"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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Lol another console lie, must be a pretty bad feeling to get constantly buttraped with false smoke and mirrors by these 'console' gods.

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So this is where the cheque went.

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6 of these on PC, add in mods and you have even longer games

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Lol gamenoob worst name for a site.

Its a pun for how bad consoles are

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Yeah sorry this is the real next gen, not happening on dumber consoles

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darkcharizard < steaming pile of shit

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vs slim PC which kicks both of their asses with midrange GPU's from 2006.

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Sure is, ol mikeylemonade is just jealous that its another brilliant looking game that his poor old PS3 can't have :( , diddums its ok have fun playing in your 720P with your rudimentary Antialiasing. :'(

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Lol typical we all know by now that consoles look twice as bad as PC games.

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Nope all you need is a PC and you already have the 720!

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Wow looks like theyve done well good on DICE for listening unlike in COD games!

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Ahahaha dream on Infected, just another insane PC exclusive that will never come to consoles.

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Neither can I that's the sound of excitement of the announcement of this.

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Well according to Steam there was 1,148 who were playing at once today, yeah your article is very sound.

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Yo yo yo it yo boy hip hop for all you gamers
With another article that will get flamers

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The power of PC™

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Lol this game will never come out

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Me buying kinect on PC is not a 'possibility'

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The gaming PC? Pretty sure even semi high end computers from 2006 still beat consoles.

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