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"Oh, what a month...what a lovely month!"


Yes, DL only (at this time). #32.1
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Same with some of their games, unfortunately. #2.1
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You bet. Thanks for reading. #3.1
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I hope you get back on your feet soon. Unemployment ain't fun. #361.1
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Thanks Wellsy487. :D

To answer your question: no, that 0.0 online score didn't affect it. Since there's no way to remove that online box, I'll add some filler line like "SP only," "no online component," etc. as a means of clarification. #2.1
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I'll just do a quick rundown here. I'm thankful for:

-my parents
-the country I live in (it's easy to criticize at times but USA is still a great country)
-our soldiers serving here and abroad
-opportunity to write a lot of stuff that's been on my mind this year; being able to be involved in Indie Month 2015
-all the great media I've consumed this year
-the knowledge I've acquired this year
-my job, car,... #108
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Thanks for your service. :) #91.1
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Looks like we found one of our "random" winners. :P #86.1
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What? Doesn't mean we can't examine IF eagle vision/survival instincts works in THIS particular context. #1.1
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"lol im not a terrorist so i really dont care."

I can imagine George Orwell rolling in his grave. #1.5
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I agree with you on the "games evolving fast" bit but that generalization about "movies becoming lazy" reveals to me you're not really considering the plethora of non-blockbuster types. Movies that explore the moral ambiguity of US intervention in Sicario, a character study + slight against hit-mongering journalism in Nightcrawler, or other films credited with having deep messages (like this one called Anomalisa) are still coming out. #1.6
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I remember looking into that myself when writing my Lucasarts blog on here. Basically Lucasarts' entry into 7th gen was a management mess: the studio kept getting smaller, management kept going through different bosses--which interfered with Battlefront III eventual cancellation, and so on.

It's a shame they went out this way. #3.1
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Definitely picking up LBP3 at that price with PS4 now on the way. :)

Perhaps I'll pick up RE: Revelations 2 as well. #1
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Well, critically, both sit around the low 80-high 70 mark (depending on which version). If he's going by that critic metric, I can see where he's coming from. #4.1
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I hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please feel free to leave your questions and/or comments below.

I can acknowledge this would be one of my more nit-picky reviews where virtually nobody may agree with the harsh score. While I stand by my score + reasoning, that's just something for you to consider. The $4 price point (non-sale) is very respectable, as many critics have pointed out.

This review's also great timing since Never Alone + DLC is on... #1
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Okay...I feel I've presented my counter-arguments to both you and gangsta with an honest attitude; and both of you have done the same to me. At least, that's how I felt UNTIL your 7.2.5 comment. Now you're starting to act intellectually dishonest.

"...a mod who has won and the Admin obviously defending the decision you know it's one of those things that will never be taken into consideration."

In his FIRS... #7.2.6
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Absolutely not. I mean, I know that's coming from a biased opinion such as mine, but...well look at what you stated:

"...exempts mods and admins from contests that are made for the community on this site."

But I AM of the community on this site. That's been made clear during each of the contest details rules listed.

"... but you have access to views and info we mortals dont and if we see you and other mods..." <... #7.3.3
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That may be a negative bias on certain days when I bother him more often than not. ;)

Okay, I'm putting my serious face on now. In regards to the idea of favoritism being brought up, I've welcomed people to look at my win history since becoming a mod and you'd have to REALLY, REALLY stretch it to come to said conclusion, especially when:

-I didn't win a user review contest my first year (accumulative) after becoming a mod. The gap's bet... #7.3.1
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9GN...9GN never changes. ;P #31.1
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"At the end of the day if a user has worked hard at a review or blog only to see someone (no offence but in your case, a mod aswell) win two contests then he's going to feel a little shitty and probably will be put off."

If anything, it seems like they can look at my recent work and come up with new ways to make better reviews+blogs than me. It's not like I got here without feeling similarly whenever others were chosen over mine d... #7.2.3
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