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I have had this game for 6 months from EA

Late much? #3
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Anyone try it yet? :) #12
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IS this for Europe only?
I got the update in NA but no facebook. #50
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Give me some kind of digital radio (even if i have to pay for it) and I will be in heaven! #15
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PSN comm13
Add me for some killing :) #60
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Hmm interesting, I play any game I want on Mac OSX no prob.

Go back to school. #23.1
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You can just boot camp windows if you want and try, best of both worlds (since you enjoy windows so much).

haha #17.3
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Keep it.

Google different aps and tutorials for mac osx, once you grasp it you will be much more efficient compared to windows, there is a reason why windows copies apple os. #17.1
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People like you annoy the h3ll out of me. Please build a PC for the same specs with the same quality screen (you ll pay at least 1k for hte screen alone)...pretty sure it wont be half the price or even close.

Plus you are stuck with windows, which for me is just unusable and very inefficient.

To the people who are simply hating the apple because they cannot afford it (as many xbox360 fanboys who could not buy a ps3 until now)... you can play any game on a mac that... #16
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I hope cross game chat never makes it, worst piece of (@#@(# ever. I do not want people to ghost in my games. If you really are so pathetic you need to talk to people who are playing different games at the same time, you need to get a life.

Cross game invites would be good as long as I can disable it. Do not feel like getting spammed stupid messages while I am enjoying a game. #9.11
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How surprising :) #6
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This looks awesome
Didn't think it would look this good. Getting it for sure. #18
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I would love to buy it
But since i cannot, I will look for a skin like that for my ps3 :) #16
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I don't care for chat, just give me ingame music for all games PLEASE #56
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Bungie great developer ?
LOL that is the best statement ever, before Halo their games were sh!t, they got lucky with MS marketing and carrying over things from the PC to the console, that is it. The only thing they can do is Halo as the name alone carries the title. Nothing new and as "revolutionary" as Halo ever was, will come from Bungie, ever. Hence the very improved graphics and gameplay 2 years later....

At least this review has an honest opinion of the author. #1.14
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lol yea big issue.... blah blah blah

Problem with the internet is, that you mostly hear people complain, mine launch ps3 is working fine, but i dont go posting on every forum that it does, what would the point be? If it broke I might mention it, but i see a lot of people feel better if they share their bad experince with others. #21.3
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Both look like ass to me, but the I prefer the look of xbox (even tho i hate anything xbox). At the same time games look diff on each tv, depends on your settings... #66
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You Hypocrite, I bet you break the law in some form or fashion yourself every day, everyone does. (ex going 1 km/mile over the speed limit). The problem is that the majority of population are not involved in making the laws we obey (its all about money at the end of the day), some of the laws present to me are freaking ridiculous and outrageous. It is amazing that for killing someone you can get off within 5 years and yet for stealing or modding UPTO 10 years, w t h is wrong with this sy... #12.3
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lol he looks angry in that video haha #4.4
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You CHOSE to pay 10 bucks more, had you been smart you could have gotten a PC and get the better/cheaper version for less.

PC gamers are used to quality and reasonably priced games, not paying 60 bucks for 5 hour game which you will play maybe 4 times over at the most.

You should stop whining, stop projecting. #36.1
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