Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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Almost as if that's been the usual story of the genre for a while now.

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Alright, as you know I'll be on vacation soon; so either this comment or next will be my final for this.

1.) Once again: context. I specifically said 'acknowledge,' which not the same as making my hypothetical review now into some history book. As for whether any text (even 1% of total review) of that ought/ought not to be in a review is another debate of it's own. One that I disagree with and look at differently but wh...

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The site was shortly on CloudFare after the attack. Someone was legitimately gunning for it just b/c of that review.

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By that same standard, no one here can go after critics for continuous 9/10's or 8/10's for every COD sequel because of "what it is and wants to be," right? If your game feels mechanically similar to hundreds of other survival titles out there that've already released, with very little else of interest for him/her, that reviewer's more than entitled to point that out.

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1.) Sounds like a non-issue in this context. You're talking about a guy who's daily life is videogames and the hype has been around this one for quite a long time. If I were to review The Last Guardian (hopefully!), I'd be remiss not to at least acknowledge the development hell it's been through. It's not as though he solely looked through this game through the lens of what it's hyped up to be; it was still assessed by its inherent quality in his eyes, just like an...

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I'm a bit surprised you could get past your second paragraph w/out realizing my point. Before that, I'll jump to the first point. He tied that all in with "after all the hype, all promises" too. That's clearly alluding to, well, the kind of hyped-up mentality even the launch trailer appears to have: I mean...even...

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You're disregarding a lot of the context from that quote in order to fuel your counterargument.

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By that standard, virtually nobody in the gaming press would be fit to even review this title. It's been one of the most hyped games of this year, possibly the most hyped next to Uncharted 4.

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I want to play through the main campaign + The Scorchers DLC on Ultra Nightmare difficulty soon! :D

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@badz149 & @Kurdishcurse

You're throwing reasons about why you have disdain for the practice--much of which I can understand where you're coming from, but that doesn't somehow defeat the open market principle I'm talking about here. You have issues with it should be disallowed regardless of what other consumers have to say? If someone else wants to take the dive (knowing full well the risks) then let them, I say. If you dislike the idea...

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Push the Submit button near your account profile picture (top-right corner). After you've done that, you should see a new pop-up asking if you either want to submit news, a blog, user review, or tag.

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Thanks, bud. :P

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Congrats to all winners! :D
EDIT: Even xHeavYx! ;)

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"I'm talking about the eventuality of throwing quality control out of the window as many here seem to want."

I've got unfortunate news for you: quality control has been disregarded before Early Access on consoles became a thing. I don't recall seeing a "Early Access" stamp around many of 2014's tentpole releases.


A lot of what you're saying could be ame...

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That's an interesting take. I can't really comment on their deactivation standards or their archaic standards on this sort of stuff overall, so that's a healthy perspective to add. Even if it may not be as practical (currently) for them, I still stand by the principle of the argument as brought up in my first reply.


"Two words: bricked consoles."

You're basically re...

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A great amount of value added with this imo.

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**Now you're talking about creating a whole new system of 'timed demos' in their system.**

I described "easily" as phrasing of remedying the issue, not technical implementation. If it's THAT big of an issue to consider, institute refunds tied with game time falling under that limited window I brought up. Pretty sure that's automatically tracked. My main point being: there's surely some undemanding way of i...

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-"People will want their money back and it will increase work for Sony in that regard?"

This can be easily be remedied with instituting free half-hour or 1-hour game trials. And considering something like Dungeon Defenders II Early Access has been put on their storefront already, I'm not really sure why worries of refunds and workload would suddenly be an issue for them with this one case.

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Time for the common sense rebuttal: why not just have it available and let consumers decide whether or not to buy this half arse game in its current state?


"Developer: I wan't to release this half arse game on your console Sony it has some bugs, crashes, etc, can I release it ?
Sony: Da funk is wrong with you ? finish your damn game first!!!"

And yet Dungeon Defenders II got a pass.

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"maybe i am missing something but original TF came and went and i don't remember much fuss about it not being on ps4"

Then you missed out on a lot of negativity thrown against it back in the day.

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