My hopes of eleven bubbles dashed forever! :'(


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I do remember the underwhelming sales for them (for a game in such a long dev time) but it would still be great to see it. I mean, it did still sell millions of copies and Zenimax has a the financial capital to take another shot at it.

Just my hopes for it, I guess.

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I'd like to see them make RAGE 2 if only for the sake of getting some semblance of a conclusion.

Seeing how they could expand upon the shooting+driving formula would be great to see.

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That's a great send-off. Robert Altman of videogames isn't that far of a stretch when considering the dialogue.

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I'm incline to agree. They seem to handle the 1-10 score with greater respect than most other popular sites.

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That's correct. My mindset when describing it as 'rough' was in relative to the situation.

-One of the lower scores to Battleborn
-One of the less-enthusiastic scores for Alienation
-And a couple of other examples

Doesn't mean EDGE hated these titles, but it's just my genuine surprise to seeing a mix of their usual critical outlook (which I admire) mixed in with some high-profile games getting great scores.

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" it landed at a score that its publishers weren't even willing to publish to the public on their own site. That in itself speaks volumes."

You're misinformed if you think WaPo publishers didn't publish ONLY this 4/10 score on their site when in fact that's how the editorial board seems to typically operate. Their contracted writer's review with score still goes to metacritic but the WaPo Editorial Board removes the score themselves when...

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Rough scores for a couple games, but some great scores for others from them. A nicer month for them.

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You are correct. Troy Baker did change his opinion on the matter after thinking it over. Never saw that info before you mentioned it so thanks for informing me on that. I'd still consider this worth discussing b/c, if taken to a greater extreme, what if Troy Baker wasn't the only one making a passionate, misguided pledge? What if this thing blew up with some of the ND creative team and other voice actors tweeting their support for that petition? Could a review that, even if it wa...

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Really tempted to get that just for the stylish cartridge and since I don't own the game yet.

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Well...when it comes to the UC4 petition there's support from Troy Baker. Now it's certainly easy to hand-wave a few thousand immature fanboys taking their whining to a weird extreme, but when you actually have such a popular person within the game-o-sphere backing something that's brought up the question of censorship it's valid to get a bit worried imo. At least to the point of raising a discussion about this.

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After the game's 6 months old, reviews get categorized under opinion pieces here (although I think that rule doesn't apply for retro reviews). And, really, the split isn't that big of a deal anyways since people can post scoreless reviews on here as well.

"...nothing wrong with pointing out why it's a bad review so maybe people will come to understand how to recognize good ones..."

Sure. I'm a big advocate of reviewing the...

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It would be if someone actually did that.

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Time to start another useless petition.

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Aenea brought up a very good point about this; but at the same time, I've always felt these kinds of threats from Gamestop and other retailers to MS/Sony to be all-bark-no-bite. Can anyone really imagine Gamestop, a company who's main focus is games, to not shelve-up and provide mass marketing circulation on the hottest selling console of this gen and its popular titles? Instead, I think MS/Sony just utilize this excuse as enough reasoning to price digital the same as retail (at lau...

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Wow. This could possibly be their biggest digital sale of the year (thus far).

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Congrats to the dev team (Coldwood Studios, I think) and their financial success. That super-nervous developer was still one of the few highlights of EA's last E3 imo.

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"Lichdom battlemage is horrible and broken on consoles"

That was the thing that surprised me with this choice. Perhaps there's been a big title update to improve the framerate?

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I'd recommend every adventure fan to try this one out now. One of the best game episodes of 2015.

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Yes, but that' doesn't mean he considered it a broken game. A 1/5 stars from him just translates to "I hated my time with Halo 4." And, truth be told, I can see where he was coming from. It was an inconsistent me-too effort that disregarded some of Bungie Halo's multiplayer traits that made it so great.

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I remember a recent Siege Blog laid out their plans for the next two sets of operators. The next set focuses on Japan and the one thereafter is Brazil.

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