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From "article":

"Process being this.
* Fanboy sees story they don’t like on front page that’s “unfiltered”
* Fanboy gets several of allies on the site
* They all go to mods/admins to have the entire site filtered for a few stories
* Site gets filtered"

Utterly false and incorrect. It saddens me to see someone who thinks they have everything figured out, only to really know so little about this site and how it is run.
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You read correctly. Except the first demo is a Clank demo, so we don't get to see all the cool guns. But it comes out on Thursday.

It also looks like they have a Ratchet demo in the few days after the Clank one. That should be the better one. #1.1
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Ha, I just knew when the embargo ended, and then went to all the major sites I could think of. I got lucky with the IGN one, and then this one (lowest score so far). #5.2
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You got the shout-out from Naughty Dog's twitter account, so it MUST be postworthy! #1.1
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It could be arranged. I'll Derby you if you E3 me. #4.2
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PAX is lame. Are you going to be at the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby? ;-) #4
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Stop lying! Show us a picture of your paystub from Microsoft!

*grabs pitchfork and torch* #3.1
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No problem. It was a really good interview.

I really hope they follow through with their claim of 2 years worth of DLC support. I was disappointed by their lack of Mass Effect DLC, but I have a feeling they'll be supporting their products better now after seeing the community's response to their over-promise with ME. #1.2
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Maybe you should actually know something about posting stories before saying that. The story is categorized as an "article," which is inherently opinion based by definition. Putting that in the title is not needed, and overkill. #18.1
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They said they could change objects in the foreground on the fly, not the background. That includes stuff like weapon placements and propane tanks. That doesn't mean they can change level geometry on the fly. #3.7
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Yeah, playlists are updated every month and sometimes weapon layouts are changed too so the gameplay stays balanced, all without patches. They use patches when the new map packs come out so they are enabled in the level select, as well as 1 major v1.1 patch.

Naughty Dog is a great developer and are very community-driven. They'll do everything they can to support this game long after it launches. I'm glad they are working so hard to make this a GOTY contender. This game looks a... #3.3
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Halo 3 does this currently. Bungie is able to change the multiplayer playlists as well as weapon placements on the fly with no patches.

Its a very good feature, and I'm glad more games will take advantage of this. There is nothing worse than wanting to play your favorite game and having to waste time downloading patches. #3.1
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Very true. The cell shading turned some people off to the game, but there really is some beautiful lighting and effects. I really hope they make a Crackdown 2. #5.1
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Companies that supply all the components that make up the PS3, like the case, capacitors, fans, screws, etc...

I think the purpose of this article is to say that Sony is working hard to take cost out of the machine and make it cheaper. All companies do that after they launch a product. #1.2
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Do something about it. Report your problems here:

P.s. AdBlock Plus is your friend, and you should use it. #3
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No mention of Killzone 2's amazing and varied death animations?

No mention of Halo 3's 4 player online and offline co-op?

Weak. #3
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From Preview
"Now, back to those high stakes. While 1 vs. 100 is undeniably fun, addictive and even free-to-play, its most compelling aspect for many will be the real prizes handed out during each live show. The One and The MOB compete for a share of 10,000 ($125) per episode; technically, if you're extremely good, you could take it all. Also, everyone in The MOB is competing for a free copy of that week's selected XBLA game. It's awarded to the top three point scorers each round and anyone who makes... #2.2
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It was changed because it wasn't the original title. The mods used the original title. Please read the rules & guidelines before submitting future stories. #1.5
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Please read the rules & guidelines
"Do not add your personal comment or opinion to the news post, simply report the news in an easy to read and objective way. Always use the original headline of the source article for your N4G headline when possible."

Users have not been allowed to create their own titles in the past (unless you mean 16+ months ago). The title edit had nothing to do with... #1.3
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