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-"I'll just leave it at that and let you have the last word since that's how it works on the internet. ;;)
No offense man."

Well I appreciate having the last word! :P

I apologize if these later comments just came off and overwhelming, but I felt compelled to cover every potential hole before it arises. It's just how I get sometimes.

"I'm not sure you understood my previous comment saying people ...

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The question then becomes: why should the seller be forced--by the potential of financial ruin--to intentionally devalue his own property to appease Bethesda? It's not a tough cookie to crack for anyone familiar with the second-hand market: unopened by seller qualifies as "New" to the vast majority of people b/c that's the condition it's in.


"Yep, turns out the seller is just a liar, trying...

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-"Your reply to this is typically implying that the idea of DCage being unfairly pilloried by the press is ridiculous and anyone trying to suggest it is 'defending' him in some sort of fanboyism I reckon Right?"

It all depends on the context at the end of the day, right? If you recall from my previous comment, I did specify one review that would fit your characterization of him being pilloried by the gaming press. That was the D:BH review from Slant Mag....

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-Well...yes and no. Your response did make me double-back to realize Polygon had updated the article twice since I recall seeing it (which I do appreciate). Mentally speaking? I just splashed "used game market" to reflect the initial title whereas my mind's placing this under the umbrella of the second-hand market in general. The two are just interchangeable to me.

-"I never buy games from a random dude claiming unopened at full price."

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In truth, you should be able to spot the fine print about a warranty on the back of the box, the manual, or elsewhere when purchasing new. The issue is the absurdity of claiming it being purchased w/out warranty makes it somehow "materially unoriginal" (or whatever legalese they want to employ).

"Such purchases without said warranty aren't under the First Sale Doctrine"

Casual response to Bethesda: Ummm...the ENTIRE premise of ...

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You're kinda dulling the sarcastic tone of my first comment. :P

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"Bethesda’s letter claims that Hupp’s sale is not protected by the First Sale Doctrine, because he is not selling the game in its original form, which would include a warranty. The letter says this lack of warranty renders the game “materially different from genuine products” that are sold through official channels."

BREAKING NEWS: Bethesda has just discovered the used game market?

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-"Yes I have no doubt people turn whatever he says into hate while OBJECTIVELY the same sentence utterred by anyone else would be respected."

I've gotta ask honestly: what's with presenting this guy with such a victim mentality? You're starting off this response with such a weepy presentation as though journalists are only dog-piling on him for the sake of it. That's...not totally disingenuous but overly dramatic--at the least.

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Newspapers have done reviews for a long time now.

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"Can someone explain why the journalists seemi to have this Cage obsession?"

I'll do my best.

1.) He's been pretty open about tying himself to Quantic Dream since the studio got real spotlight. The guy OPENLY stated "judge me by my work" surrounding this recent employer scandal. Why should journalists be excoriated all of a sudden for taking a grown man at his word and doing just as he suggested?

2.) He...

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I'd worry about the level of crunch the team would experience in that sort of timeframe tbh.

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[PART 2]


Let's be honest: you're more interested in spurning your own twisted interpretation than making a level-headed, cogent articulation. Funnily enough, his following statement actually touched on this:

"We’ve got to understand that if we enjoy those games, the business opportunity has to be there for them. I love story-based games. I just finished [LucasArts-inspired RPG] Thimbleweed Park – I thought it was...

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So...it's pretty clear some of these responses aren't really made in good faith or are twisting my point. So I'll try to handle as many of these comments together.


-Erm...kinda? It's weird how you conjure up that the notion that he's "changing the narrative" when that quote is coming from a question fielded to him. The context for his response seems pretty appropriate. Companies trying to change the industry...

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-"When I got banned I could no longer login (just gave me a message about the account being banned) I then had to use the contact page to get in touch with someone."

Ah, I know what you're talking about now and do apologize for how I personified your initial comment. I just jump on that sort of stuff b/c I've had a few instances of people portraying...let's say 'overinflated persecution' on here. But I think you're still a bit off on some...

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So, you're still presenting this odd word choice in respect to how the site works. Was this ban on some old account you just forgot the passcode or something? Or was this a ban that later got revoked by the mod team? Because, as I said, your record is totally clean as far as bans or temporary restrictions go. You have a pair of old warnings though. And I wouldn't call that getting a 'threat of a ban' either. It's just a temporary restriction if it's kept up and y...

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Damn. With these recent plagiarism accusations I worried how this'll work with my 'Tired of this Schmidt' series.

Had a similar topic in mind.

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To this day I can believe DigitalRaptor acts appalled over whatever an Xbox Executive stated, regardless of context.

"The audience for those big story-driven games... I won’t say it isn’t as large, but they’re not as consistent," he said. "You’ll have things like Zelda or Horizon Zero Dawn that’ll come out, and they’ll do really well, but they don’t have the same impact that they used to have, because the big service-based games are capturing such a large amo...

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1.) I currently see NO bans and/or restrictions of any type on this account here, only some submission warnings over 1000 days back. Unless said ban you're talking about was rescinded back in the day--which is possible, your language desperately tries to martyrize your past experience on here. Sorry to get judgmental but that's just how I see it. Anyways...

2.) So, the method in which this specific video has been sourced is incorrect. Should've been throug...

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-Eh...I can admit to being a bigger fan of Colin's more political-oriented work. He does put in a great effort for his Colin's Last Stand gig. But in respect to being a game reviewer (what I was focusing on in 1st comment)? Both have never struck me as being insightful, and both have been a part of the IGN that handed out 9/10's like they were candy throughout the 7th gen--and still continues.

And in regards to the meat of their r...

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Too much plagiarism 6/10: IGN


What? Something I said?

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