"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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Its not a cash in if they release the games and they keep making good games (excluding ODST but that was meant to be an expansion needlessly held back by MS).

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Gonna be great on PC (washed down like hell on consoles), why the hell would a 360 controller be attached to an FPS? That's just retarded

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Lol that sites still better than Nowgamer and ironstarmovement.com

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Starcraft 2

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PC graphics look pretty darn sexy, + PHYSX!!!!

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Lol with about 2 worth playing, this motion control fad needs to die already.

(Also those who mention the games where they just add support you've gotta know its gonna be inferior when they design a game for a controller then port it to the Move)

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Blizzard are wrong, PC gaming is only going UP UP UP!

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Who needs them when you have the graphics power of PC!

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Lol you guys really are delusional if you have to tell yourself that it looks better than real life just to make you feel better.

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Nowgamer: I don't give a damn about their opinion and neither should you.

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I'd like to see this on a console, ha!

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Most people I know pirated it (myself included) pirated it to test out whether it was good enough to justify giving Activision money. Not surprisingly it exceeded all of our expectations and we have now all purchased the game gladly.

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Looks good, nice to see theyre bringing back dedicated servers after the crappy lagfest that was MW2

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Lol Killzone 2 emotionally stirring? In between all of the cussing which is not necessary and the great non generic voice acting seen here.

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Im not buying one at all, you guys can kid yourselves by telling yourself its for a hardcore market but we all know if you buy this you're buying the death of hardcore games (and communism).

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Lol go play Far cry 2 on a PC and you'll see it still looks better than any console game released to date.

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I'd like to see a console community achieve this.

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Wow Time Crisis....

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Haha what a goose, still its pretty awesome you can have such a complex environment and economy within a game that just isn't possible on consoles.

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They should just use PhysX

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