Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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Personally, coolbeans appreciates the consistency. ;)

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That's a very dangerous line of thinking b/c you may be disregarding one huge oversight: the possibility of a different reviewer from these big sites. He/She could have a completely different outlook on 13 than you think.

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It's been running out of gas around the MW3/BO2 era, really. It's important to keep in mind that this is only USA figures (and not including digital too). But you're right: they are charting much lower than they used to make in the first week.

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Yeah. I think amazon ended the 1/2 off deal when they reached x amount of orders.

Perhaps they'll refresh on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday).

52d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment did release on October 28th so I wouldn't hold much weight to its placement.

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Right but the problem comes down to canon. EVERYTHING has to be connected according to the Star Wars Storyboard Team at Disney. And since everything except for Eps. 1-6 & The Clone Wars CGI series is now considered "Legends" (EDIT: from before the Disney purchase) it's very, very, very unlikely to happen.

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Guess they had a new opening in their Unmet Expectations Division.

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The bright side: at least you don't have to worry about crowds willing to shove past you just to grab something that's half price.

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I picked it up, but haven't gotten around to playing it. Is it better to play Mars: War Logs first to get more of the lore beforehand?

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I personally haven't gotten very far into it, but I was having a decent time.

-I get a 'They Live' vibe from the whole thing
-Looks smooth at 60 FPS
-Story's kinda weak right now but maybe it picks up later on
-Combat is quite fun

As someone who payed more than 10 euros (equivalent), I'd say it's a fine grab for a weekend or something.

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Even though I've disagreed with him many a time, I certainly put more value in what he has to say about a game than the typical reviewer. Being a contrarian only serves a net benefit for games criticism.

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I mean...some of the voice actors did really well, but the story was still kinda bland. A typical tale for the swords 'n sandals genre but with a few cool visual ideas in between. Can't say I was shocked by any of the twists/surprises; they were the oldest tricks in the scroll! :D

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"(a lot less loading times in mass effect 1 elevators)"

You just don't understand the awesome-ness of the elevators! [-_-]~

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For a story-heavy game, isn't that kinda beneficial to gamers? Getting to know so little of the plot unless digging for it makes me a bit more interested to see what it's about going in. Granted, there's the delays and behind-the-scenes problems that've cropped up which may have resulted in it being so hush-hush; hopefully, this longer wait period comes to its benefit.

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While I was hyped, I didn't realize how more enjoyable it was to play some of these titles with my XOne controller. It's also one of the first time consoles have seen "enhanced BC" like this too--though that varies b/c framerate issues for select BC games is still present. Being able to utilize record/screenshot (this-gen feature) into a past-gen game is pretty nifty.

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"The difference between falsely diversifying the game world and the addition of anachronistic technology is that the first would be done for no other reason than to pander and the latter would be done for no other reason than to enhance the gameplay experience and craft a more fun game."

Sure. I acknowledge the difference of reasoning behind it; nevertheless, it's still...kinda cringy to see a collective like this comment section bring up the idea of ratios a...

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"You're right, the cover was probably chosen as a defense to the SJW lynch mob rather than a genuine reflection of WW1."

It's rather troubling to see just how quickly people will jump the gun to instantly think they can read minds behind this decision. "Oh no...we'll get some flak for having another white guy holding a gun!" Last I checked, more gamers are just annoyed with how the generic gun-toting stance is used so liberally for a cover;...

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"And it’s not just the box art that’s got some people all riled up either. Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer also allows players to fight as an African-American soldier and in addition to the usual complaints about being forced to play as a black character, some have even suggested that black soldiers have a camouflage advantage."

This makes no sense whatsoever. A black character in a sandy or grassy location would probably be easier to see in a distance. Also, there&...

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That's just as shallow a rush to judgment as Hilary Clinton's done in regards to the "alt-right." A lot of people have used the avatar just as a response to bother those who make a big deal out of it in the first place.

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The only Gamingbolt one fitting similar to that description is a PS3 vs. PS4 comparison which isn't the same as this article's topic. And as I mentioned below, extrapolating one aspect of Digital Foundry's tech examination seems in keeping with our story-within-story idea here. I can verify to see if it'll fly though.

EDIT: Astonishingly, we see no sign of the DF original article posted here so we handled it that way instead.

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