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Thanks for spoiling the episode....

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Uhhh, the campaign was shown during E3, Gamescom, and PAX. How is this the "first screenshot of the story mode?"

Fail title.

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It's not to set the record straight, but instead to stop users from continually submitting this news. There are already 3 stories in the failed section over the past day. Once the weekend is over and sites start coming back from hibernation, I predict another 5-10 submission attempts. This story was wrongly failed, and it's not really fair to the contributor if their story is failed, but another one comes along 2 days later is approved.

Maybe the download links don...

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It's not promoting piracy. It's reporting on the news. This happens everytime an important 360/PC game is released, and everytime it is approved. Admins and Mods have been over this so many times over the past 2 years. Linking to a news site that reports on piracy is allowed, but you can in no way link directly to download links, etc.

Not to mention a user with 3 accounts reported this story 3 times each to help it fail.

edit: Look, here's one...

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I will say that the bubble system is pretty transparent. It's not exactly hard for us to catch people who create multiple accounts to try and bubble themselves up. I've caught quite a few people who decide they want to make 5+ accounts and bubble up all their comments.

It's not as easy as us hitting a button and all duplicate accounts pop-up, but once we do some digging and get a foot in the door, the flood gates open up.

We can also erase all d...

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To answer your question, the community can collapse a comment with enough positive/negative votes too.

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You can definitely submit multiple pictures of your t-shirt, but I think they'll all count as 1 contest submission. Cat can correct me if I'm wrong.

Since you're a noobie, at the very bottom of the page there are some links to FAQ, Guidelines, and site Terms of Use. I'll save you some of the hassle of looking for them:
Guidelines (gives you rules for submitt...

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This is one of my favorite Halo pictures.

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Looks like a jam packed list. The panels I'm looking forward to are:

1. Insomniac Games: Behind-the-Scenes on their next PlayStation 3 Project
2. Presents: Hello Fellow Babies! – Pach-Attack! LIVE
3. inFAMOUS 2: An Inside Glimpse into Creating the Superpowered Franchise
4. Presents: Bonus Round LIVE!
5. Online Gaming Communities and "Real Life" Relationships
6. Xbox LIVE Enforcement: Tal...

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Your story was submitted 30 stories after his. You can tell by the # in the URL. His is 536707 and yours is 536737.

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The songs I would like to see added are:
"Comedown" by: Bush
"I Alone" by: Live
"H" and "Schism" by: Tool
"Black Balloon" and "Iris" by: Goo Goo Dolls (Good for parties)

Those are probably not related to your list of songs with keyboard/piano, but I'm still floored how some of those popular bands are still not in Rock Band.

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Why was my name mentioned? Did they talk about me on their podcast or something? I've never even talked to one of those guys. I'm confused.

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N4G already has their own aggregate. Everytime a review is added (and the related tag is also added), the score is added into the aggregate. By banning reviews, you would effectively kill the feature.

Here is the aggregate for Alan Wake on N4G:

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To log into the forums, try going to the forums and clicking someone's user name. It seems to take you to a special forum log-in page. That has worked for me, and many others.

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1 million users on day 1 is a pretty good feat.

My arena ranking on day 1 was 1450 or close to that. I played a game against Fatality, and he destroyed me.

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"When we first started toying around with what became Firefight, we all knew we wanted to have Matchmaking for it," said Halo 3: ODST design lead Lars Bakken. "We also knew that would mean some pretty heavy investment on the networking side, which meant more people, and unfortunately it was quickly shot down. The Halo 3 engine doesn't have support for Matchmaking in our synchronous networking model (which is what powers Campaign and Firefight), so we couldn't do it within the s...

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Of course Sony/Nintendo/MSFT can use NPD and other estimators to figure out how many consumers brought their product from stores, but I don't think people are debating that (at least I don't think). These sort of press releases of official #s from the manufacturer are based on exact, factual shipments from their factory to the stores. You can't fake or fudge those numbers because it's illegal and the SEC and investors would have a field day. If they knew exactly what stores sell to consume...

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Lol, it's impossible for companies like Sony, Nintendo, & Microsoft to measure how many units consumers (people like you and I) buy because they don't sell to them (consumers). They sell them to middlemen, stores (customers), like Gamestop, Best Buy, etc... That's why there are companies like NPD whose sole job is to measure the turnover from shops to people, something the manufacturer can't measure.

As in every industry, manufacturers report units shipped (and hence sold) ...

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It's the Gamer Zone. I'll double check just for you though...

Yep, still the Gamer Zone.

Stay on topic. This story is about Halo: Reach rumored release date, not to call each other fanboys and debate which side has the worst ones.

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Darkpower:"And I guess we're not supposed to discuss if the system is flawed to begin with, either? I guess the debate about the filter isn't allowed to even HAPPEN or even be brought up? No wonder no one has questioned the filter yet. They aren't ALLOWED to."

Then how about you ask in a polite and unbiased way? Why would people want to help you or answer your questions when you throw around accusations, fallacies, and conspiracy theories like what was written in this ...

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