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"Oh, what a month...what a lovely month!"


Even for the Ultimate Edition now? Why can't even the Definitive/Ultimate re-releases come with 100% of the in-game content? It may be a irrelevant skin but it's still dumb. Rare Replay's the only 2015 MS title to avoid these sorts of bonuses, it seems. #1
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Thanks LaMode. Glad you enjoyed it. #4.1
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Get back here, you!

*Starts chasing*

Edit: Admittedly, I have some pretty big nostalgia glasses for Goldeneye. Props to the insane amount of content in PD though. Absolutely ambitious. #4.1
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"How long was the halo 4 story? Reviewers said it was very good story but sort really short is that true? "

The runtime was shorter than the other main Halo games, maybe by about an hour or so. Those reviewers are right about that. The "very good story" part? You're talking about mainstream critics so they tend to oversell the quality of your typical game narrative. Had some commendable parts but overall wasn't a... #1.1.3
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I understand that those can be frustrating but I don't really see banning them as being the most beneficial; yes, even if they're the milking 1 game or point per page type.

As Dark_king suggested, implementing some kind of specific sub-category like "opinion piece/list" and then having "1/3/5/etc. entries per page," like a review score on here, can inform users about what they're getting into. Information would be the best route. #8.2
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This is just as pathetic as the baiting Ubisoft has done with Beyond Good and Evil 2.

"Well...maybe if Rayman performs well enough [while releasing in November between COD and AC]"

"Well...maybe if Beyond Good and Evil HD performs well enough."

Just a way to grab as many first week sales from the big DMC fans as possible. #26
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That and some dumb gameplay design bothered me. Same, I still came away really enjoying the whole experience. It had a lot of heart put into it. #1.2.1
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I'm curious to document my experience between this and SWTOR's launch. Say what you will about Bio's MMO, but they did a heck of a job trying to keep that experience as stable as possible.

And aside from some quest bugs, I poured in tens of hours early on that weren't interrupted by big issues. #6.1
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I haven't even gotten around to finishing Hardline's campaign, and I almost have to push myself to do so. Which is a bit of shame to say since the 60FPS gameplay can certainly FEEL tight and responsive, but it's tied in with stupid game systems like arrests that make less and less sense over time. How is he even able to search police archives for guys with warrants or have the ability to arrest anyone after what happens in during the half-way point in the story?

... #1
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Very interesting. Surprised to see this piece didn't get off the ground here. #1
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Like I mentioned before, just pester Christopher to no end. Have a sob story in rotation to get snag some sympathy points for good measure against his big heart. :P

Really though, I just...write in a fashion that attempts to explore a game or game topic in an interesting way. I've been on here for a while, seen various articles/news pieces discussing a variety of topics, and I typically have a good method of explaining my thoughts in a concise way, hopefully improving... #8.1.1
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Maybe. He could be going on the framerate issues brought in other reviews for the console versions. Can't say for sure what he's experienced between them. #3.1.3
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*on consoles

He clarifies that at the end, probably due to technical performance issues. #3.1
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*Ignores just joking part*

One step closer to my formula for guaranteed winning. #5.1.1
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Appreciate the nod (didn't anticipate it for blog tbh) and congrats to rest of winners.

Here's to an exciting June! #8
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"As you said yourself it is not perfect because of minor bugs you listed yourself thats why it shouldn't get the "perfect score" which in this case is the 10 out of 10. "

Seems like there's been a communication breakdown on the intention of why I repeated the 'downs' listed in the review. I didn't say that to point out Valenka's misuse of the score but YOUR misinterpretation of it--which admittedly isn'... #3.2.4
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Ironically, no Insomniac-made game since their jump to 30 FPS focused titles has had the same financial or critical success as A Crack In Time.

(Though Sunset Overdrive MAY have a chance of beating its sales in the future) #3.2
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I'm always surprised to see how often people instantly attribute 10/10 with meaning "perfect." Sure, taken on just the number itself, it could seem like that's a natural translation of the score; however, the 'downs' listed already acknowledges minor to moderate bugs so that's not what the score means in this context.

I've yet to come across a posted game review on here, by critics, etc. that attributes a 10/10 to mean 'perfect' by t... #3.2
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Haven't gotten a chance to Close Encounters yet tbh.

"Even George Lucas said the same thing to Steven Spiielberg back in 1977."

Color me interested to compare. Then again, it's necessary to keep in mind just how pessimistic Lucas was of Star Wars back then. Seemed to be disappointed with the budget, the makeup, etc. etc. #5.1
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I'm curious of this as well. The shield thing didn't seem like anything familiar in any Star Wars I've seen, but with Disney here and the whole redone canon stuff, maybe they're expanding the lore in new ways.

"The 3D modeling looks really nice."

True, but I'd like to wait and see how all of that in-engine stuff will look in gameplay. #4.1
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