"Starcraft 2, 93 Metacritic PC has no good exclusives wah?"


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I hear that raztad only likes male versions of Lara Croft

On topic:
Cant believe Kim Kardashian is playing the next one in the movie :(

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Heres my number one wish, people stop approving these german articles which get translated over and make no sense in the process

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Wow so a mouse must be like $100000000 surgery

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Or 720P at 30FPS?

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This game will be so good, especially with PhysX again

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Such an awesome game

I'll fix yours, RTS GOAT

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'I tend to agree. Forza becomes extremely repetitive quickly. At least with Gran Turismo you start out in underpowered cars and work your way towards the supercar beasts.'

WTF? Thats like the same as Forza, you earn money to get the higher powered cars/unlock them.

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Right here buddy, PC gaming never was close to being dead and never will be!

These preorders don't even count DD which would be even higher!

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Valve are so awesome I'd wanna be banned lol!

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We can dream

LOL @ Swishman 8800GTX way to carry the fight (curse only having one bubble)

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Its good that they play the competitions game, now they know how much better their game is

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Lol so funny

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Not the first, nor is it the best - PC the only 1080P 3D experience!

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Activision is not the enemy, they are satan.

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Lol console players are so jealous of this game.

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Fifa 11 will still have enough sales imo everyone I know has sold WC anyways

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In before PC is dying. This is just on retail as well, god knows how many more there is direct download (probably more).

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Lol what franchise? As far as I can see there's nothing to redeem as the first one was so laughable it shouldnt even count.

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It will flop because it sucks

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This article isnt even a rumour its just some joke thing

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