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"If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket"


In regards to Heavy Rain, I figure that would detract from the quality that made it one of the most refreshing 'cinematic' games for its time: the amount of variety in all of the possible outcomes. #1.3
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Would've lost my cool for a moment if they went with a LE console+controller like the Star Wars Kinect 360 bundle. #5
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Forgot to write in the blog (with secret invisible text) "*except for LostDjinn"

[-_-]~ #69.1
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You could only hold onto the sacred 11th bubble for so long. My journey is now complete. :D #70
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-"My issue with your point is that you made a statement you assumed was good enough but one you didn't back up."

Solely because I'm suggesting not to throw out a benign question based on the idea of "there's other games out there" doesn't really seem demanding of a need to "back up."

-"The point of there being other games is that there is precedent, lots of it, for how silent protagonists are used and how p... #4.1.7
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"It was a statement to say that if you were going to make that kind of generalization then obviously you should have examples to prove your point."

To prove my point that saying "there are other games out there" shouldn't make us dismiss the Link being a girl argument? I figured that was a satisfactory consideration on its own.

"So basically the already covered "Nintendo said..." argument. Again, this is covered in th... #4.1.5
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What? I'm not even sure how you would've predicted I'd bring something like up from that quote. Anyways...

"Claim all you want that Link is intended on being a vessel for the player, but the entire purpose of this blog was meant to show that that means consciousness, not gender/racial identity or personality."

And all my comments were to show my disagreement with that limitation by bringing up what he's often been considered, which... #4.1.3
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Now who am I going to give cutesy phrases to when getting a contest win ticket (should I ever get another one again)? :'(


"Christopher will be assuming many of my old duties."

Alright then. :D

Seriously, best wishes on your future endeavors. Hopefully said endeavors won't involve some random nuisance pestering you about small grammatical mistakes. ;) #19
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I got my next pun lined up for them when they come to see me:

Thanks for the kind words. Nice to get it on PS Plus too. Considering how divisive it's been (at least when considering launch issues) and how grand the mileage-may-vary can be here, it's nice for this kind of game to be a + pickup. #2.1
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"See 'games are subject to the limitations of their mechanics.' To address most of what you said."

Shame it doesn't adequately address most of what I said. Most people who've brought up this benign question about Link being a girl understand that there are other games out there that do that. Just because that's true shouldn't make the initial premise be dismissed.

"That would apply to most silent protagonists as al... #4.1.1
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Depending on the situation, it can sometimes feel like I'd ask myself that of some silent characters. As ground-breaking as it was, GTA3's storytelling work with Claude (playable character) could make him feel like a secondary character in his own story.

But as far as LoZ goes, this redecorated argument still doesn't land only because it's still limiting Link, his stated design intention, and the idea of a what a tabula rasa is down to just the guiding con... #4
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RNGesus looks favorably upon the 'umble...and those that can hack its system. ;)

Thanks for the contests and congrats to other winners. #2.2
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Hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

To reiterate on the update at beginning: I noticed some complaints swirling around the web about the game's poor release in regards to bugs, AI, etc. While it certainly had problems, as noted in the review, my experience never seemed as dramatic as it was for others (which is a shame that they had to go through that). For the Xbox One version: be prepared to get a big update... #1
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Why's that? #1.1
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Neither Halo 2 nor Halo: CE brought about regenerative health. Hydlide, an older Wolverine game, and others had that system in place. It just remained dormant in less popular, or even downright awful, titles before making big with Halo.

I think Dragon's Lair would be considered the first with doing QTE's too. #5
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That would be a better way to go with this new technology. The reason review scores get such an emphasis is the same reason game length can often get it: they're easy targets. You can play the score comparison game to 'invalidate' someone's opinion rather than actually attempting to understand where he/she is coming from. Doing a cynical dollar-per-hour trade-off works easier than questioning whether that great value actually equals a greater gaming time.

T... #7.1
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Your questions at the beginning correlate with what I'm trying to communicate in regards to all of our opinions. You actually are an enigma/anomaly. But the great news is every *gamer* can be considered one to some extent. If we were to consider every single game we've played and look at which one's we did/didn't like many would probably be puzzled at the final results. You can look at mine and see something similar reflective of being a peculiar reviewer. And that's... #6.1
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Oh absolutely, there's room for improvement. Would especially be interested to see the new ai+loading times improved in the near future.

"As I imagine you are aware, the *gamer* (cough) crowd of today has very little standard against which to judge the progress of the gaming medium, seeing as they just (relatively) got into it."

That seems to often be the case, but I think things like retro venues (Game Room, re-released classics in dsic bundle... #5.1
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"Very well written, IMO <<<get it!"

Got it and liked it.

"WE need to know more about reviewers!"

Definately a good thing to do and I hope this sliver of my gaming experiences + my previous reviews provide a clearer window of how my tastes, appreciations, etc. have changed/expanded since I started here.

EDIT: Appreciate the kind words from you and Kavorklestein. :) #3.1
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When it comes to my law of diminishing returns part, I never wanted to give the intention that the industry has altogether hit an interactive/visual flair brick wall it can never surmount; instead, I'm only transplanting that term over in one non-economic sense: any rate of production beyond a certain point fails to increase excitement proportionally with added investment into said product. What does that imply here? Well...The Order: 1886 could actually be a good example altogether whe... #2.1
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