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There are rarely any games that I actually look forward to, but mostly because they don't really interest me.

I looked forward to Bioshock Infinite, and, after playing that, I was incredibly satisfied. I was how Batman: Arkham City was going to turn out, because I didn't think it could live up to the first game, but I ended up loving it as much, maybe even a little more than Arkham Asylum. Then, there was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. It's Ghost Recon with an abili... #1
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The thing with reviewing artistic mediums from a checklist that it's the worst way to talk about it. Games are not something we experience to check off a list of the things a game "needs to get right." We play games to be engaged.

When it comes down to the flaws in a game, the question is "how much did these flaws get in the way of the experience?"

There is no wrong way for a game to be engaging or good.
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I think you got it right on the money, and that was kind of my point in this article. A game shouldn't get a pre-determined score because it's "functional" as we should expect all games to be functional!

I'm one of those special breed of people who don't like using review scores, but I can definitely see their uses. They're just not being used responsibly right now. #8.1
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I'll buy a 3DS one of these days...... #2
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I love it when a shotgun just blows apart my enemy. All the gooey, colorful chunks that just fly out on contact...

So satisfying! #1
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It's a project, because it's not complete yet. The word "Project" is to show that they are working on it but it's still in its early stages. #4.1
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All I can say is that if developers were so sure of this particular box-art, they wouldn't have gone to make a reversible cover.

Sometimes, good things can come by when we actually criticize things. #5
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Ok, for one brief shiny moment, it worked for me. And, now it keeps on acting up. I'm going to contact the admin about this. Thanks for bringing this up. #2.2
1038d ago by Conner6742 | View comment looks like our website is having problems at the moment. Hopefully, it should be working again soon.

Check back later if you can. #2.1
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This video shows where the future of gaming is really heading.

The next generation of consoles is probably going to turn up a profit and will please people, but it might be the last of home consoles. So, while there are people who will care, it looks like gaming is going to take a different path. The only way to make a relevant console anymore is by being a bi... #3
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I can understand and agree what you are fundamentally trying to say. With the popularity of the Xbox and the First Person Shooter genre, it has kind of thrown the gaming industry over its head.

I don't think there are completely factual things in this article however. For one thing, the Wii is an incredibly big hit, and the 360 and PS3 try to follow along with their motion controls. They're trying to gear towards people who casually play video games, but, this is an o... #20
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I don't have a Kinect, so, I am unable to review that part. #2.1
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