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I see your point, and I agree that he was probably trying to say what you did. But having a factual error in a review does not automatically make the review biased. I read a review that said that Insomniac made Uncharted (wrong...Its Naughty Dog), but that doesn't mean they are biased.

I'm in the beta and I don't run around trying to move objects. I run around trying to kill people. When you throw a grenade at the wall, it is destroyed and pieces go everywhere. But I haven't... #4.1
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So let me get this straight. If people don't like the game and don't give it a 10/10 review, then they are biased against the PS3 and they want it to fail? LMFAO!

"Killzone 2 isn't a game that can go both ways with views, this game is no doubt a great game." Reviews are, by definition, an OPINION. Some people won't like the style of this game, but that doesn't mean they are biased against anything. They just don't enjoy the game as much as someone else. That's the... #1
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Number 1 reason Rock Band destroys GH:WT:
1) Songs (RB: 400+ vs. GH: 130+)

Its all about the music. #2
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Maybe you should actually understand how the process works. You get money for submitting the most news stories, not by creating flame-bait stories. You all need to quit whining about Bloodmask. Its annoying and old. #4.2
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The last 1/5 of the game is 15-20 hours. You still have 3 or 4 other phases to play through before you get to the space phase. But I agree, the one ending is kind of lame, although I guess I actually need to see it first. #1.1
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Haha, thanks. That was the first month I actually tried since the 3 years I've been watching this site, and I got 10th. Raised my CRank by 6 too. I'm going to have to try and catch SUP3R this month, although I don't think that'll be possible. #3.2
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Then why did you post this if you don't have access to a PS3 to check to see if its true? Do you just post fake news so your blog gets hits? #38.1
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Well I can't even get FW 2.40 right now, so technically mine isn't installed correctly. But I don't have any games that supports trophies, so I guess I have no need to worry right now. Just waiting for Uncharted to be patched (and hopefully MGS4). #11
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This is indeed true. I just booted up my PS3, and as of 4:15pm Eastern time, my 2.36 firmware is up to date. I was able to access the PSN store without it asking me to update firmware, and when I went to "system update", it said 2.36 was up to date. That's a shame since I wanted to play with the new changes. #1.1
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In order of importance to me:
1. Spore
2. Resistance 2
3. Banjo 3
4. Too Human
5. Gears of War 2

Diablo 3 would have made that list, but it hasn't officially been announced yet...
Halo Chronicles would also make the list, but well, we don't know anything about it. #5
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My bad. You updated the title to draw attention to the price, so that's fine by me. Next time, just PM me. #1.1
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I have my bundle from Circuit City pre-ordered. I already have Uncharted, Resistance, and 2 blu-ray movies purchased, Resistance 2 pre-ordered, and a spare HDMI cord. I guess the only thing I need now is a headset. #4
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Spore, hands down. That is if it is anything like the blend of Civilization and Sim City that it appears to be. #5
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I highly recommend all PS3 owners to buy or rent this. Its an extremely fun game with witty dialogue and cutscenes, and the multiplayer is pretty fun and chaotic too. #3
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I agree. The first game was very fun to play. It was a cross between The Sims and Sim City, which are all great games. And I felt it was highly underrated, just like Rare's launch title, Kameo. #1.1
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And the "All Ghillied Up" mission in CoD4 isn't even hard. The mission after that, "One Shot, One Kill" (which seems to be what they were referring to in the article), was actually the hardest mission for me on Veteran. Carrying that guy to safety and then trying to survive for 5 minutes was brutal. #1.1
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No, it isn't delayed 2 days. It is delayed 1 month. But at least we get a demo and some other cool stuff. #1.1
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Anybody know of a good website that lists all of the Blu-ray discs and what audio codec each uses? #3
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Haha, the Chinese cell phone I use on business trips to China gets tons of random text messages of all Chinese characters. Maybe that's the spam they're talking about. #1
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No Zelda: A Link to the Past? #1
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