Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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"You're right, the cover was probably chosen as a defense to the SJW lynch mob rather than a genuine reflection of WW1."

It's rather troubling to see just how quickly people will jump the gun to instantly think they can read minds behind this decision. "Oh no...we'll get some flak for having another white guy holding a gun!" Last I checked, more gamers are just annoyed with how the generic gun-toting stance is used so liberally for a cover;...

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"And it’s not just the box art that’s got some people all riled up either. Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer also allows players to fight as an African-American soldier and in addition to the usual complaints about being forced to play as a black character, some have even suggested that black soldiers have a camouflage advantage."

This makes no sense whatsoever. A black character in a sandy or grassy location would probably be easier to see in a distance. Also, there&...

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That's just as shallow a rush to judgment as Hilary Clinton's done in regards to the "alt-right." A lot of people have used the avatar just as a response to bother those who make a big deal out of it in the first place.

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The only Gamingbolt one fitting similar to that description is a PS3 vs. PS4 comparison which isn't the same as this article's topic. And as I mentioned below, extrapolating one aspect of Digital Foundry's tech examination seems in keeping with our story-within-story idea here. I can verify to see if it'll fly though.

EDIT: Astonishingly, we see no sign of the DF original article posted here so we handled it that way instead.

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Whether it be GameSpot, this site, or another, they're all getting this information from Digital Foundry's tech examination. Focusing on this bit follows the story-within-story rule.

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Articles on the same subject are submitted all the time. But approved? I only see this one on Skyrim's channel as it should. Where are you finding the others?

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"I think Xbox One owners got burned by the first and have no interest in the sequel."

You're pulling this info from thin air.

This sort of overwhelmingly-...

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"...Microsoft, Acer or whoever will get to the market will be anywhere close to the quality Sony is delivering, an experienced headset and lense maker?!"

His comment didn't even comment on quality, neither is this article's focus on that. It's about affordability so naturally that's not instantly translating to "the best on the market." They'll probably still be decent headsets at a price closer to $0 th...

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"The media thrives on negativity..."

Except for when it comes to reviews, previews, and general AAA shilling.

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"...because we all know they would've just made the multiplayer the same way and charged $60."

But do we though? Now, with all the other stuff in your comment I can totally follow along. But I'm quoting this part b/c I think this could feed back to my blog on this a few months back (which I remember you contributing).

-How much went into making this campaign?
-Could those resources have been allocated to create a few more ship...

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Actually, you don't really have to pretend you think you know when you can go see reactions to its success back then.

This same site charting these physical retail numbers has at an estimated 357k units 1st week for Driveclub--dropped to 345k later on. This doesn't include digital (just like this doesn't h...

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4K or no, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor will still look underwhelming. Can't believe how drab they made so many areas look.

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Alright. Still applicable to the Original Star Wars Trilogy and that central point of my first response still stands. You can't hand-wave a plethora of unanswered stuff away with "just pony up another $60 to get the full story." That's egregious.


Sure, he's out of The Order. That's A part of the story. What about everything else? Lady Igraine, The Rebels, The Order, or the main antago...

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"its ending was clearly a set-up for the next game, I think they even said before the game launched that they intended it to be a triology. understanding that, there should be no reason to be upset with the ending."

That's a godawful excuse to the point of corporate apologia. Having a trilogy in mind doesn't mean you get to use your first game purely as a means establishing everything w/out any sense of finality. Fellowship ...

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"a supposedly big franchise"

You mean a spin-off series of a supposedly big franchise? This series has consistently hovered around 2 million+ mark (total) and this number outperforms Forza Horizon 2's (XOne and X360) first week sales by ~65k.

They had that Inglorious Basterds-like trailer years back, but was discreetly canceled soon thereafter. There'd always murmurs of a new one setting SGT. Baker and co. closer to the end of the war.

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That's to be expected when you don't get a proper ending though.

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Sure thing? Keep in mind: "ignorant" =/= stupidity. I just genuinely think you don't know, or recall, the uphill climb DONTNOD's been through in having female protagonists in their games.

Remember Me:

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Then you're more than likely ignorant of what DONTNOD's been through in simply trying to develop games with female protagonists.

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Do you mean McCaffrey, IGN, or both? :P

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