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Well, I think Aenea was pointing out how you categorized the 3 subsets there. As if owners of consoles =/= gamers. Xbox One + PS4 "fanboys" would've been the best method of classification, though I think everyone understands your point.

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Well, if you're highlighting what may have been going on around here that still seems like way too broad a brush compared to mentioning forums in general--and without a specific timeframe from your initial comment.

-"...they completely downplayed the combat....which was one of the most solid aspects of the game..."

It may have been but I don't think that's saying much. It really just took the basic TPS trappings that've been aro...

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That'd be interesting but I'm not exactly too convinced that'll happen. He has a habit of being bringing up his games' references from time to time (on Twitter and elsewhere).

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I think that's a broad generalization to say majority of hate is still coming from people who haven't played it to at least some capacity.

"I'd be happy to stop the whining if those that hate this game with a passion would just let it lie..."

But you're saying this in an article titled "You Were Wrong About The Order" and there's a plethora of articles with similar language that's trying to denounce "the ha...

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I love when people bring up laughable, unfit comparisons in a desperate attempt to point out hypocrisy.

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...and so many unjustified-defense articles. ●_●

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Considering it's PS4/PC (with a potential-yet-noncommittal to other platforms), you're more than likely looking at someone like 505 Games psy. release publishing rights.

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For me! :D

Honestly, I do enjoy sprinkling them in between other stuff I play. Because of their structure, they're able to explore the surroundings and characters in a more intimate way (if done right). What Remains of Edith Finch is a recent one that comes to mind that tinkered with the template to create some incredibly powerful moments.

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I'd contend otherwise. A good example I'm personally familiar is VGChartz, which isn't flocked just by straight white guys or anything. And that goes beyond physical traits to ideology as well. I'd be lying if I said I had firm numbers for this site...but I'd say it's not as cut-and-dry as you're making it out.

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Well, this is where not reading the actual article and grasping for the most overblown response to a rather benign summary gets you in trouble. The upending they're referencing is the sheer popularity of it (whether on the steam page or Tumblr) despite being what are often considered niche titles. In a time where PUBG is taking off, the fact that this can garner enough interest to momentarily beat it is quite impressive. The article tries to suss out some potential reasons as to why so...

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"However, in no way is the games any worse or as plentiful as it is on Steam."

He never argued that was the case.

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1.) That's a very poor of measuring any supposed quality control issues on the PS4, especially when he's spent so much sometimes on just one PC title before (for an entire episode).

2.) You appear to be operating on the unjustified assumption that the potential to get much worse isn't there, or that it can be 'fixed' when it hits that level of being too much. Even the video brings up how these are clear signs of Sony (and Steam) wanting to be like app...

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As far as I'm aware, The Old Republic is allowed to exist as is due to a sort of sunset clause agreed upon in the Disney/Lucas contract. That's why Bioware Austin's not beholden to shut down all of their work, despite old EU being considered non-canon.

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So happy to see Wolf Among Us 2!!!

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"Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Persona 5, Gravity Rush 2 scores are not subjective."

What you talking about? Scores are based off the subjective viewpoints of the reviewer.

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"This guy only plays one platform..."


"Hint: Many best games of this year are PS4 exclusive."

Subjective, just like this list.

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There's got to be AT LEAST two of them. ;)

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Well...guess there's still hope for Andromeda fans.

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What about an undead horse? O_O

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-" I'm not around ppl that are sick of zombie games? Why is that? I don't live on N4G."

Well...alright. Considering it doesn't take much effort to see at least someone dredge up the overuse of zombies in modern culture today just about anywhere online I still find that surprising. If you stand resolute by that first claim then fine. But if not frequenting the site is part of why that's the case, what made my "wearing blinders" response...

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