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"Oh, what a month...what a lovely month!"


Thanks timmyp53.

Nope, I don't have my own website/blog. Keep all my stuff here for the time being. Haven't really thought about setting one up before. You never know what the future holds though! :D #1.1.1
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I was worried the plan wasn't subtle enough to slip by the more attentive users on here. You get coolbeans' *Sherlock HolmeS* Badge. :P #1.1.1
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Yikes! Can't believe I forgot to comment right after. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the blog. Feel to leave comments/questions here.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween as well, if you celebrate it. :) #1
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I hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or questions below.

I know I'm very far behind with these but I plan on catching up with Ep. 3 next month. :) #1
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Well, Gamestop is currently selling the controller + charging stand bundle at $190 that'll be available early November.

Other than that, I haven't any other opportunities. :/ #1.3
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I see. Even with that being the case, it's a stupid calender to use. #12.1
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Although my short time with W3 (so far) does indicate it as a valid choice for GOTY awards, I hate the timeframe many give out their awards. We're now handing out best-of-the-year awards with 2 whole months of new games left to be released. #9
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I see what you did there, but you are wrong with that assumption. Several x360 exclusives received GOTY awards. Heck, some of them have GOTY Editions too. #2.1.3
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The answer is simple, and not in any way demeaning: many players (myself included) would be satisfied without one and have more hopes aimed at more expansive co-op + competitive MP options, or integrating story/lore elements in an interesting way (if able).

This views have already been shared in another TF2 article that was recently on front page. #1.1.3
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Late to the party but there's a lot you stated in first comment that makes me scratch my head in bewilderment.

Criticism (whether by random people or critics) is a vital part of any art form. The principle of evaluating works across any medium is one of the best ways of challenging artists to impress us. I think it was a Greek philosopher who fell asleep during a play that went on a written rant the next morning about the importance of narrative structure way back then.... #1.4
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Oh boy...just as I'm between 1/3-1/2 through my blog on this same topic you show up to steal my thunder. >:(

Enjoyable read. I wanted to bring up a couple of things:

-"for all intensive purposes"

Nice eggcorn. Don't see that one used very often. ;)

-"...gaming industry needs an equivalent to the Criterion Collection."

As of now, I think it's more important to just have l... #2
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No. The count the digital copies purchased through Xbox Store. #3.1
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From their FAQ:

"Which Xbox Store content is eligible for this offer?

Qualifying games must be purchased or pre-ordered from the Xbox Store and appear on this list of approved titles. Only digital download game titles for the Xbox One console are eligible."

That's why the Gears of War option is lit up for me, but not Rare Replay (which I have as physical media). #1.1.1
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It's kind of underhanded in its approach to get more digital sales though. #5
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That's a pretty good sting. #3.1
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I'd rather see expanded co-op + competitive MP with any story or lore mixed in there somehow. You're talking about putting a lot of work behind something that may turn out to be just okay when it's said and done.

Edit: "I'm only giving an exception to SW BF because it has the draw of role play, Titanfall doesn't have any of that appeal."

You mean just having the chance to play as iconic characters is enough of a draw in role p... #1.2
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There were press events held for MCC and a lot of bigger sites went to it. #17.2
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Yes! My patience for an 8th gen port pays off here. :D #3
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That's another possibility. It's all speculation until they release some numbers, really.


While that's certainly an impressive amount and I'll take the chance and believe you (for the sake of conversation), but that's still considered anecdotal evidence.

Still, I was left impressed at glancing around all the big online store to see 'out of stock' on each of their pages last week. They've got... #1.2.4
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One that I'd recommend on sale is White Night: 67% off and an expressionist art style that fits perfectly with its RE-type gameplay. #3
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