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no point in arguing with sony fanboys. you people live every day in complete denial.

n4g community is such a pathetic joke. #7.2.4
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It is not that great looking. It looks nice, but it's not impressive. Especially when you consider that not much is really going on.

AC4 looks a lot better and has a lot more dynamic effects.

People, especially on n4g, see what they want to see. #7.2
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If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. If you actually gave a shit about power, you'd build a computer. Stop pretending there's some big difference in these consoles. There isn't. And if one just edges the other out...who cares? It's nothing to brag about. #1.1.21
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He's a kid for being perfectly logical? THAT is what is childish. You, like the majority of the n4g community, are quite the hypocrite.


you're wasting your time, dude. These people live in a fantasy land that is perpetuated by the affirmation they get from the other people sharing that fantasy.

They are long-time sufferers of Post-purchase rationalization. #1.2.12
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you forgot to mention the part where they relentless downvote you and take your bubbles because you attempted to shatter their delusions. #1.1.21
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don't you people get tired of endlessly going on about how great your console of choice is? every article's comment section is exactly the same on this site. it's pathetic.

if power was really a concern of yours, you'd buy/build a PC. #1.1.15
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Reddit doesn't care about graphics? what? I'm on Reddit...i care about graphics. #1.1.9
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Well, Sony doesn't allow capture through HDMI, and there is no component out of the box. As far as I know, you can still capture HDMI with Xbox one.

The other problem, though, is that the first generation of some of these devices don't have HDMI in. The new ones do. #3
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No, you don't; and yes, you are.

your reasons are entirely hypocritical. #1.38
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Here comes the onslaught of BS comments from the sony trolls saying "but but when ps3 was coming out, blah blah."

Fine, for a few months people said that....7 YEARS AGO! you people have been acting like 9 year olds ever since.

Also, immaturity is not a justification for more immaturity. It's like Obama supporters justifying this criminal administration because Bush's administration was also criminal.

Grow up! #1.3.17
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The fact that you need to preface your statement with "I can't stand xbox or microsoft" shows that you are like people like this.

Sony fanboys are the bane of the gaming community, and this article is just more evidence of that.

Of course, n4g is a demonstration of that every day. #1.14
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At first, I didn't know you could deposit your money through your phone. I don't like this feature. Before I figured that out, i'd frantically be trying to avoid other players while searching for an ATM. Made for a very fun, intense experience.

The game is definitely a blast. Maybe a little too easy to exploit, though. #1.2.2
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Just want to throw this out there for 360 users who can't get past the tutorial race.

If you delete the patch update, clear your system cache, then restart your xbox and repatch the game, you should be able to get the race to work. after that, it's butter.

EDIT: This might work in a similar way for ps3 users...but i can't confirm since i bought it for 360. #1.1.3
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Why does this moron have so many bubbles? #2.1.4
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This is the lie Sony Fanboys love to spew. #1.1.9
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You think that's bad? I'm going to be out of town 5 days after PS4 comes out, and several days into the Xbox One launch. I'm looking forward to the trip, but the timing couldn't be worse. #10.2
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This is completely wrong. #6.1.3
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It's been this way for 6 or 7 years. It's pathetic. It's why i spend most of my game news search time on reddit. THe information is the same (though it's usually on reddit first), but the community isn't comprised of retards.

Basically, these people are perpetual children who got a PS1 or 2 when mommy and daddy felt like buying it, and that's the console they swore allegiance to.

I was able to own both a PS2 and... #1.2.5
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Wow! All Saints94 said was that he got the game for 360 and he got 50 disagrees.

You people (the majority of the n4g community) are such scumbags. Grow up.

@insomnium: you're the exact kind of scumbag i'm talking about. the hypocrisy is amazing. Sony has tons of documented misdealings. They are both corporations that only care about money. You remind me of a liberal that just automatically hates Fox News without realizing MSNBC is just as much... #1.1.7
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I get called a troll when I say Naughty Dog is an overrated developer. Nobody came to my defense.

Just another example of the double standard on n4g. #3.1.3
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