Awaiting an alt-right user to call me 'cuckbeans' b/c reasons


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It takes some radical car-inspired design to not have a Xbox One with a VCR type of outer shell.

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Do want!

Isn't it funny that this would be the first XJuan iteration that didn't have a plain box shell? :P

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Probably the most under-appreciated COD in the entire series. Better balancing in this kind of class system (MP) than what's come from later iterations of the killstreak template.

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You see? And people thought Respawn was just going to leave those behind. ;)

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"Landmark Edition"

As if I didn't think thechineseroom was pretentious enough already.

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I'm curious to see how TT Batman stacks up with their thoughts on other TT titles. Sure, it would've been nice to see a forensics more akin to Blues and Bullets, only more difficult, but it was a great primer in regards to story.

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"A Journey's End?"

I mean...can't they just get on to work with better stuff now? Seems like they're just milking this one for the brand alone at this point.

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No, the price was revealed around the time of E3.

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Well...maybe I don't want my time saved and want Of Orcs And Men! >:(

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I mean...really? For all the huffing and puffing people seem to do about striving for "objectivity," we're now supposed to just cheer on unsubstantiated claims made by you solely based on console preference?

The INDEPENDENT study is right ...

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It's not a survey in the sense of how many people FEEL which performs better, if that's what you're getting at. It's a study analyzing various qualities between both networks in controlled and open environments. You can find the details here:

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I hate how Of Orcs And Men is still region locked. Would really like to try that one out.

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*Criticizes someone else for flipping on something previously said during this gen*

*Gets revealed as flipping on this subject in the past*

*Acts as though he's still being consistent*

You seem to fit the bill of the people I'm talking about (above your comment) when it comes to trying to spin your way out of your previous stance.

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Technically, not even two months.

-Slim: Sep. 15
-Pro: Nov 10

I'm curious to see just how many folks are pirouetting away from their negativity towards the Slim+Scorpio bundled announcement at E3.

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Why not? Just like any other art form, games are capable of exploring so much beyond our traditional ideal of 'fun.'

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Who's to say they aren't in the planning stages for a new one?

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You're not alone. HAVA team's looking into it right now. Sorry about this inconvenience everyone.

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It's kinda reminds me of Titanfall back when it released. For all the pushes forward it made for the FPS genre back then, perhaps the last-gen problem of DLC map packs and Season Passes was one of the biggest reasons player activity waned soon after its release. And I was really glad they didn't use the Burn Card system as a means of micro-transaction exploitation; but, when looking in hindsight, could it have remained more vibrant and healthy if it were reversed?


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"Keeping a multiplayer game supported long-term and the player community united across all content is probably more important than a few cosmetics I wish I could unlock normally or earn faster."

When initially writing this, I anticipated to see more of a negative response to micro-transactions in general. But that's the part which reeled me back in thinking of both sides of the coin here. It's absolutely true there's pernicious manipulation on SOME l...

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Hey, if Disney can exploit the Star Wars milking machine I can exploit my own blog-franchise's dumb titles. :P

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog. Please feel free to leave any comments and/or questions below. And I really, really mean that here b/c I hope to know what your approach to micro-transactions in AAA games has been. More hardline, nuanced, or easygoing response? Perhaps some wisdom you impart can help steer me, and many others in the N4G community, in con...

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