I am honoured to receive PS3 fanboy rage and inappropriate moderation


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@ bigpappy

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VGchartz has the 360 at 43.99 million sold.

MS's quarterly report just came out and MS reported 44.6 million 360 units sold worldwide since the console's launch in 2005.

So MS actually did better than what VGC estimated.
Weird, huh?
According to all the Sony fanboys on n4g, VGC always overstates 360 numbers...

Better not let the facts get in the way of a good fanboy story, otherwise I'll lose all my bubbles.. no wa...

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"nice try to put a spin on Sony's new offer.. "
but wait... isn't that what you do?

"pretty lame of you losers
What's with you and personal attacks all the time?
You know it's true, dude!

Are you angry about something?
I am honoured to receive your fanboy rage.

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@ Omega

Ellen Degeneres is a talkshow host. Very popular.
She is also a lesbian.

Oprah will get the moms.
Ellen will get the lesbians
Bieber will get the teen girls.

You can say what you like about Kinect, but MS KNOWS marketing, that's for sure!

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@ bullettoothtony

"only $5.41 billion of that was actually profit"
"but it's truly shocking that they would spend 1 billion on that on advertising.. crazy business strategies.."

Hmmm. logic fail.
If I ran a business and had to spend $1 to make $5 that would seem to be a very wise business decision to me...

I guess you felt you had to put some negative spin on $5+ billion in profits, right?

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not sure why you guys are talking about kinect.
Kinect has not been released yet.

MS is reporting 38% increased sales of the 360 WITHOUT kinect.
If you read their powerpoint presentation, they forecast a further 30% increase in console sales for next quarter, wth Kinect (slide 16 of the powerpoint earnings release)
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I said the exact same thing here:

Funny how that comment garnered numerous disagrees when all I did was tell the same story as is posted in the above article.

Move seems to be shipping to existing Ps3 owners only.
Sadly and ironically, it is not 'moving' any additional ps3 skus at all.
That much is beyond dispute. <...

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N4g is going to explode with rage and....

Never mind.

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The guy is an exceptionally productive member of the anti 360 and anti kinect community.
I welcome his contribution as an example of what happens when passion for gaming turns into negative fanboy obsession.

He's been having a few meltdowns lately, repeating himself ad nauseum, reporting stuff inappropriately, yet complaining loudly when one of his contributions is failed, even with good reason.
He even resorted to using multiple accounts to post comme...

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The PS Move has been out for a week over there.
This is its launch week and PS3 console sales are actually DOWN from the week before.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, ps3 sales didn't increase in anticipation of the Move launch, nor did they increase in the actual week of the PS Move launch.
In fact, they decreased in the launch...

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listen to all you geeks bicker about lag.

Of course there is lag.
LCD screens have inbuilt lag.
Controllers have lag
Even the vaunted PS move has lag and shows significant problems with 1:1 tracking:

What none of you guys acknowledge was that those gamespot dudes were feeling seriously awkward in front of the camera at the b...

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a n4g user impersonating an actor impersonating a Sony marketeer?
absolute genius!

What's next?
an actor impersonating a n4g user impersonating an actor impersonating a Sony marketeer?
Oh the wit! Where will it end?

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instead of trolling, why not lol WITH kinect?

Every demo i have seen has people smiling, laughing and having fun when they use it.
Go on, admit it, deep down you want to have fun too.
You know it's true.

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2584d ago

Now THIS is motion gaming for the hardcore.

1:1 tracking
no lag

no wait.

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@ ingiomar

I disagree with your assertion that "the eye Toy failed because it wasn't fun".

Fact is the eyetoy, as of November 2008, had sold 10.5 million units.
That's none too shabby, if you ask me.
Truth be told, 10.5 million eyetoys sold is simply testament to the success we can expect from kinect.


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I called a few of major retailers in my area to get price quotes on Move bundles and ALL OF THEM still had PS Move stock.

All the people that are equating Shipped=Sold need to reconsider their drug habits.
Drugs are bad, mmkay?

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Hey did you guys see the last ad, where the young guy is sitting on the couch, with his family and controlling the dash with hand swipes?

That was definitely cool.

What's more, anti Kinect rhetoric on this site had me convinced this wasn't possible! - Guess it was all FUD?

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"The most amazing part of it all was that I was actually having fun while working out."

Well, you can't beat that!
I am looking forward to trying this out, too.

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Yeah not on

I remember the Wii when it was launched.
All of the N4G hardcore gamers railed and wailed against it - predicting its imminent failure.

Ashamedly, I have to admit I was one of the people that hated the Wii... that is... until I actually tried it with a bunch of people.
Yep, it was FUN!
A bucketload of good clean gaming fun such as I used to have on the C64.

I have said it before and I will likely sa...

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