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To critique some content in this review (disregarding the score and whether or not I'll agree with it):

That has to be one of the most uncomfortable transitions in a conclusion I've seen. To highlight a recent quote from him after ABUSE & HARASSMENT allegations as a segue to close out how you, the reviewer, are judging his work? That strikes me as an incredible lack of self-awareness, and is really discourteous to the situation (which I believe is still under ...

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Awesome. SEGA is just doing everything right.

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Better off asking for a remake of the original R6 games.

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RIP in peace.

I remember playing that back around 8th and 9th grade too. I'm old! :P

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No, it's ignorance. Hi-Rez literally several of Overwatch's base characters can be found replicated in Hi-Rez's Global Agenda, which released years before Overwatch arrived. And while I'm not denying the influence OW may have had with reswelling interest in the hero shooter genre--along with the campy-fun art style, disregarding Hi-Rez's previous work just to call Paladins plagiarism is really disingenuous.

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It's ignorant to consider Paladins to simply be an Overwatch plagiarism, esp. since Hi-Rez has dipped its toes into class-oriented combat since before Overwatch was ever announced.

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I think, by definition, that's not the case. "In-house" implies Bethesda (as the dev) making the game, like with FO3+4 and the mainline Elder Scrolls games. id Software just falls under being one of their 1st party studios.

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Pretty generic but I'm still really interested in this one.

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I think there's something quite telling in that jump initiating with "whining about the subject matter" to bringing up "censorship." You're only fooling yourself if you believe a game's content is but a hair's breadth away from actual censorship when a few people get on their soapbox about it.

Also, examining--with the chance of complaining as well--about an artistic work's themes and subject matter is standard across every medium.

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I don't think that's the best comparison. BF1's War Stories still had a narrative through-line with detailed cinematics. This looks to be more like the Situations from R6: Siege.

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This site has unceremoniously made dev count comparisons the next insufferable thing so thanks for that.

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*try the new difficulty

EDIT: A very late response but I was banging my head after seeing that mistake.

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Update response: looks like they're going with Avalanche's Apex Engine after all.

I apologize for that. Now I'm worried that framerate is going to be sacrificed (save for potential performance modes on upgraded hardware).

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The best way to avoid a bad language mark on here. ;)

Indeed, it does look insane.

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I believe it was mentioned to be running on id Tech 6.

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RAGE was a solid challenge on its hardest difficulty (in the base game). I've been antsy to go back and try the new DLC that came with The Scorchers DLC.

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"Why the hell they're doing a RAGE 2 when the 1st Rage completely BOMBED!!??"

Incorrect. Pete Hines said years ago that RAGE netted them a profit and was up for a potential sequel. People need to stop pretending everyone slammed it back in the day.

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USA Collector's Edition w/ actual revolver modeled after Dutch's shown in the trailer.

Go all the way this time, Rockstar.

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It is too--for what it's trying to accomplish. Modestly-priced, bouncy brawler utilizing [email protected]'s technical ability.

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"If you don't try new things, it becomes easy to stagnate. Props to them for having ambition and wanting to try new things and grow as a studio."

I think this is--surprisingly--one of the most thoughtful takes on the trite negativity on here. It's easy to just play armchair-publisher and ask "why not dedicate resourses to what I want?" but it's apparent that the money wasn't there. They're exploring different avenues b/c that appear...

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