"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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Ahahahahahahahahahaha I closed the link when I read the 'better controls'.

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Brilliant game, uareamoron you are a moron lol

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I fail to see how they'll get money from this I see them going under pretty soon lol

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Lol it might perform the same but it sure as shit won't look the same.

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ARE YOU FING SERIOUS? THIS SITE IS JUST LOOKING FOR HITS DO NOT CLICK!!!! Metacritic of 97 overall, the review is just a paragraph long.

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Can't if you have a console!

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I thought it'd be a cash grab but the game is very rich in detail and an expansion would only do it even better!

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And in 1080P 3D!!!! (on PC that is LOL!)

And no Gabe said PS3 would be the best console version, PC is clearly the superior version.

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Sounding better each time

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With companies (excluding Valve) nothing in life is free

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Like I said in the other thread, if Move is worth $100K as a simulator for its accuracy then a mouse must be worth billions.

Actually I do, annoying you all :)

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Lol you claim not to be a fanboy yet you clearly are (before you say I am I already know I am, viva la PC!)

Err what? Incase you haven't noticed I constantly whine about how bad Kinect is and I generally adress consoles when I say they can't do 1080P..... Unless I am directly adressing someone about the PS3 I will say consoles indicating that both (which they are) are inferior.

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'. Of course, that’s still far more expensive than a console, but bearing in mind virtually everyone has a PC anyway, and upgrading is easier than ever.'

He complains about not having a unified platform? Doesn't affect me more specials that you wouldnt get on consoles.

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' For pre-alpha the graphics are coming together quite well. That WASP launcher looks pretty badass. '

How can you say that on a .gif file which isnt even 540P? Lol!

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What summer games drought? Starcraft 2 came out today and yet they say the best game this month is NCAA Football 2011. Sigh just proof consoles have no good games these days....

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And it will be more easier, quicker and better graphics on PC with a mouse + keyboard

Cool: For $300 I could make a PC which still outperforms a PS3

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EA have worked hard to reverse the image, Activision has not.

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Free DLC - The way it should be

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Wow like ten games in one!

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