"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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This is what happens when you have a crappy console which can't handle the game or even have enough buttons for it.

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The hell kind of a name is gamezenith

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Hahaha meanwhile Crysis still pwns consoles.

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Is this a metaphor for cows eating up the 360 (sales wise) whilst no one is touching Sony's grass (PS3).

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Looks awesome

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Now for all the backflips on the Sony fans on here who said they wouldn't buy it (for hte impending news it wouldn't come) and now they say they will. Well it deserves the sales, dont let Bioware down by only buying small amounts.

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Lol still won't run in 1080P at 60 FPS with more than 8xAA have fun with the 100000 sales your gonna get EA.

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Now they see where the money is all along, thats right MS abandon your Xbox - consoles are for the weak!

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What he said

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Why do these articles keep coming out, it clearly isn't, never will be and is only growing larger.

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Can't wait for this OS

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Lol meanwhile PC gets even better graphics with a higher framerate still anyways.

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I won't judge it till I play it but it seems to be going in the wrong direction :(

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I wouldn't even say this list is complete, more and more games are gonna be added onto launch date, look at Youtube and how many more apps are being produced on there.

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Kin was half assed from the beginning, this will succeed for once.

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Looks good, be best mobile platform for gaming hands down due to its dev languages.

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I agree, having said this this platform will absolutely own all mobile platforms (before everyone else says that the Sony phone will, its based off of Android and unless they create a whole new development platform purely for games) it is doomed to be no where near as good as what MS has with Silverlight and XNA 4.0.

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I agree they are both doomed, death to the casualisation of games!

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