"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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DD is nowhere near ready to go, so many countries have caps in place (such as Australia) where these games will just chew through your bandwidth and limit potential sales.

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TESV on PC can't wait gonna be so awesome if it is.

Also big no to online, look at Two Worlds and the online it had, huge fail.

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Hopefully Bobby Kotick is the kids who always die.

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Wow consoles, truly graphically amazing 1080P games.....

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Your right because its P2P, thats why with along with no cheat protection it sucks ass.

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How can a .gif be visually impressive.

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Lol Shazui the butthurt PS3 fan, dude its ok I'll just go play on PC with as much AA as I want up to 32x whilst you keep playing your awesome 'HD' games in 720P while I'll be 1080P+ at over 60FPS.

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How many times do these articles come up? So many misconceptions about PC Gaming and how glorious it is

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Man what a biiiatch, she's saying that the families will be playing this. Who the hell would play this if your son has died in the war, if you don't want it don't play it.

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Age of Empires 4 please please pleases

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PC - the best platform go figure!

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The rundown is 'PC rules, consoles suck' thankyou for your time.

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Theyre so screwed with Android sideloading

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Nah the huge difference is on PC, the superior platform!

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At least mods on PC are usable, this is just retarded

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The answer is PC, no point buying it on any of the other inferior consoles, will handle terribly (ever tried Crysis with a 360 controller?)

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Amazing game

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Lol at you guys complaining about how crap the console game looks, PC game looks awesome - just another washed down port for the consoles (minus PhysX too)

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This has no chance against WP7, although it might make sales for the phone, going off of Android's piracy rate this is going to get obliterated.

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