My hopes of eleven bubbles dashed forever! :'(


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I'd be worried to travel in any of that public transportation. The very advertisement plastered on the body increases the chance of said vehicle going out in some kind of action setpiece is increased tenfold (EDIT: not including jet skis)

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I think you're really underselling it. There certainly seems to be more mechanical depth with the camera this time around. Plus, the possible hiding spots seems more natural this time around than sticking with lockers and beds for majority of hiding spots.

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Some of these choices just strike me as dumb. KOTOR predates Mass Effect as Bioware's breakout success and Morrowind was out before Oblivion.

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I expect some to strongly disagree with it; nevertheless, thank you very much for the compliment.

What would you say was your favorite moment of the game (out of all 5 episodes)?

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Pretty good front cover. Captures the spirit of a match quite well.

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Who in their right mind would want to settle for PSNow (and streaming those games altogether), when they can own them and play them with better resolution + fps? I certainly get your annoyance at all these remakes/remasters, but settling for game streaming sounds like a MUCH worse case.

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"I'm sure that Quantum Break suffers not at all for the product placement."

I thought it got kinda annoying during the live-action segments. A lingering shot of Microsoft's new Surface or the extra frames utilized to point out a character's driving a Nissan would stick out for me. It wasn't anything heinous like a Michael Bay Transformers movie but still noticeable.

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I appreciate it timmyp53. :)

It wasn't an easy one to dive into and look at with a critical eye, especially thanks to time loop segments as you mentioned. You can tell DONTNOD was trying to dive deep into Max's anxieties here (although it kinda felt like recycling after a while). I actually disagree about the funeral part. It felt like things came full circle and the licensed song played was an inspired choice (to me).

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I couldn't stand this one tbh. One of the worst games of 2015 and I still can't believe A Crowd Of Monsters (Blues and Bullets dev) were the ones behind it.

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I hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel free to leave any comments and/or questions below. Wanted to try getting a horror-type game out in honor of the upcoming US Tax Day, but perhaps this may have to suffice. Episode 5 does contain 'psychological horror' elements to a certain extent, I guess. Maybe I'm stretching it.

*Deep sigh*

Well, I'm very glad to have this behind me. Not against the game but against the structure of examini...

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Can't say I've experienced those types of issues you're describing yet (on XOne). Are you sure that's still the case? They seemed to release patch notes on it quite often.

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I haven't gotten that far into it yet, but I absolutely love this change in direction for the series. I can see where you're coming from with the atmosphere complaint but in reality I wouldn't expect much activity directly surrounding the immediate vicinity of some hazardous material or whatnot. Hostage situation? I suppose. But with that considered, the simple act of breaching some barricaded area more than made up for that tense atmosphere imo.

Such a surp...

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And if/when that doesn't come to pass, can we please drop the 'x site is out to get Playstation' narrative?

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"I had MoTW for 360, will be getting it for the X1."

I picked that up on BC store and am down to play some versus (has online right?) if you want in the future.

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You should give it a shot. I unfairly ragged on it based on some gameplay footage of it back then, but when I got my hands on it recently the experience was moderately enjoyable. It's certainly this odd Frankenstein of game design ideals but it's glued together well enough and topped off with some very fun mini-games on the side that are utilized to expand Duke's planet-sized ego.

The more I consider the average game critic today, the more I question just how mu...

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It's been a LONG time coming, but I'm glad to see the second episode finally arrive.

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Hadn't gotten around to completing it on PC, but I've enjoyed my time with it so far. Critically underrated title (if looking at metacritic score) imo.

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You can't pretend the two situations are the same:

-Xbox One in early-mid 2013: Made several 180's in policy due to such overwhelmingly negative feedback that forecasted how hard their bottom line would be affected.

-MS' UWP/Build Conference in early 2016: Current policy implementations that foreshadow a much more positive reception by community (EDIT: in comparison to XJuan's reveal in May).

I'm not suggesting it's un...

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"I didn't publish a March Contest blog. Why not? Well, because there was a contest, but I didn't want to advertise it so that people would artificially participate."

Sneaky, sneaky sir. ;)

Congrats to all winners and thanks for putting so much effort into keeping this aggregate site flowing with new info. I only put a lot of effort into submissions for a 2-month span a while ago and I don't know how you guys continually do it. Keep up...

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Can't wait for this! Love the hockey mode (not much love from rest of XJuan community though). Now a Rocket League interpretation of my favorite RL sport. :D

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