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-"You make two sound like a lot but it's just one more than one."

Okay. But one more than one in ONE of the most overused backdrops we have these days is what I'm getting at.

-"Xbox had exclusive zombie games in State of Decay, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead all out the same gen'. Deadlight was also exclusive for years. No one made an issue that I recall."

1.) You kinda have Sony to blame for several of those...

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I just don't see the point with this one, to be frank. I mean I totally get each of The Big Three having one dedicated zombie IP in their belt. It's an incredibly popular genre. But two? This is exacerbated even more when considering ND's foray into zombies already brought nuance to the genre by way of the real-world inspiration and tonally-consistent gameplay features. Comparing unique spore-covered monstrosities to dog-piling zombies and QTE bike combat that looked ripped s...

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1.) You're deliberately strawmanning what Phil Spencer said in regards to 30 v. 60 FPS.

2.) You're saying Phil needs to chill out when this whole cross-platform play controversy was incited by Jim Ryan busting out the "think of the children" line? C'mon now.

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It's pronounced 'hand-egg,' good sir! He's more known for his Old Spice commercials and inclusion in comedies these days.

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@Master of Unlocking

"Yet Microsoft has been doing it for years now, parity deals I mean."

There's never been any proof of console performance parity (what's actually being discussed here) signed by them though. Content parity & first-release deals have been common for both of them.

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-"Prior to that, I never saw ANYBODY complaining about Xbox 360 marketing deals to withhold content (a practice they may not have invented, but surely perfected)."

1.) Maybe it's just me...but I think awarding the 'perfecter' of this unfortunate practice should go to the company's who's able to get a contract that enforces content parity for one whole year. Hats off to them cranking the insidiousness to eleven! ...

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Virtually EVERYTHING looks shite compared to Super Mario Odyssey though.

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-"I like how ppl use Pro in a positive light when it supports their cause, but the rest of the time they depict it negatively."

Of all the places to gripe you're going to do this here? The intent here isn't to "conveniently" now put Pro in a positive light. It's essentially like doing a 'PC max settings vs. scripted vertical slice' we've seen countless times before; but rather than 'PC max,' it's essentially doing &#...

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Aside from the more minute details in the way the boy's animated, I don't see how you'd come to that conclusion. The outdoor areas look bleached with that white lens filter, making everything look blurrier. You can even spot this disparity in the video thumbnail.

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*Part 2*


-Just Dance 2018 announced/there will be cringe-worthy dancing on stage/Release: October 2017
-Assassin's Creed Origins gameplay demo/trailer shown/Release: October 2017
-New Splinter Cell announced/trailer will be shown
-Far Cry 5 gameplay shown on stage/new trailer shown/Release: February 2018
-The Crew 2 announced/gameplay shown on stage/new trailer/Release: November 2017
-South Park: F...

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-Star Wars Battlefront II gameplay shown on stage/new trailer released/Lead protag of BF II appears on stage
-New trailer for NBA Live '18/New gameplay shown off on stage (in the scripted form of the tech, social aspects, and maybe gameplay-oriented)
-New trailer for Madden '18/New gameplay shown off on stage (in the scripted form of the tech, social aspects, and maybe gameplay-oriented)
-New trailer for FIFA '18/New gameplay shown...

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"...totally failed because of the lies the devs kept saying to hype the game."

Oh yeah? Well, regardless of that legitimate criticism for which I have no defense, the game sold a whole bunch. Take that!

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I hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel to leave any comments and/or questions down below.

I wanted to get this out a little bit with the Deals With Gold that started last week (Coffins Dodgers was one) but I was caught up with other stuff. Anyways, I hope this review was useful for you. Perhaps you enjoyed more than I did? Let me know your thoughts.

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"Look at all the insecure comments raving at his preferences." That's not a generalization against EVERYONE who decided to comment here, but OF the ones ranting against his preferences. Just the simple fact of him bringing up Far Cry + Watch_Dogs seemed to cause some to practically foam at the mouth here. 'How dare he compare to such rubbish!' As if there aren't certain qualities he may appreciate within certain entries of those games w/o...

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"Hmmmm. Backwards compatibility for the gamer, I thought."

Yes...for 7th gen titles. In case you're unaware: that means a growing number of Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible w/ Xbox One. Never did MS announce OG Xbox could be BC as well (yet).

"Nah, it's fine this is okay... we only hate on companies for not offering 6th-generation games for free on their latest console when it matters."

#rekt amiri...

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That's already Backwards Compatible.

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I know I'm late to the party here; however, I must say: do we need to be so dishonest by personifying this comment section as just simple 'disagreement' all the time? I'm not trying to limit this JUST to you either, Tomato. As others below your reply fall under my complaint, plus your comment above Kurdish's was fair and to-the-point. But you can easily skim through this to see a gaggle of users here more interested in insulting his character than challenging his points...

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But that's due to the VV creator's team, Beep Games, picking it up and getting a little help from MS. Either a similar story with Blinx would need to happen OR MS themselves renew the trademark themselves.

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Because comparing a AAA third-person open-world action RPG (of sorts) to another released two years ago is kind of a typical thing to do in this industry? 3D platformers that released AFTER Super Mario 64 (at the time) would get compared with it to see where they succeeded and fell short. We naturally look at the 'modern pinnacles' of a game genre and compare those to newcomers all the time too.

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-"So did his TLOU score, but the overall tone of such reviews are usually negative."

I'd have to say that's not a fair representation of the overall tone of said review. Negative about the game design? Sure. But those harsh criticisms stemmed against the gameplay which, frankly, isn't all that unique to just him. In regards to the story? He lays out several paragraphs examining minute details he appreciated about t...

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