"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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Good thing they're still playing them cos no one else is.

Only PC supports games as 8800 says, console games if you buy them and they're 3 years old you're gonna find 0 to about 5 games which are all lagfests.

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Its clearly Inuit.

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Hopefully its the new flight Sim!

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Attention to detail? Try Rfactor and the millions of car mods available there, nah nah sorry there's only one Kazounori /s

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The power of PC only

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So is this game actually ever going to come out or are you just all going to keep being continually astounded by gameplay videos of the same thing over and over.

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I doubt MS would, the risk would be too high for a product if they made a mistake in the chip.

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Not if it runs Android, Java FTW!.....

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Try Duke Nukem Forever

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Civ V going to be insane

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Just like your trolling abilities

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The truth hurts ouch....... PS3 fanboys in butthurt denial....

Also lol at thinking he's my other account

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Wow just goes to show how while piracy is pretty high on PC there is still a huge audience which doesn't pirate and offers a great market for sales.

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Yeah like Halo reach wasnt gonna get leaked anyways...

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Except for consoles, now feel free to develop for the current next gen exclusively - the PC! Return to your roots !

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Lol anything to make sales, anyone who believes this is retarded

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If we're talking PC versions then yeah, otherwise no

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Lol this device will fail if its true that it's running Android, have fun making these games which will run on Java and other inferior game programming languages.

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