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Most of those things are already in the guidelines:

"When posting videos avoid linking directly to videos on YouTube or a similar service. You should only post videos if the content of the video is professionally made and of interest to the community. User made videos can only be posted if other big websites or blogs have posted them; making them news worthy. When pos...

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I'm not going to lie, this made my jaw drop. Such a surprise. Awesome, I'm really looking forward to it!

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@ I_find_it_funny:
Click your user icon in the upper right of the page and click "settings" in the left column. On the settings page, the bottom option gives you the option to hide people with 1 bubble.

:) Hopefully it actually works!

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We planned a coup.....and were successful. Muhahahahahahahaha.

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I hope they have a 20 minute intermission to let people go to the bathroom!

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On my first playthrough with a mage, I definitely chugged lots of health and mana potions. I had crushing prison and cone of cold which stunned or froze him about 33% of the time. That let me get some space between us and I could chip away at his health for a bit.

On my 2nd playthrough with a duel-wielding rogue, it was a lot easier. I had the assassin and duelist specializations which have a lot of high damage spells. I had to use a few health and stamina potions, but de...

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Interesting blog.

Dragon Age 2 is awesome!

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Except the video is really from January 2011 when the whole Wiki Leaks and Mastercard DDOS stuff was going on. This has nothing to do with Sony or PSN. The youtube uploader falsely titled the video. You can tell by the news scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

Here is one of the stories:
Another one:

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I think Facebook falls under the same guidelines as forum and twitter posts: If the post is from an industry professional or a company's account, then it is allowed.

Here is 1 of my submissions where I linked to Facebook:

Thank you for the comments and ideas. We will pass them on and update the guidelines accordingly.

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Kameo was a highly underrated launch game. It was a great mix of being a platformer and adventure game.

Microsoft sure screwed up by not having a sequel.

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I need a Torchlight code because I need something to pull me away from my Dragon Age addiction. Just 1 more quest. Just one more conversation.

Not sure if I'm eligible, but it's worth a shot.

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I have had zero problems with the PS3 version so far as well. As with any game that comes out, you always hear stories of "X game caused my system to RROD." Maybe there are problems, I'll have to wait and see.

I was referring to users that demand Bioware go back to the old inventory system, etc. People may like or not like the new system, but the sort of self-entitlement attitude does not help get their point across in a constructive manner.

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With the high volume of threads on their forums over the past 2 weeks, it is understandable that they would lock so many identical threads. There is no reason for each user to create a thread about their impressions and what they like or would fix. There should be one mega-thread for people's general impression discussion, and there probably is, but it is buried under the huge volume of threads.

Most of the threads are about how Bioware sucks and abandoned the hardcore ...

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Origins was not 60 hours of gameplay. The game itself took me around 34 hours, and with Awakening and the DLC factored in, it was about 50 hours. I did almost every quest and spent hours crafting runes and I still wasn't close to their target number.

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I'm interested in his graduate thesis work on videogame interfaces. I only skimmed the abstract and looked at the pictures in the report, but it's good to see developers working on ways to improve games so everybody can play them, not just hardcore gamers.

Oh yeah, the gameplay looks interesting too. I guess that's probably what should be commented on. 4 player games look like a mix between laser light shows and mass chaos.

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I think this game was highly underrated. Sure the death scene was excruciating long for such a fast-paced game, and the dialogue was generic and poorly acted, but this game was extremely fun for a loot-dropping, dungeon crawling action game. The controls took a while to get used to, but nothing was quite as much fun as zipping around the screen sending mechanical monsters flying while feeling like a complete badass.

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That's a fair point to make. I don't know much about the developer or Enslaved, but depending on if they had to build their own engine or just license one off the shelf, it could have big implications on cost and time needed.

I guess my point was that big 3rd party developers will most likely be multiplatform through the rest of this generation, such as Rockstar and Bioware. Maybe it makes more sense for smaller developers to remain platform exclusive so they receiv...

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Lol, keep the hope alive with Gearbox. It seems like quite a risk that Microsoft would let another company handle the Halo franchise, but you never know. They did work on the PC port.

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You bring up an interesting point with Heavenly Sword vs. Enslaved, however I think it is flawed:

1. You are comparing sales of a game that has been out over 3 years to one that has been out 3 months. Sure, the current sales of enslaved are below the pace of HS, but there is still a lot of time to go.

2. The PS3 was in desperate need of must-buy games during the first year of its release, and Heavenly Sword satisfied that. There was Resistance and the new...

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Well, I'm definitely not an expert on JRPG's or their developers, but I was strictly going on what makes the most business sense. Recently Square Enix slashed their earnings forecast for next year, so I figured they wanted to make as much money as possible on their next releases. By releasing FF XIII as multiplatform, they were able to reach another set of gamers who only had a 360. I really have no idea how good the sales of FF XIII were for Xbox, but they most definitely brought ...

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