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honestly who cares anymore.....

It excites me because I will get to enjoy a better gaming experience on the PS4 but as far as what advantage it has over the xbone I couldn't care one iota less because I have absolutely no interest in microsoft's gaming offerings. Their console could be twice as powerful and it wouldn't make a difference to me. I know who I go to for my gaming entertainment. #1.1.22
this is just like when that idiot Clinton deregulated the housing loan industry and the banksters went crazy giving out loans...we all know how that turned out.

for those that miss the point, this will enable uncontrolled greed to basically crash the internet business model. #1.1.13
will people PLEASE stop parroting this stupid nonsense about resolutions only mattering at certain sizes. ITS NOT TRUE. Go load a 4k wallpaper if you have a 1080 monitor and see how sharper it is even after it is scaled down to 1920x1080. Now Imagine at full 4k resolution. #1.1.21
they suck horribly because of lazy developers.

when you take current game design and just increase player count you end up with a mess.

now if you innovate game design to make use of high player counts we are talking next gen. Im starting to lose respect for Respawn. #8.6
sorry but this is PURE fail from Respawn.

The excuse of massive multiplayer being a mess is a SORRY excuse to stand on. It is up to the developer to provide the framework and conduits where a massive game is fun to play. THIS is a perfect example of developer laziness. 5v5? This is 2014 not 2002. #2.8
lol @ blaze

he's the first one to act indignant about how xbone fanboys get treated here, yet we see posts like this one.

at least be honest and stop pretending to be a gamer. #3.7.2
double negatives are painful to read. at least you don't see Americans mangling other languages. #7.2.4
you can never have too much memory, with 64GB I could run at least a dozen apps right from RAM. #26.1
you can't build the PS4 or recreate it on your own, there is NO ONE selling GDDR5 as unified memory. ALL PC's will give you DDR3 system and GDDR5 for the GPU. #16.1.3
i could think of some fun uses for this much power. Like running Skyrim and spawning a 1000 soldiers and 300 dragons, voila your own recreation of the Hobbit! #12.2
waste of money for a DDR3 based rig when DDR4 is right around the corner. #1.6
do you guys think we will see the return of 3rd party exclusives? #1.9
some ppl would say MS made it a scoreboard. #14.1.1
PC exclusive is a dumb term. #13.1.6
only if you're a north korean dictator. : D #12.1
he's right you know, last time I was stupid enough to step into a whoremart on black friday they were selling 3 yr old 720p plasmas for $600, people were lappin that ish up like they were top of the line. #14.1.2
good stuff!!!

I use mine in landscape mode and it looks like that runs 10° cooler at peak. #1.2.9
this isn't some secret sauce, my 4 yr old laptop has the same type of core and can do the same thing. #1.1.10
alot of those are 360 owners switching to the Ps4? #7.11
my prediction is that multiplats will lose major ground to Sony exclusives this gen if not fall behind all together. Shadowfall is a shot across the bow of all those taking MS checks. #4.2
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