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"I'm back and feeling fatter and sassier"


It's interesting you say that because I have a habit of using the .1 increments quite often. I don't intend to mock viewers when I do so but I'm interested to get your perspective on it. #8.1
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"Not only that, but because some game scored less, and is receiving less than favorable reviews on metacritic, people are losing jobs over that."

"Game reviewers and Companies creating games are both involved in that one, and i kinda maybe wish Metacritic would take a dive."

Neither Metacritic nor reviewers make those deals or pay the developer though, the publisher does that. That's no more their problem as it is the consumer's p... #10.2
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"Sony corrected their previous statement on the 1080p issue."

The only corrections I've seen made by them or GG was AFTER this news was brought to light via Eurogamer. I would certainly like to see any links that could correct me on that.

"Just because it is said by one person does not make it binding whatsoever."

The technical director of Guerilla Games was the one person your talking abo... #4.2.5
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There's a difference between that little box [HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p] notifying you that the game can be upscaled vs. an official Playstation blog lying to potential customers about Shadowfall's multiplayer running natively at 1080p. #4.2.2
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That shouldn't be a surprise, given that they're a publicly traded good. If there's enough evidence to believe a company willingly deceived consumers then the courts would take it up, same as if a movie business pulled the same stunt.

Gearbox/SEGA went through this same situation and lost their class-action lawsuit for Aliens: Colonial Marines' false advertising, so it's done some good in my eyes. #1.4
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"Hope one day the gaming community will grow up."

Would help if the people who often say this would lead by example. #22.2
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Considering that these rumors still seemed rooted in some random's DToid blog that was refuted over a year surprise here. Neither was the initial response to these rumors, unfortunately. #27
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"@coolbeans, males lay eggs too."

In the very limited case of something like say...sea horses (which even then is a special case), okay I can see where you're going with that. But in regards to what I'm talking about? I'd need to see some studies sent to me via PM for proof. #2.5.2
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Well...Riptor's gender was never 'officially' announced before, but her ending in old KI showed her laying eggs. #2.1
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Very interesting. Those curious about what bitcoins are can watch the embedded vid in article, or there are several other youtube vids that talk about it.

Can't wait 'til Dogecoins become another acceptable means of purchasing Xbox stuff. :) #2
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I actually have to make a correction to one part now:

"For instance: the 360 version can only be purchased via physical copy and you can’t install said copy to the harddrive."

I just recently found out TF actually IS able to be purchased On Demand now. I noticed a tile for it on the home page recently (for $49.99). Very surprising to see that's the case. That must mean it's capable of disc installation as well. #2
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Hype is through the roof if that be the case. #1
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Thanks for the pick and congrats to other winners.

Had a feeling that review was the stronger contender too. Was fun to dive into and try to explore all the small 'design cogs' that made GH so interesting for me. #7
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^Appreciate your input, SlapHappy. #2.1.2
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I'll have a special greeting card ready for when you do. #11.1.1
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Didn't take long for that sweeping generalization to be proven false; not to mention instances like that BOII dev getting similar treatment and gamer culture expressing disgust of those death threats as well.

It's a disgusting act to do either way. So why focus on the perceived 'gender inequality in regards to online abuse' than the matter at hand? #4.3
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I figured Cat's warehouse still has some PS4's left. [o_o]~

Can't wait to see some of these greeting card designs. #11
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First and foremost: thanks for the kind words. I do have to--respectfully--disagree with you in regards part. I would be more inclined to understand that with Dear Esther, since I couldn't help but read the text while also listening to the voiceover. Here? The fundamentals are more based on interactivity and mechanical feedback when just picking up and moving a cassette tape, a trophy, etc. around in your invisible hands. There's certainly a good amount of reading b... #2.1
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I'm just pleasantly surprised to have gotten the best of both worlds on this deal: didn't have to bother purchasing on day one and still got a code. #7
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Hooray...back to me complaining. I was hoping to see what could inspire me today. Thanks for getting me back on track, cgood.


Congrats to all winners. #4
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