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1.) Doesn't really challenge the principle of my argument.

2.) I think it's the consumer's fault for not anticipating price depreciation, or at least a "price drop" that disentangled Kinect from being a part of every bundle. Again, said early purchasers saw what was included and paid what was described (console, controller, Kinect, etc).

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Not really. Those who bought an XB1X knew what they were getting and voluntarily paid $500 for it.

That's just capitalism.

1d 9h ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment's right there in the title: "Most Powerful Console; Hottest MP Game"

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1.) You're not privy to just what kind of money was thrown Playful's way to begin with, so it's silly to even use terminology like "all the money" for a game that initially sold at $30.

2.) It's not hard to consider the potential with this maneuver. Sign an up-and-coming developer for a discounted 3D platformer to gauge Xbox users' spending enthusiasm, rather than just vocal enthusiasm online.

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You may as well expand that to...all of Destiny (base game + expansions).

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Yeah, I'm a bit lost on this as well. "Let's go after the system which has resulted in long-term dedication for fixes, updates, etc. by developers!!!" Of course we can't deny the ABUSES that have resulted from said system, but that doesn't mean we should discourage it outright.

It's also funny to consider this attitude when only a few short years ago it seems like everyone was excited for Destiny.

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All the external hard drives. ;)

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"The fact that it kept Minecraft on Playstation and Nintendo is very telling."

I wouldn't go THAT far. Mojang had already prepared to port Minecraft to their respective consoles, suggesting contracts had already been signed. And considering the hefty cost of their purchase it makes strategic sense for that particular IP to remain the most ubiquitous gaming franchise of the current era.

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Why does said regulation have to come from the government though?

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"Look what Guerrilla Games give gamers with Horizon: Zero Dawn."

Nevermind they got around to that 2nd new IP 13 years down the line. Something very important to consider in this context, a studio specifically created to maintain MS' most lucrative creative license.

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As highly as I'll praise CTR, where did they expand in relation to Diddy Kong Racing? You had land, water, and air-crafts to race in, a centralized hub, story in the background, and boss fights in Diddy. Don't recall that much variety and complexity with CTR.

EDIT: And I'm fine if I turn out to be ignorant of x,y,z feature in CTR, as it's been a long time since I've touched those kart racers. All I remember is CTR and Diddy Kong being neck-and-neck i...

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"Being Lucky Won't Save This One From Mediocrity"

Would be nice if that sentiment wasn't reflected with a 6.5/10. You're feeding into the system of the 7-10 grading many have become so accustomed to seeing.

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Well...I suppose it depends on the context. SOMA's one of those rare cases where the argument is focused more on the how the gameplay & story don't mesh well. I don't necessarily agree with that assessment, but I do think this type of 'Safe Mode' is a more interesting case study than say Resident Evil Remake getting a Safe Mode.

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It's all about perspective, really. Since they consider 5 an 'average' rating, all those games you've listed are considered at least above-average/decent by them. And considering how the standard professional review is so often spattered with typical praises and safe grades I'll take too much sophistication any day.

"Cuphead got an 8 but this classic needs to be a 10 or 9 minimum"

That's a great score. And while I have...

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Why can't video games be made to make a statement?

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That's the point! :P

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It's been patched a lot since having launched last year. I'm tempted to try out in the future.

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"you can't rate Assassin's Creed Blackflag 10/10, Assassin's Creed III 10/10 and Assassin's Creed Origins 4/10"

Considering he operates on a like/dislike grading, why not? There were obviously things he adored in AC III and IV that weren't there in the Origins.

Comparing him to the critic average suggests what he's been all along: a contrarian. That shouldn't disqualify his opinion.

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You probably have a point with State of Decay YOSE remaster, but that's the only exception which comes to mind. None of MS' other remastered efforts hit that insane bar of increased pricing THEBIG360's talking about--without a more substantial effort put in, of course.

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This can only mean one thing: KNACK 3 BABEE!

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