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I think one of Prominence's best assets is how natural this free-to-play system feels. You intuitively understand the concept of putting down real money (or time + effort) to acquire chips in a tournament, the buy-in rate + entry fee, and getting clothes. It's a lot more easygoing than the BS you'd see in something Dungeon Keeper Mobile or the Battle Island series.

Even though the review was basic, I appreciate you contributing here. Hope to see more stuff ...

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I you really have to be that condescending to the author's opinion? Looking at what's written in the description, he seems to be knowledgeable enough of Bioware's lineup of games--which seems appropriate for what this opinion piece is about.

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1.) This is just the list of nominees for you to vote on, in the link provided above.

2.) It's pretty clear these nominations were listed in numerical order, not in what "place" they were in.

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Same here. Looks like a great little title.

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-" was a hard year to think of much of anything."

When considering how we've applied "innovation" into our category, I have to disagree with you there. Because we've never tried to solely look at big-picture but smaller nuances as well. Here's a vid from Game Maker's Toolkit that lists 5 which would easily apply here:

Initially, I got the wrong impression from the 3-limit during the nomination phase. I'm really liking the expansiveness of this list. And nary a grammatical flaw of the list in sight. What is this?!?! >:(

Only disappointment for me is Game Innovation locked to hardware-oriented stuff--except for Trico. I thought at least SUPERHOT got a couple of nods during the nomination process but I guess not.

EDIT: Ah ha! "Darkest Dungeons" ins...

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Thanks for the comment, alf!

Yeah, I still believe the ending itself fits appropriately with the story's main themes. But some of those jumps in time seem like they're begging for a little more time to breath.

As much as I like these characters, a part of me worries how that'd conflict with what this story was all about.

Agreed. There are several exemplary qualities in this game.

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It looks great and I'm hoping to play through it soon.

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I hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel free to submit your comments and/or questions down below.

I will say this to stress my enthusiasm: I was quite tempted to consider just a flat 8.0 here. If you have a solid PC that can run this without hiccups I'd make that consideration. But I just dropped it down the next lowest tier because of those annoying framerate drops. With that considered, it's one of those strange examples of being so enthusiastic to t...

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You mean...back to making COD great again?

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In regards to graphics: eh, for a decade-old game, I still think they went a more inspired route with the look. Technically impressive with dipping its toes in a livelier, cel-shaded-esque art style.

In regards to gameplay: forget aging, they weren't well-implemented for '07 standards. A smorgasbord of mechanics that had high ups and low downs in execution.

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No. This info was already promised last year when this was announced so there really hasn't been a further downgrade.

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Typically when someone responds with "no" they follow up with where my comment is incorrect. Nothing I stated in my first comment is incorrect; in fact, here's a simple breakdown of the site's ratings system:


"The "author" seems to be a pseudo intellectual who abuses himself to be ow...

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But a 2/5 score from him LITERALLY translates to him not liking the game.

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That's a terrible idea.

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"Naughty Dog's treatment of multiplayer can't effect their reputation because NOBODY fanboys over their multiplayer."

Not the case, from my experience. Naughty Dog earned a lot of praise with UC2's MP and TLOU had a very dedicated following since people could first get their hands on it. The dynamics with TLOU in particular felt refreshing in regards to mechanics and meta. That one had more of a following than people give it credit for back on PS3. ...

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You mean when I was so hip and fun? :P

Yeah, I vaguely recall being more of a smarmy reactionary back then. Hopefully seeing my expanded arguments can provide some context as to my thought processes back then on this topic, even when they weren't eloquently stated. Not sure if I ever insulted you, directly or indirectly, but if I did I sincerely apologize.

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@Why o why

-It's cool. I was also running on fumes last night typing up these responses so I know that feel. Thanks for clarifying.

-Anyways, I think what's interesting about your appeals is that's actually part of why I felt the need to blog about this. Those studios lower in quality, that you're thinking of, have probably gotten their lion's share of anger across gaming sites when they have annoying DLC policies. But because ND i...

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-"I guess what I'm trying to say, is that you are singling out ND in this, when in fact, I could probably change the name of the dev, any cited game, and update your citations, and it'd be the exact same article."

Well, as I initially stated in the comment section, I acknowledge such favoritism can be extended to specific developers too. But it's a relatively small collection of big studios that seem to get away with it...

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