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You really shouldn't expect Beyond: Two Souls to make any "Best Of" lists like this.

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Thorough review. Keep it up! :)

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"a couple of things"

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Same story for Xbox Store.

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"Set a bad precedent," eh? Nevermind that Sony bought timed exclusivity for Tomb Raider before MS was even in the console race.

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That's why these articles seem so necessary imo. Gathering even a few more pre-orders and/or first-week purchases could have enough of a domino effect to keep it from such a fate.

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Seems to be that'll be going offline.

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Ding Ding Ding! I absolutely enjoyed my time with it (though never got around to finishing at the time), but I have no qualms with game critics striking it down a bit due to framerate. I'M more forgivable on that when being engaged with the experience but that's not the case for everyone.

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It's not just you. And it's to be expected more and more considering PS3's PSN was & is free. Even if the player count is underwhelming years later I'm confident 1st-party PS4 online capabilities will be longer-lasting (though there will still be exceptions).

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And it's already sold out again. Damn scalpers.

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One of the best cost-cutting methods for the average consumer to experience newly-released games being construed as "hurting the industry?" Worthy of a Hot Takes screengrab.

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At the same time, that only makes me wonder how much crunch those employees go through to reach that 3-year cycle.

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I think you'd find the Knack box art when looking up "subpar" in the dictionary.

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Dude...this came out through the recent Xbox Live Creators Collection. That's a new-ish, largely-uncurated list of independent games equivalent to XBLIG on 360. This--obviously--blew up in their faces and hopefully they'll ratchet down on these special cases in the future.

And..."very high standards?'' They literally have an Early Access section for unfinished games to be purchased (although curated). Can we not take this goofy, fanboy-enabling rout...

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If there's any chance it emulates the hectic behavior of the Jedi Knight series there's a chance for something speciaI there--and I stress 'chance' there too.

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Obviously this guy hasn't played Crypt of the Serpent King yet.

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" i know people who didn't even realize game pass was going to be including brand new releases."

If that be the case, I'd have to say buyer beware would apply here b/c there's literally been e-mail notifications, news bulletins, Twitter messages, to even advertising tiles on Xbox's UI itself bringing this up. MS has been incredibly open about this new thing.

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What about new games like Furi or Rocket League?

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Given how transparent every publisher is obligated to be with their game's release date months in advance, I don't find this particularity compelling--or even mischievous on MS' part. Just look at your own example, for instance.

"if i subscribe as of tomorrow, the 1st and a game isn't released until say the 20th of the month"

Well, if you already know said game is releasing on the 20th what compelled to jump the gun early in sub...

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Which is weird b/c the article title said 'ten months' when I looked at it.

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