"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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Lol I bet it would stop playing in the middle of the game as well and just have 'LOADING' too.

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Lol faster gameplay my ass

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Wow seriously go cry just cos your console can't do 1080P. If you dont like me ignore me simple as that, I can't help that I preach the truth.

If you guys think I'm annoying how do you think every single non PS3 fan feels on this site. The amount of tripe that comes out of PS3 fanboys is equally as bad as what I say.

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This game is epic, PC gaming alive and well

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I shed a tear for Rare

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Good review from a crap site

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Hell yeah 720P no AA all the way baby!

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Lol that poor soul MNR :|

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Cant wait for using a mouse for true accuracy instead of general accuracy with Move.

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'haha. who cares about the 1080p when the game is as awesome looking and fun as uncharted have been. i mean come on. get a life. =D'

Lol have fun with them low res textures buddy

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'there is no denying that Xbox Live is the best experience around'

No there is no denying PC gaming is the best around, no fees for playing online (exluding if you're paying for MMO), free voice chat and most importantly free dedicated servers.

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Epic game is epic

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Would look better if it could do 1080P!

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So there you have it, PC the only true (seemingly only good) 1080P 3D platform!

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Truly epic game, the best exclusives - always on PC

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Yeah you think that...

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Bu bu but pc gaming is dead /s

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No need for the settings of it, no jaggies to be seen

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The campaign is huge so you clearly haven't played the game

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Well no side in my house will prevail cos they look crap as!

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