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Why is there a picture of Chinese Renminbi (RMB) when the article is about Japanese Yen? #3
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You want to help a fellow contributor out and get me in? ;-) #1.1
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Dusty is awesome
Thanks for spending the time and addressing some of the concerns of the N4G community and keep up the good work. It was very well written. I'm looking forward to the site update you guys have coming. Keep up the good work! #2
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Without the alphabet, no word like "Ripten".... #16.1
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So Ripten is doing "hard work" by embedding 1UP and Gametrailers' videos on their site, and then submitting them to N4G using Ripten as the source (another link for you: )? You don't address the fact that your users are guilty of using the wrong source on your news submissions, and approving already known and reported duplicate stories just to get your... #2.4
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So by your logic, you shouldn't embed 1UP videos on your site, because you taking traffic from 1UP. The fact is, your site continually takes news and videos from other sites, and tries to submit them to N4G as if you are the source of news.

Take this for example:
These are 1UP videos (which you embedded on your site, but not on your N4G post), and... #2.2
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Yeah the game stuttered and had lots of pop-ins unfortunately. It was a great game, but hampered by a few technical issues. I wonder if those are fixed if you install the game to the hard drive. Anyone know? #1.1
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Looks amazing! Can't wait. Hopefully the release date doesn't slip to holiday 2010. #3
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"Early 2010."
I wish it would release earlier! #1.1
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Am I the only one that thinks this game will be awesome? Sim City meets a persistent MMO universe. Real time trading between neighboring cities. I think this has a lot of promise! #1
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Apparently you don't understand what is included in the contributor score that makes someone a top contributor. It is based on the total number of stories and alternative sources you submit in a month, and not on the number of flame-bait, heat driven stories. Contributors actually get penalized for such flame-bait stories because of all the reports. Now you can use this tidbit of information on future comments so you don't look so ignorant.

On topic: Congratulations to everyon... #1.1
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Not a surprise. Hopefully the new Ratchet & Clank game will be able to read save games from the previous Ratchet (and DLC title) and give you weapon unlocks or other bonuses, similar to what they did with the series on the PS2. #3
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His second problem is that he can't do math. :-P

2 million x $20 = $40 Million

Not $400 million, lol. #4.2
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It comes out in the 2009 fiscal year. That is from April 2009 - March 2010. #2.1
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I wonder how this would work if there is a PS3 version of Mass Effect 2. Maybe they would do a question & answer session about your knowledge of events that happened in Mass Effect 1, and then give you a generic starting spot in the story based on your answers.

This game can't come soon enough!!! #2
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Killzone is owned by the same people who own N4G. Lol, go N4G!!! #2
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This is good news! We need more solid platformers this gen, even if they are ports of past games. #3
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Did you even read the article? From the story: "These lists are based on global unique users connected to Xbox Live." This is not a multiplayer-only list and it never has been. #1.1
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Congratulations to everyone!

I miss seeing people like TnS, SUP3R, or Cat on these lists. #2
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I see your point, and I agree that he was probably trying to say what you did. But having a factual error in a review does not automatically make the review biased. I read a review that said that Insomniac made Uncharted (wrong...Its Naughty Dog), but that doesn't mean they are biased.

I'm in the beta and I don't run around trying to move objects. I run around trying to kill people. When you throw a grenade at the wall, it is destroyed and pieces go everywhere. But I haven't... #4.1
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