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Get that volumetric fire going and I'll say that's a big step towards that.

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Noooooo, my experience! /s

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My Vita pre-loaded Rogue Legacy.

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Every PS4 game should be some kind of better than its XB1 counterpart. Better AA, better framerate, textures, something. The difference in graphics capabilities aren't negligible.

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I hope the first retail game on PS+ is NBA Live '14. I really really do. It'd be hilarious.

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Yeah, but the Dragon God isn't a SPIDER.

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I honestly thought it said "discontinued". I was all ready to type up how odd it would be to change your controllers personality during the generation. That would've been cool though. Maybe.

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I would really honestly them put that towards making a game.

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That KH1.5 price is really useful right now after Best Buy has already closed for today in the entire US. I'll just screencap it and try to price match without handing over my phone.

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If it was any longer, I would've never finished it. Lots of fill in the blanks for that game though.

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The new Nintendo. Advertise, EVERYWHERE. Gotta do what you gotta do.

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I thought Futurlab was the most prolific Playstation aligned developer.

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We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up, so you have lots of flexibility yourself.

It's not no Day/Night cycle, it's no Day/Night cycle according to your real life time of day.

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Chris Charla @iocat followed up with the developer in question on Twitter, so this specific case is handled. But every case should be handled, you shouldn't have to make the front page of N4G to get attention.

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I like how apparently Japanese games such as Lily Bergamo and Cross-Platform games like Planetside 2 don't count.

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Wow. This website looks awful. Also, lots of exclusives kept the PS3 alive.

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I just want more Laura Bailey in games. Hopefully more first party high profile games.

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All's fine and dandy in Final Fantasy 10 until a Malboro uses Bad Breath and your entire team dies before you can give them a single command.

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After the Post-E3 release of The Last Of Us I've always thought that Sony should start a tradition of releasing a game on that exact time slot every year. I never wanted to buy a game more than after E3.

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Signed up. It's the only way to get a devkit and it's free. You lose nothing from not signing up but that doesn't mean you have to make anything for/with it.

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