Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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"I think N4G should allow submissions about all forms of GamerGate, both pro and anti, and similar Social Issues"

I wish GG + Social Issues were split up or more nuance than this presented question. By an easygoing standard like this, simple twitter tantrums or unnecessary BS like tying GG to Trump (b/c clicks) could pass. Just something to consider.

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Technically we already do allow cursing, just at the PG-13 FCC level. It's implied that he's talking about the former example. Name-calling is clearly a no-no, evidenced by less-harsh words getting others punished before, so of course nastier words wouldn't be allowed either.

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But it's not really Comcept's decision to make, in the end.

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Was it ilomilo?

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"... regardless of what the xbox fanboy "journalists" tried to tell you."

Clearly just a bunch of xbox fanboy jurnalists rigging the time, right? Get real.

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Indeed, it was the previous two years. Due to so much effort being dedicated towards site updates + fixes, it's been postponed.

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Oh I see. I'll take the blame then! :P

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Ok, you have my curiosity. Did some blogs get through approval that shouldn't have or something? In any case, appreciate the nod and congrats to all other winners.

EDIT: I haven't received a notification atm.

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*Continuously looks over at clock, tapping foot incessantly*


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" tries to be artistic with variety of meanings but it ends to be just an atmospheric mix of environments with riddles without any connection or cohesiveness..."

I must--respectfully--disagree with that assessment. I'd dare to go so far as to question if we'd actually played the same game here. Thematic ideas of slavery + conformity take up roughly half the game, all of which is incorporated through visual storytelling in the backdrop or in the puzz...

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I knew I missed something at the end. I know I got to go back and clean up all missing collectibles.

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Yeah huh!


But I only wish myself the besty best. ;)

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Wow. I had the intention of writing a blog about this sort of topic. Beat me to the punch and it is quite detailed.

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"Halo MCC (but it had online multiplayer issues at launch)"

Then it shouldn't have gotten a 90.

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Woohoo! I wish all contributors the best. :)

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It's an accessory that's been out for roughly 9 months having a temporary sale. It's standard procedure, really.

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"...wish there was more pay off for them in the ending though!"

I've often seen this complaint, but a bit back-n-forth on this as well. It's tied pretty well with the main themes of the story. I get more bothered by the disjointed feeling of the BIG jumps in time that occur. Seems like more character drama should've unfolded around then.

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Because a retailer such as Amazon typically buys a set amount from a wholesaler, MS, or whoever.

If said set amount they initially had in mind to purchase has run down to 0, they're sold out (currently).

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Probably be back again as "Summer Spotlight." If both Below and Cuphead are in it this has the potential to be one of their best yet.

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"But in no way the co-op of 'Far Cry 3' brought down my fun playing the 'Far Cry 3' campaign ."

That's good to hear. Perhaps a better way for me to articulate is this: does the inclusion of a mediocre/kinda forgetful MP mode to a campaign-focused game leave you a bit bothered b/c that meant less resources were allocated to the part you liked the most?

"Nice blog!"

I appreciate it, Defender. :)...

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