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"But in no way the co-op of 'Far Cry 3' brought down my fun playing the 'Far Cry 3' campaign ."

That's good to hear. Perhaps a better way for me to articulate is this: does the inclusion of a mediocre/kinda forgetful MP mode to a campaign-focused game leave you a bit bothered b/c that meant less resources were allocated to the part you liked the most?

"Nice blog!"

I appreciate it, Defender. :)...

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That is a fair thing to point out. It would be unfair of me to suggest everyone suddenly did an about-face on this subject; however, I would suggest there's a more-than-marginal overlap from my experience. Now, granted, this is anecdotal but my experience with community's responses on this over the years does make it seem like the general attitude on this has shifted.

"...but please don't ask me to think that a fairly basic MP focused title like Overwatch...

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Kinda sounds like it could be full of itself but I dig the whole 'game about games' setup.

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@Mr Pumblechook

You misquoted me. I'm not going to have a final say as to whether or not there has been a 'classic' game made by Rare in the past 7 years until I get around to playing them for myself. And I didn't even play those VP or new Banjo game yet so I can't say for certain if those are 'classic' either. Having said all that, the content I've seen from Sea of Thieves already looks more inspired and fun than anything I predict Activi...

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@Mr Pumblechook

"When discussing a topic, just once please try and leave brand loyalty aside."

Yeah right. Nevermind that within my second sentence I literally acknowledged issues with MS's use of the developer in the past. Tell you what: when discussing a topic let's try to leave poor assumptions of character aside and discuss the arguments made.

"Yes MS-Rare made the fairly good Kameo and a Perfect Dark game b...

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[Part 2]

"But so far no multiplayer-only game has shown that. Titanfall 2 will be priced the same as Titanfall 1, but it will have a full campaign and probably a bigger multiplayer. So that goes to show they overpriced the first game."

Now c'mon...that's not really a fair comparison. That's like bringing up the similar prices for Sonic 1 + 2, despite 2 really polishing up the mechanics. Or the new additions from Halo CE to Halo 2. ...

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Okay. I'll try to unpack both comments with a response here. Tbh, I wasn't aware of Respawn wanting a SP campaign so that's an interesting consideration. But I really don't think that same consideration can be transplanted over for Rainbow Six: Siege and Battlefront really works, as I brought up in my blog. Once again, DICE's track record with campaigns has been subpar since stepping away from the goofiness of the Bad Company titles. Could DICE have still had epic bat...

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@Mr Pumblechook

The same publisher that was under Bobby Kotick of the time? Sure, you can bring up their Avatar + Kinect stints if you're so inclined but that'd probably be minor in comparison to the rule under Activision. Frankly, you don't know what you're talking about.

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Hold the phone!


Not everyone's a fan of dubstep? :P

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Can't say I see the big controversy in that. Sure, it's a go-to newbie tool but it has severe drawbacks when playing against more skilled players.

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1.) Name-calling isn't allowed on here so I'm going to have to mark that comment. Let's focus on the argument itself.

2.) Then what do you have? Just saying "lol" and disregarding that ain't gonna fly. Other online retailers will net you the same result. Funny that, huh? It's almost like businesses trying to sell these season passes have a vested interest in properly categorizing what they're selling.

3.) Once a...

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That could very well be another nuance to this argument. But sometimes I'll see that as a both/and part of the complaint. I thought I recall Angry Joe bringing up that kind of complaint for many of these online-only titles, even though some of those cases it would've been contrary to the game's intention. And in the case of Overwatch, as was with Splatoon, we're talking about a developer that's going to provide great online support for it down the line. I guess that...

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I'd call that a succinct complaint about the campaign situation. Rainbow Six made its name in tough AI and squad tactics in a campaign mode. But, for me personally, when considering just how off-the-rails Vegas 2's campaign went and how generic R6: Patriots was looking, I feel like we got a good mixture of the squad tactics and brutal punishment of the old games tied with modern AAA sensibilities. And I believe that's the thing to keep in mind when being miffed with R6: Siege&#...

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Did you read the full URL of that link? If you did you'd see the UC4 Triple Pack categorized as "ps4/season pass/UC4" part of it. Once again, those special considerations don't disregard it as being termed a season pass. It's still a pay-up-front system for all of the upcoming DLC detailed to be included at a discounted rate rather than buying them individually.

That's it.

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...Despite the very link I provided categorizing it as exactly that. Regardless of whatever special conditions there may be for UC4's case here, I'm still going to call a spade a spade.

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"I literally played Uncharted multiplayer a few times a day to finish my daily challenges and I've unlocked all my cosmetics."

Let's say it was just that easy. That then begs the question why a micro-transaction option would still be there. It's the principle that such a penny-pinching option would still be included that's bothersome. And for someone like me who hasn't been enjoying the MP that much to play eve...

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Nope. There is a season pass.

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"I have unlocked a lot of stuff since launch, all without paying a penny."

The fact that something as simple as new MP characters are locked behind some purchasable currency that can be acquired with real money (if so inclined) is still bothersome. If you're already doing the typical DLC + Season Pass structure, it's insulting to add another monetizing method in the form of psychologically-manipulative micro-transactions.

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I hope everyone enjoyed the blog. Please feel free to leave any comments and/or questions below. :)

I was considering putting some more links around as proof of seeing this 'campaign or bust' mentality floating around (not saying it's some big majority or anything). It's not everywhere but I'd say it's at least common to see at this point. ...

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Yes, but not good enough. People want to know just how "bad" that "bad game" was. With my scientific analysis, people can tell it's a 1.4/10 kind of bad. ;)

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