Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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I'm guessing DOOM Guy's spare key privileges were revoked after this. ;)

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I'd say you're disregarding the freshness of certain qualities of R6 and parts of The Division. The Dark Zone in The Division is a legitimately interesting nuance to the usual PVP formula. R6: Siege harness both the one-kill per round mentality of Counterstrike and mixes in the class based MP of something like TF2.


Incorrect, but I appreciate you commenting. [-_-]~


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With their two most recent entries being The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege, I beg to differ. Heck, what about their published indie titles?

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Especially for the game's biggest backers. :/

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Citation needed. The only news I heard DIRECTLY from Respawn/EA about free DLC was that all the new game modes would be free. They kept their word on that. Give me something that suggests they did an about-face regarding the map packs. EDIT: In the way you're describing, I mean. They did an about-face and made them all free after the 1-year anniversary.

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What are you talking about? TF1 had a pretty standard monetizing process. Base game payment and three separate map packs for $10. Alongside those came free updates throughout 2014, including new game modes, the Black Market, and general gameplay tweaks.

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Actually, I recall some EA boss mentioning how both macro- and micro- transactions will be in BF1. I think Respawn's been able to get away from this b/c of how this is just some publishing deal instead of being bought out by EA.

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Never got around to the original version so I'll probably pick this up. Seems like a decent zombie game.

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Pretty big disparity in scores here (which I can appreciate). All of this DOOM (2016) love is tempting me to try it out soon.

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They are re-working that aspect of the game.

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lol For Honor? That's coming out next year. Figured you'd put closer releases like INSIDE or something.

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Consider me interested. I'm hopeful to see some genuine characters + well-crafted twists.

Be careful, shack. The very mentioning of...*that game* can still cause some to foam at the mouth.

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While this isn't the end-all, be-all of indicators, Amazon's been charting the standard edition at 4th place (currently) and it's been sitting in the top 10's since the 40-dollar price announcement. That's pretty good.

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That's the thing: the original didn't have micro-transactions. The only way to buy more Burn Cards or Burn Card Packs was through in-game credits exclusively.

I fear that'll change with TF2.

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A part of me is saying woohoo! at the news, yet another part is saying damn! at it. I'm worried about how annoying the Burn Card micro-transaction scheming will be for TF2 now.

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They often do by default just b/c having more charismatic speakers. :P

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I there a particular link of the one you're talking about? It could've very easily been failed that we cleaned up after the fact.

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And I can't wait to get trampled again this year! XD

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Been meaning to try this.

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People can moan all they want about one of their favorite games getting an unfavorable score, but at least this low review score feels earned (by his standards). He's pretty up-front about specific issues he didn't enjoy, although I think he disregards really big positives of UC4's storytelling too easily, and he pulls no punches while doing so. I still really, really disagree with the score and I'll go my way understanding most of his criticisms. (See how easy that was?)

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