeing these kinds of drastic transitions:

RAD's last game: a title that almost-excl...

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Oh boy! This feels equivalent to some old boxer coming out of retirement. :P

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"Competition is open to all N4G users, except for employees of HAVAmedia and immediate relatives."

The only difference between US, UK, etc. comes down to getting the appropriate gift card if you win something.

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From my past experience, you can thank an increase in comments more on it being E3 month than b/c of the comment lottery (which we've done for a long time).

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I'm very interested to see how Starbreeze will perform as a publisher. Things are already looking up for them.

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