My hopes of eleven bubbles dashed forever! :'(


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Game of Thrones is one of TellTale's worst efforts since The Walking Dead Season 1 for me. The writers seemed to have no idea how to handle tone, nuance, or endings for that matter. For all of the 2015 games I've played thus far, The Order: 1886 and this game are neck-and-neck for the "most egregious sequel-baiting" award. While incredibly harsh, I can totally understand where this reviewer's coming from:

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"To be fair, their monopoly during the early playstation years wasn't too bad."

Monopoly is not the same as a majority of the market share.

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A 5/5 isn't as rare as you may think either.

"They usually give the lowest scores."

'Tis true.

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"So happy to buy Wolfenstien Old Blood for 5 dollars at the PS store during a December 2015 holiday sale . It took me almost 18 hours to complete a harder difficulty setting ."

I know, right? I grabbed The Old Blood physical release and recently got around to playing it. Can't believe how much content is here.

"Always refreshing to read positive, fun blogs . Thanks"

You bet! And thanks for reading. Fair warning:...

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Had a lot of fun with the OG Cel Damage back in the day.

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Pleasantly surprised to see so much go towards Witcher 3. I didn't even anticipate it getting Best Soundtrack + Best DLC categories.

The Great Zoltar the beans is not. :(

I'll settle for The Decent Zoltar then.

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Hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel free to leave any comments and/or questions in the comment section below! :)

Finally nearing the tail end of my 'review series' on an episodic game. Before then, I would like to get out another indie game review in quick succession and then go on to review Episode 5. I'm hoping for both to be released in March.

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It's definitely one of my other favorite multiplayer games of 2015.

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-"What I'm trying to say is to filter it down to "ALL" online stuff splinters the community is taking an extremist position when I think it was completely apparent that Nelson was talking about MP maps and the like, and not new game modes."

Ok, I see what you mean and agree with avoiding making things too broad. But the thing to remember is Killzone: Shadowfall's Season Pass includes new co-op MAPS as well. That'...

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"Killzone: ShadowFall offered all competitive MP maps for free."


But it still had a Season Pass like Nelson's essentially talking about.

Edit: And no, COOPERATIVE and COMPETITIVE fall under the umbrella of multiplayer when speaking in generalities like the article st...

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Which example are you using from 2013?

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Okay? He either really liked or 'loved' those Pinball games then. That's all there is to his rating system.

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Hah! I knew I wasn't the only one.


But now I feel like my opinion isn't as unique now. :(

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Now we're talking. I just gotta say Lost I'm glad you...

"Splatoon just didn't do it for me."

... What! >:(


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Well...granted, there's no one else I love more than myself. I guess Julia Roberts and I have something in common.


"Anyway, 2015 had some memorable moments to say the least."

Aww c'mon now! Spill the beans on some of your fondest 2015 moments! :D

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Admittedly, the early parts of W3's MAIN plot don't really have that oomph to it. Makes it more slow-paced to an unnecessary degree, but it's helped out by the diverse set of side-quests around that particular area. I would certainly recommend giving it another shot whenever you have the time.

"I figured this blog was for people to put their thoughts down, not specifically about trying to convince others why they're wrong."


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"I'm really tired of you trying to incite fan boy riots here on N4G.:P "

I'll admit I haven't gotten to MGSV yet, but I'm surprised to see that level of non-enthusiasm from you about The Witcher 3. It felt like such an amazing world packed with rich characters. It also takes top honors of 2015 for keeping me u...

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A Win10 version hasn't even been announced. Be warned: posting lies and spreading disinformation is brought up in comment guidelines.

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"Going 60fps won't only hit the graphics, it will affect gameplay, physics, animation and scope. Going 60fps can have a devastating affect on devs creative vision."

You're making it out as if 60FPS hacks developer's at the knees or something. Considering the last XOne exclusive that pushed 60FPS in Halo 5, none of those things you listed seemed to be affected. Heck, in regards to gameplay going with higher fps ENHANCES stuff like shooting.

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