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So happy to see Wolf Among Us 2!!!

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"Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2 scores are not subjective."

What you talking about? Scores are based off the subjective viewpoints of the reviewer.

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"This guy only plays one platform..."


"Hint: Many best games of this year are PS4 exclusive."

Subjective, just like this list.

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There's got to be AT LEAST two of them. ;)

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Well...guess there's still hope for Andromeda fans.

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What about an undead horse? O_O

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-" I'm not around ppl that are sick of zombie games? Why is that? I don't live on N4G."

Well...alright. Considering it doesn't take much effort to see at least someone dredge up the overuse of zombies in modern culture today just about anywhere online I still find that surprising. If you stand resolute by that first claim then fine. But if not frequenting the site is part of why that's the case, what made my "wearing blinders" response...

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"The biting thing isn't specific to zombies, though... so that's a poor example."

Pointing out a common trait that's also a staple in other movie monsters isn't a "poor example," especially when you provided such a softball quote.

"...he bite that causes the infection to transfer as much as it's viral transference via the person's saliva..."

Like I said: because reasons.

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-"You were condescending first coolbeans which is why I put those words in quotations."

The blinders part? Eh, I guess I don't see how that portion can come off that way. Seems like a pretty clear description to me rather than degrading you as a person. I just find your claim of never seeing people being bothered by more zombie games stunning and unrealistic, but that's just from my experience.

-"'Underhanded tactics'? Re...

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"...they don't exhibit characteristics of typical zombies."

You mean something like biting an uninfected host to turn them into a zombie?

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-"Overused backdrops compared to what?"

Goat simulators? Seriously though, where's the refutation here? As I specifically said: " ONE of the most overused backdrops we have these days." I'm not saying it's the only one.

-"Before you go into me having "blinders on" and talking about "annoyances" and "sense", consider what you've played on your near 130000 GS that's so much m...

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"Oh no...THESE aren't zombies. They're people mutated from an airborne fungal virus which can also infect other people by bite b/c reasons." As I said above, the 'walk like a duck' classification ought to apply here; also stated above, I acknowledged and appreciated the nuance Naughty Dog incorporated into their idea of zombies.

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Can we please just go by the "walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, ..." method of classification here? There may be some background detail or nuggets of lore that differentiates them, but it's not really fooling anybody when we get down to brass tax.

-"After comparing Days Gone to Ride to Hell: Retribution your comment can't be taken seriously..."

Your reading comprehension ca...

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Yes it is, and that's fine.

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-"You make two sound like a lot but it's just one more than one."

Okay. But one more than one in ONE of the most overused backdrops we have these days is what I'm getting at.

-"Xbox had exclusive zombie games in State of Decay, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead all out the same gen'. Deadlight was also exclusive for years. No one made an issue that I recall."

1.) You kinda have Sony to blame for several of those...

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I just don't see the point with this one, to be frank. I mean I totally get each of The Big Three having one dedicated zombie IP in their belt. It's an incredibly popular genre. But two? This is exacerbated even more when considering ND's foray into zombies already brought nuance to the genre by way of the real-world inspiration and tonally-consistent gameplay features. Comparing unique spore-covered monstrosities to dog-piling zombies and QTE bike combat that looked ripped s...

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1.) You're deliberately strawmanning what Phil Spencer said in regards to 30 v. 60 FPS.

2.) You're saying Phil needs to chill out when this whole cross-platform play controversy was incited by Jim Ryan busting out the "think of the children" line? C'mon now.

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It's pronounced 'hand-egg,' good sir! He's more known for his Old Spice commercials and inclusion in comedies these days.

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@Master of Unlocking

"Yet Microsoft has been doing it for years now, parity deals I mean."

There's never been any proof of console performance parity (what's actually being discussed here) signed by them though. Content parity & first-release deals have been common for both of them.

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-"Prior to that, I never saw ANYBODY complaining about Xbox 360 marketing deals to withhold content (a practice they may not have invented, but surely perfected)."

1.) Maybe it's just me...but I think awarding the 'perfecter' of this unfortunate practice should go to the company's who's able to get a contract that enforces content parity for one whole year. Hats off to them cranking the insidiousness to eleven! ...

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