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rigggght, because the first crackdown didn't have a cartoon render style? You certainly are one of the biggest assclowns on this site.
Speak from facts not from bias.

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WOW how about
Metal Gear Solid 4?
hell even Heavenly Sword has graphics and gameplay that dwarf anything I have seen on the 360.
I have seen nothing like ratchet and clank on the 360in terms of graphics and number of objects on screen at one time.
Gran Turismo Prologue is the best looking racer yet.

you see the problem here is with the 360 and its GPU, while many tout it as state of the art, its actually not. I've said it before and I'll ...

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you know there is one thing that is starting to become really sickening with all these wannabe journalists, instead of saying "you know PS3 FANS turned out to be right about the consoles power" they just label it as "fanboyism". Whatever happened to having the best product on the market? Now everything is fanboyism? This mindset is so retarded I have even seen site admins or mods admonish people for just saying that the PS3 is the more powerful console. WTF KIND OF BULLSH!...

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why wouldn't they?

everytime a 360 owner watches a Sony pictures movie, Sony gets $$$ from that.

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I don't know about a one console world ,but I could sure see one without microsoft mucking it up. I was an xbox1 lover at that. I actually got more enjoyment out of the first xbox than I ever have with the 360. I wonder what RROD has done to tarnish the console image in the mind of the casual consumer? Thankfully the answer to that argument will always be "well you shoulda bought a PS3" :)

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sorry but ATI sucks, Nvidia owns the graphics market.

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while swordfish' intentions are good I think they are misplaced.The absolute best thing anyone can do to kill the fanboy articles on N4G is NOT CLICK ON THEM. The less views they get the faster they fall off the front page and are soon forgotten. Wanna know how I read the article list on the front page? I look at the source first.

hiphopgamer = trash not worth reading
torrence and his bitbag = more trash not worth reading
gamedaily = ubertrash not worth reading

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yet we have to listen to fanboy idiots on here talk about sony being "teh evil corpz", I mean Sony is no saint but I dont think even they would stoop this low.

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only a fool sacrifices everything for a temporary gain, kinda the same strategy you use in a marathon huh?

IMO Sony couldn't care one bit what numbers the 360 does month to month because the PS3 is selling well yet being the most expensive of the 3.
Sony is covering operating cost and actually starting to see a profit from the PS3. Once they replenish their coffers, price drops will come hard and fast. Anyone that wants to last in this business HAS to pay attention to how S...

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that would be a GREAT print ad and a big FU to all the fanboy haters that did their part in trying to bring down the PS3 YET FAILED MISERABLY.

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you gotta love people like soxfan who bury their head in the sand and yell "lalalalalalalallaa 360 is winning lalalalalalalalalallala" all day long.

why do I saw bury their head in the sand? I was talking to a retailer friend of mine today who sells both products. We started talking about Streetfighter 4 and he immediately remarked "oh its been selling much better for PS3, as a matter of fact my 360 sales have really STARTED SLOWING DOWN"

I repli...

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what are you doing in here stealth trolling?

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yes cayal someone sounds butthurt

if the competition catches up to 75% of the sales it took you 3 years to achieve in 2. You would be butthurt and spitting hate too.

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the sad part is that WHEN the PS3 does pass 360 LTD sales, all the rabid fanboys will slink away from their online identities and comeback as "sony fans" who were there from day one.

kinda disgusting actually

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no but viacom and ms do have a marketing deal, just like ms does with variety.

don't let silly fanboys get away with over simplification.

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"what was Sony thinking" in regards to the PS3 woulda made me STOP READING right then and there, email this person and ask to DELETE my email address.


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you give your fellow fanboys too much credit for the effect they have on PS3 owners. IMO most PS3 owners are just sick and tired of biased morons trying to dictate reality to us.

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Its people like you that need to be squashed like a bug by the ban-hammer. I don't really think PS3 owners are worried about what the 360 is getting. They already have enough good games.

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I sure hope its exclusive cause I need SOMETHING to buy for my 360.

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are you kidding me?

First person shooters were invented by western developers

Real time strategy was put on the map by western developers

Online multiplayer was put on the map by western developers

I could go on and on but the point is that to make light of the immense skill creativity and intelligence of western developers just makes you look silly.

oh how silly of me but the ONLY preference I have is western RPG's when it com...

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