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There's potential for that to happen if VV Remastered performs well.

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You're supporting one of the most anti-consumer practices game publishers can enact b/c you dislike traditional games media? I don't think you've carefully considered this.

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Fake news. Deformers is squishy amazement the ungrateful masses can't understand.

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1.) You know that 500 number isn't ALL indie games on XOne, right? The 500 number is about all the self-published indie games on XJuan (which is an important difference).

2.) Sony is not even relevant to this opinion piece.

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Not really able to pre-order Deformers when it just released! :P

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The State of Arizona should use this to advertise more tourists to come over.

Can't wait to play it.

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I still need to get around to playing this. :(

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-"1. Cherry picked YouTube critiques have never been done before?"

No, CinemaSins existed before them. Seriously, you know what I mean. It's most likely the first in its kind of video essays to exclusively focus on tropes against women in video games.

_"I never saw the first part of your blog honestly. My mistake if I took it out of context."

Well that's not very helpful to this discussion, is it? :P

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"These agreements are a lot more than just signatures on paper napkins."

I figure you saying this would clue you in on this game's development. The original agreement changed. Sony & TWorks parted ways, they wrote up a new contract for TWorks to get IP back, TWorks found another publisher.

"Once a contract​ has been signed each party must respect their side of the deal."

Contracts can be re-negotiated if th...

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Life-changing trailer for a life-changing game. Beauty beyond words.

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1.) Not so much the thesis, but the format. Utilizing a video essay series specifically examining sexist tropes in games hadn't really been done like that before. Most sites jumped on the bandwagon of talking about it AFTER it received such vitriolic responses.

I see. Well, for context as to why I went with that Bioshock thumbnail comes back to something I alluded towards in Part 1. Here's the portion:

"...and yet, a reviewer that may ...

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-"1. The fact that she is a prominent figure is confusing to me...."

You can thank the worst of her detractors for that. A plethora of anti-Semitic, sexist, etc. comments were hurled her way just for the very announcement of such a Tropes vs. Women game series. That got picked up by a lot of game sites and certain YouTubers just kept droning on and on about her before, during, and after her episodes released to the point where everyone in gaming just HAD to have...

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I wonder how IGN staff feels knowing Mitch Dyer (former IGN reviewer) is part of the writing team for this one.

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But that's the same story with Voodoo Vince. The creative director approached MS about it afterwards and a small team went ahead with the remastering process.

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"They now make it compatible on Xbox one but you have to buy it just like the digital remasters on PS4 that added trophies."

Comparing this VV remaster to PS2-to-PS4 titles is a false equivalence. Those PS4 ports, unless stated otherwise by the game's description, you're talking about get the bare minimum treatment to run on this-gen hardware: trophy support & expected aspect ratio update. VV Remastered got...the remaster treatment. For visuals, it...

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Phil Spencer mentioned Phantom Dust was pegged before E3, but now I'm not so sure.

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Alright. I think I can squish this one down to one response.

-" 1.) I have seen everyone from Neil druckmann to the saints row guys thanking her for work and how it changed them as a studio. I did hear she was official on the mirrors edge game though, I assumed it wasn't the only one but I don't follow her work honestly."

Well, you suggested she was an adviser, which assumes some kind of role in the company or involved with development....

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I feel like I should at least try out NieR before jumping over to this one. In any case, another game I really want to play soon! :D

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Oh man...SOMA's ending was something else. One of the year's best.

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Thank you. :)

Indeed. Andromeda is a whole different can of worms when considering the crap hurled at that woman beefing up her resume.

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