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OMG it's tomb freakin raider people, WHO CARES????

I know I don't #1.1.18
how about an actual saber battle instead of the training orbs #1
going any sort of exclusive deal with a console that is getting railed worse than a tijuana whore is just embarrassing at this point. #3.2
I agree, I own a PS3/4 and have absolutely no interest in what MS is doing or will be doing in the future. Just keep showing me why I bought a playstation. #1.2.3
I always dreamed about growing up to play a trout in a video game. #1.2.3
I think you just described the number one reason why the 360 had so much suppport from the industry. Everybody loves a moneybag but it's not a realistic business model. #1.5.1
this is more about Sony hitting a $400 pricepoint with an amazing GDDR5 machine as opposed to what MS screwed up. In other words they never stood a chance. #1.2.4
one can choose to look at this gen as Microsoft's failure or one can choose to look at this gen as Sony's resolve to kick Micros head in for the dirty pool they played last gen. #1.1.12
to me it sounds like Sony doesn't truly understand the power of this platform. You are providing publishers with a vehicle to deliver content on a level unprecedented. You(Sony) can dictate prices and publishers will have to comply if they want access to the massive PSN userbase.

dumb dumb dumb #1.1.12
who is still buying PS2s? eskimos? #6.2.1
PSNow televisions would be a REALLY interesting product line. #3.1.2
great to see Sony doing well but how many profitable quarters will it take to make up for previous year's losses? #1.16
this is nothing more than origin for consoles #61
if they can offer this it will be HUGE, lets see if they can pull it off given all these greedy publishers #10.2
PSnow is meaningless to me until they start including games that I actually want to play on my PS4. #6.2
so MS is effectively cutting the throat of the one retailer who has pushed their console with fanatical fervor? Yeah that sounds like MS. #2.5.11
your buddy pazuzu must have hidden them from you. #17.1
why wouldn't you be more concerned about what makes sense to you instead of other people? #6.1.3
only idiots turn this into a us vs them mentality

I have a PS4,PS3 and a monster gaming PC and LOVE THEM ALL.

these arguments are for silly children. #2.15.3
why would you EVER buy a PC at best buy??

talk about being overcharged

I went to microcenter, spent $1500 and built a machine with an i7-4890K, 32GB of PC2100 RAM, GTX780, gygabyte X79-UP4 motherboard and this beast RUNS CIRCLES around my $8,000 BoXx workstation in the office with it's $4,000 Quadro K6000.

PC gaming is affordable you just can't be dumb about and buy into any marketing. #2.10.1
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