Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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The last Metroid game's already got you covered there x 4.

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If you look at the context, Zelda's saved Link quite a few times across the series' timeline.

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Even with one little picture to go on, I'm fascinated by the prospect of what this game will be about.

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The extra $15 is for the physical extras found in this edition, similar to Unravel's Collector's Edition.

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Now that's what I was more interested in seeing. Still appears like that's slated for a "early 2017" release.

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True, but I'm hopeful to see him purchase the IP from Access. Considering the prominence of a white owl in D4, I wonder if that played an influence in naming SWERY65's new development team. A man can hope, can't he?!?! :P

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Would be great to see more D4 as well.

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It's how EA treated the game rather than the game quality.

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It's been a wild ride for this game, mired by accusations against Tequila Works' CEO, but I still have some hype for this game. Reserved hype due to its shady history; and I'd advise everyone to do the same if you consider the game's history.

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Glad to see criticizing the framing of your first comment leads us back to the generic Polygon conspiracy.

"On top of that, Polygon had some very questionable scores for PlayStation games for a long time (and articles). It has gotten a bit better, but let's not pretend all of this didn't happen."

At this point, who doesn't have some "questionable scores" on PlayStation games according to a speci...

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C'mon, detailing his worries with a bad first impression (in his opinion) now means they must've had it out for the game all along? Get real. In the end, they adore many qualities of it and want to put it on their reader's radars--if they haven't yet.

Do you see how immature your response looks in this context?

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Yes, The Bunker has fully integrated FMV in the point-n-click genre.

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The Bunker is on consoles. Heck, even Virginia is a clearer example of what we associate with "movie games" that are "cinematic" in nature.

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I get that that's a dig at them, but not really fair in this case. I recall old reports talking about Sony's dissatisfaction with Tequila Works' head honcho, claiming false advertising on the first trailer footage we saw. Eventually, things caved in so much that TWorks bought the franchise and got a new publisher. Judging by how nice this one looks, it seems like everything eventually came along.

I guess I'm still unsure to take either side's story ...

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There's actually several better examples of a "movie game" that've come out recently. Titles like The Bunker, Her Story, and Contradiction basically make FMV filmed sequences the meat and potatoes of the whole experience.

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Just like it's WellyUK's opinion to disagree with someone else saying AJ's #1 choice is "right?"

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The man, the myth, the legend. I quite like his list. Some expected titles, some not-so-expected, and a few I genuinely haven't even heard of yet. Sara Is Missing looks like an interesting one.

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Congrats on 30/30. I really tried to strive for that, but lost the patience around the 20 mark and filled in the rest. I believe Christopher conjured up all of these. Most probably come from games he's played during this gen.

Agreed. This one was pretty enjoyable.

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Perish the thought, right? No, I got that going in but I wanted to share which one's stumped me the most.

EDIT: And still got more right than you predicted. [o_o]~

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When you get a couple more choices right than Christopher predicted you would (17/30):


Anyways, I think the one that really killed me in re-configuring my list was the cybernetic arm. Because, in my mind, A cybernetic arm made me feel as though you were leading me on. Rather than Sabrewulf's removed cyberneti...

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