I'm feeling less stable.


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I think that would fall under the "just did different stuff" part of his comment.

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And it only took to the 4th original comment for THAT to come up.

We can deduce it may be ~1 million less than that, considering it was tallied at 3 million sales when it reached 4 million players total back in January.

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Actually, that's not the case. The 17 they're talking about are newly announced games, the rest listed will just also be on the [email protected] showroom floor.

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Was literally about to respond with this meme myself.

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Depends on the platform, really. PC versions of Prey and Skyrim: Special Edition were terribly buggy.

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"...but let's get official confirmation that the game will be coming to Xbox first before you start complaining or gloating about what the devs are doing for the X version."

It's been officially assessed by two different ratings boards and the devs were open about porting being dependent on its success. There's really no harm in moving past that part of the conversation.

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Mario Tennis Aces, obviously.

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"But it has already been on the PC so console bragging is moot."

Considering the usual exchange on here about multiplatform games between '13-'17 that never seemed to be the case.

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I've heard Before The Storm under-delivered altogether.

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So this was what the followup announcement was about. Pretty cool, I guess. Only $5 too so I'm gonna DL it.

No lie: Lucky look totes adorb in a swimming suit.

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You really shouldn't expect Beyond: Two Souls to make any "Best Of" lists like this.

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Thorough review. Keep it up! :)

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"a couple of things"

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Same story for Xbox Store.

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"Set a bad precedent," eh? Nevermind that Sony bought timed exclusivity for Tomb Raider before MS was even in the console race.

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That's why these articles seem so necessary imo. Gathering even a few more pre-orders and/or first-week purchases could have enough of a domino effect to keep it from such a fate.

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Seems to be that'll be going offline.

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Ding Ding Ding! I absolutely enjoyed my time with it (though never got around to finishing at the time), but I have no qualms with game critics striking it down a bit due to framerate. I'M more forgivable on that when being engaged with the experience but that's not the case for everyone.

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It's not just you. And it's to be expected more and more considering PS3's PSN was & is free. Even if the player count is underwhelming years later I'm confident 1st-party PS4 online capabilities will be longer-lasting (though there will still be exceptions).

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And it's already sold out again. Damn scalpers.

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